Yes, if you guys can’t see that check this out, that is a bob ross, positive energy drink that says nate all over it. Okay, so that’s all. I have to say for this whole video. This was just announced like a week ago, i believe, maybe even less than we go. I don’t even know, but as soon as i saw it i hit by and i’m glad. I did because this is the limited edition, limited edition, mint 400 ford, raptor and it’s beautiful and it’s sold out in advance it’s like paint. Oh, is it weird? It tastes like paint it tastes like paint. Are you serious, no i’m, just kidding it’s, actually really good. That’S bob ross, of course, it’s going to taste like paint a little bit yeah. This that’s really good. This sold out in less than 24 hours, that’s, amazing and so i’m – really glad that i picked this up. I bought this myself right well, actually patrons bought. This help help, but i picked it out so therefore it’s his mind, we’re still making up for that dji fpv. I cut the tape on that side for you. So this is a desert truck. Usually nate gets the desert trucks, but not this one yeah. This is all abby. She uh, i feel like we’re all centered. The world is better let’s cut, let’s, go unboxing, we’re just doing an outside family day, and i said abby it’s, uh, it’s beautiful out.

We need to show everybody this, so we threw it in the vehicle too and we’re just doing this. Unboxing and we’re gon na have some fun outside. Let us know what you think of the outdoor unboxing yeah. I don’t know about this lighting, but we’ll see very impromptu. Yes, that looks good, so this caught my eye because it looks like a short course truck right, but it’s, a desert buggy, which is probably why i loved it, because i love short course: trucks. I’M. A little jealous of this i just hit by, i know nothing about this. No, we got our radio over here. Oh okay, it’s boxed a lot differently. No, i thought that was a little radio yeah. I know nothing about this, except i thought it was really cool and i wanted it and it’s limited edition and it’s pretty hard to find. We uh. We had a punch that they would go quick because last year’s, i don’t, know if you said it the last year sold out in two hours, so they actually like, doubled their amount. Yeah. I don’t have last year’s and uh. We knew it was going to go. Quick, so radio down so disappointment number one. What are you serious? That’S, the radio tis, the radio wow? I might choose this like 500 or something forget prices, that’s horrible it’s, my heart, that’s horrible. Why even bother that’s the worst radio i’ve ever seen with a low seat? It’S a good radio? Let me say that let’s hope, there’s spectrum in this and i’ll just use my rugged on this.

No there won’t be let’s, hope don’t burst my bubble. Oh i’m really disappointed in that. Like really did they make this literally just to be a shelf queen like what? What brand is this we’ve had a ton of toys with that radio, like china, cheap toys, there must not be a spectrum in this at all. No for that price, that’s insane they’re, they’re advertising spectrum smart stuff on the side of the box. Well, i might be ripping out the receiver first thing: that’s a speed test, but i love low c i’ve. I have publicly said mercy. Is my new favorite vehicle ground vehicle brand, but it says spectrum on the side of the vehicle: okay, that’s, good that’s, a good sign, no we’ll, see maybe we’ll see so look how much give and play there is that’s amazing that’s, a good looking truck. This is why abby’s disappointed here, there’s, not even branding on that. No, this is a cheap china. Little off brand baby radio. You see that it’s the size of my hand, block heavy’s face, so the camera will focus that’s, a small radio. These things are cheap, i’m. Really disappointed that they went this route. This is one of those trucks that make me feel stupid because you don’t see like battery access, and i don’t know how to open it. Yeah let’s see. Well, you don’t open it. I see an ic5. This is just like the old baja uh. The battery port is down here, so you throw that lever and swing this open, and then it actually has a battery in it.

So you have to kind of lift up on the whole rear suspension just to get a battery in there, but a uh 2s 5000 mil amp with a hard case fits perfectly. And then, if you want a larger battery to fit in, you have to make the modification and it’s an easy thing. You just take out that little little one one screw and then this little blocker comes out so 3s will fit in there it’s a 530 vehicle which she didn’t tell me that when she bought it isn’t this what all married couples go through when you buy new Princess toy okay, so it’s, the 1 10 scale, mint 400 board raptor baja ray le, which i’m assuming limited edition four wheel, drive ready to run truck. It has spectrum supposed to have a smart charger. There must be a smart charger in here, which will tell me it does come with the battery, so it has a usb c smart charger spectrum in it. It has the 5000 ml amp that nate showed you battery interesting. Now i i almost would like to see uh, fries and hobby do this with all of their trucks. Wouldn’T you put a battery in there and put this cheap usb charger in no not for as an option if it’s a but if it’s, not a brush setup. It should not come with a charger because most people are going to buy. Brushless systems will have a heavy duty charger so to keep the price down.

