Send us out a pre production unit to have a look at so obviously being a pre reduction unit. There are stuff that’s going to change in the final version, but let’s have a look. What we’ve got so far, so we’ll start at the back here, as you can see top mount motor and for your keen eye viewers. You may recognize these gears if you’ve run some cheap stuff. This is a hsp pinion in diff um. Obviously, a lot of the stuff will be changed in the final version when they manufacture their own parts. This is um just in here sort of prototyping, and so if we have a look underneath, as you can see, we’ve got a lot of adjustments in the yard and that’s. So you can adjust your track with it. Sort of can go from about. I think they set about 185 mil out to 200 mil wide. Obviously that might be with the zero mil offset room um. Obviously, you can get a bit more width as well with different rooms, but it’s nice to see. You’Ve got a little bit of track with adjustment, which you don’t normally see in many cars. So obviously, with the direct now having adjustable track, width you’ve obviously got to have currently they’ve got dog bones in them, because obviously, if you’re fixed at one end you’re going to pull pull out of the cup, if you adjust it, so i believe in the final Version they’re going to have adjustable universals or maybe they’ll just sell different length dog bones, depending on your width, i’m, not sure, 100, but i’m sure they will address that at this stage when they get to that point.

But dog bones for testing is fine, so we go back to here where the battery mounts across here. They have currently two positions to mount it sideways, but i know that they are also working on running it lengthways as well, so you can run it there and i think they might be putting a couple more positions to bring it forward as well. So you can get your balance where you need it all right. So we have a look at the front here, so there’s banks back in the middle uh, there’s, no sliding rack or anything, fancy on this it’s, just a normal wiper setup, which we’ve just installed the server. So you can actually see how much lock this thing actually gets and it’s got pretty good lock on it compared to some other cars on the market up the top. You can see. You’Ve got your adjustment here for your caster as well. So there’s heaps of adjustments built on the scale once again, upper arms, lower arms on this are adjustable for your track. Width and also you’ve got a couple of holes in your hubs as well to adjust things now, there’s a couple of things i’ve found on this. Just we’ll pop the wheel off and have a look a bit closer at the hubs. Take this thing off there’s one key feature: i’ve noticed on this: you don’t actually run a bearing on the outside, which i found so far was running the supplied plastic ones.

I’M. Not sure if they’re going to give you proper clamp on ones, but when you put them on and you pull down, obviously it pulls that right up in there where it actually binds up. So obviously you really you probably can’t with get any spaces in there to stop their bottoming out either with how much gap there is there there’s not really a lot of gap to put a spacer so i’m, not sure if that’s, something they’re addressing in the final Version, you would hope so so otherwise, you can’t run these style nuts, which you’ve got your serrated edges, because you’ve got to tighten them up, otherwise they fall off. And if you do that, it binds up your wheel and we’ve had a look at the rear. One and the rear one is the same same sort of setup and, as you can see, i’ve actually made. This part on the hub is actually separate as well i’m. Not sure what the reasoning behind that, if it’s there for easier manufacturing i’m, not sure but there’s, another key feature that i have seen as well. There is no adjustment on the toe on the back it’s fixed so i’m. Not. I know that they are designing a new set of arms as well, which i believe they’ve got them, so they pivot off this point. So maybe they will update this with their new set of arms and also in an updated version i’ve seen they actually run a full chassis, uh top plate all the way through which bends around your motor as well.

So it replaces removes all of that and it gives it a lot cleaner, look as well. Now you probably also might have noticed the shocks here. They are hsp ones, but they are looking at developing their own shocks, which we based off the hsp shock bodies, but with their own internals to make them smooth and also keep the price down. Because, obviously, in vietnam, they can’t just go and buy everything off the shelf, so they have to try to manufacture as much as they can with what they can pick up now. Also one other thing that impressed me is how how little play there actually is in that suspension. It is quite tight, considering it doesn’t have any shims in it at all, and the front is very much the same. Look there’s virtually no play in there and it’s the same. The front’s probably got the most play in it, which it’s not really much at all, it’s more one side than the other, which is you know, it’s good, to see that they’re still working to quite a tight tolerance. Considering they’re, only a small company now there’s one of the couple other things i’ve had issues with well, not issues, but they just need to be smoothed up. Their ball links and ball. Lengths here are all once again. Hsp like a lot of this car is because obviously it’s cheap, easy to get for them um. I know that they will be changing these in the final version over to something a little bit more substantial, that doesn’t have so much play and probably a little bit more low profile, because it does actually, if you’ve got your arms at the full group, which obviously You’Re not always going to run in there.

It does actually just catch on the top, but that’s, mainly because you’ve got a buttonhead screw in that it’s catching on just just fractionally, which is obviously not ideal, and also you probably will notice these screws in here. You get a better angle of it: the screws there uh they’re not just to hold the arms together they’re. Actually what they’ve got sitting there to stop your steering so those steering locks. Obviously, they’ll probably replace this with something a lot nicer um, but you know they’re there to serve a purpose for now, for you know, testing to make sure everything’s right before they go into full production now i know that they’ve also been looking at doing a few Different things they’re looking at a few different colors. Obviously this is the dark purple they’re, looking at a red, a blue, a lighter purple as well, and i think they possibly are green. So they’ve been putting up a lot of polls in different forums just trying to get some input on what people want to see. The other thing i know that they are doing is the shock towers themselves. They’Ve got some thicker units coming which have got a lot. More adjustment they’ll have two rows of um holes. To give you heaps more play to suit, you know different length shocks because i mean they’ve also researched into shock lengths as well so they’ve got it set up, so you’ll be able to run any shot length.

You want and really personalize this car to your settings and another thing i know that they’ve talked about whether it’s, confirmed or not is also making a rear. Mount configuration like a d5 as well, so it’ll be nice to have a car that you can set up exactly how you want it. If you guys haven’t already checked them out, you know have a look at them on facebook. This is their facebook pages here they manufacture a lot of other parts at the moment for yd2s they’ve got magnetic body posts, they’re, also working on fully adjustable arms, which are going to work on the d5 yokomo. Anything like that um they are in a small company and they’re. You know they’re fairly new. I believe this car’s been in development for about six months so far and as you can see, you know, it’s they’ve done quite a good job of it. So far, so in the next video we’re going to get all the electrics put into this and we’re going to take it down to the track and see what it’s, like, obviously, you know it’s going to take a little bit of time setting this up to get It right there’s, a few other things we’re going to change such as the middle spur gear here, because obviously it’s going to be quite loud um. I know a lot of them are testing with it, but they’re, probably not testing at a track and i’m pretty sure.

It’Ll, be quite annoying, listen to the gear so i’m going to change that out, get everything mounted um. We won’t be running it with a body just to play around because obviously we’re going to do a lot of changes um. So hopefully, you sort of two three weeks: we’ll get everything together, get down to the track.