But bond is here to change that this 99 black disks Martin’s up your remote, controlled ceiling, fan bond, connects to your Wi Fi network and pairs with your existing fans remote to pick up infrared or radio frequency signals for commands like power fan, speed and light bond Comes with its own app that creates a remote control on your phone and it integrates with the Google assistant and Amazon Alexa. Of course, if your fan isn’t already remote, controlled or if you’ve lost that remote Vaughn can’t help you with Amazon, Alexa and Google assistant compatibility, you can use voice commands to ask the lixo or Google to control your ceiling fan, and I had no issues getting these Two platforms to work at the cenotes, smart home, hey, Google turn on the basement, fan Music. You got it turning the basement fan on the bond app is available on the App Store, but the device itself isn’t compatible with home kit or Siri font does have an if service with applets. Like activate your fan. Witness says the room is too hot. Aside from missing home kick compatibility, my only complaint about bond is the design. I don’t have a problem with the size of the shape that it’d be nice to have lighter color options, since this device will be sitting out in the open. In order to transmit to your fans. Receiver bond can control up to six fans at once and its parent company a Libra plans to turn on compatibility with other devices like garage door, openers, fireplaces and air conditioner units in the near future.

If that really happens, this 99 device could pay off. Considering most smart home devices come at a premium, even if it doesn’t, I think it’s well worth paying a fraction of the price of a real smart fan to upgrade the fan you already have now.