I say: no, i say you have an option. I say you have ready to run. That would be difficult. The traditional way – and then you do something like this, because look this probably costs them. You know five dollars or less to do so. There’S a dynamite 3800 kv brushless motor in there now we’ve seen this before it’ll charge, your battery it’s just slow, it’s usbc it’ll. Do a 2s or maybe also a 3s battery yeah there’s, four pegs there so it’ll do a 3s battery too that’s, not bad. Clearly, it’s, not a spectrum receiver that radio that is so disappointing, that’s, so disappointing, aluminum chassis, yeah! Okay, here you go horizon hobby 3, channel 2.4, gigahertz surface transmitter and a waterproof three channel receiver, so it’s just like they’re bare bone, cheapest, cheap of the cheapest thing they could put in here i’m so disappointed, basically anybody who’s gon na buy this needs to just Swap this out, like i feel like they, should have just made this like a bind and drive. I don’t even know if they do that, but i feel like you – should have cut 10 20 bucks off the price. Well, it’s fine got it got it under 500. Taken the charger out taking this out taking the receiver out, make this a binding drive yeah. The truck itself is amazing, that’s that’s sad, i feel like okay, so here’s here’s, the logic i’m, not so sure about with this setup and let’s just be brutally honest.

First, first and foremost know that we love losi. I especially love low c, like everything they’ve put out this last year and a half i’m kind of obsessed with this might be the most disappointing thing. It’S as a setup, the truck itself looks amazing, we’re, going to run it we’re going to have fun with it. So i question, though, really really really. This is like anybody that bought this. They didn’t buy it as their first vehicle, but they set it up with. As the first vehicle but that’s charging from where this is meant 400, maybe it is someone’s first vehicle i don’t know i don’t know anything about it, because anybody that bought this was announced by day one sales and they bought it online. Snatched it up and it’s gone, so why set it up with the cheapest possible radio and receiver combo, and then also, why set it up with a 2s 5000 ml amp with a usb trickle charger? This is this truck, in my opinion, is meant to go to the hobby grade enthusiast, and so i really question those decisions now. This is this is the beauty of an unboxing of first impressions. You know the truck itself awesome. What i’m seeing i wish it would hinge up. I feel like it’s, pretty much ready to hinge up to me it’s a lot like the baja. You know it’s, just like short force, truck style. Baja, wait guys. This is supposed to hit 45 miles per hour or the rock right we’re gon na put that to the test so be sure to subscribe.

Make sure your notification bell is turned on, so you don’t miss the speed test of this, because it’s gon na be posted on a channel really soon and it’ll be fun. This is nice, the wingnut actually unscrews like it should and the extra wheel back there. The truck itself is absolutely amazing. I want to just reiterate that, yes, you know, but the setup is it’s very odd, very odd, i’m sure there was a reason for it. You just don’t really get it so obviously right off the bat. If you get this, the first upgrade you’re going to want to do is the transmitter receiver absolutely upgrade just right off the bat it’ll be fine. If this is your first truck, it’ll be fine with this, but if it’s, not if it’s, if you’re like me and me – and this is not your first setup – you will be disappointed when you pull this out when your just comes. I wouldn’t have expected that totally surprised by that and losing a little shock, lossy low, c low selection. We thought the box looks small, we love you lucy, we love you. I just i don’t. I don’t want to see that in any more vehicles, that’s, not a nice vehicle. You know i just love the way. This looks and that’s. Why i instantly hit by it has the cool light bar on the front. It has the ford branding on it because this is officially licensed.

I love the checkered flag thing going on the big mint 400 on the side. It has a rear light, bulb the rims look awesome, it has the aluminum chassis. I don’t care with the low c branding and the mint 400 branding on the bottom, which is super cool um. The rear light bar rear light bar, oh yeah, rear light bar red. It just looks so cool and i love that this is a desert buggy. But you guys this looks like a short horse truck, it just looks, it just looks cool and i love it and i’m glad it’s mine you’re, not his. I mean i’m jealous of the vehicle, it does it’s very drill worthy. This will be a shelf queen till the day. At least one of us dies, oh it’s, on a shelf queen. This will get back on, drive, crashed and destroyed, but it’s also it’s one to be it’s. Like a trophy. You know you set that on display, probably yeah, i like getting the limited edition things because they only make a certain amount, and i don’t know if they numbered these or not. Oh here you go here, you go here, you go. I found the number oh it’s right there. You got a good number, you got it. I wish i had the one other number i got. 599 of 600. you’ve got at least that’s what it says: 5.99 wow that’s over 600 that’s, a good one that’s.

Almost the last one that’s a good number. I like that that’s cool it’s better than my uh axial betty number that’s, like a really random middle of the. I don’t know middle of the it’s on instagram. If you’re curious. Well, there are less of these than yeah wow wow only 600 made, i guess, yeah. Clearly i don’t know clearly that’s why they did that it’s, pretty cool um. I actually when this was released. I posted on our community page about this, so you would not miss your opportunity to buy one um, so you guys need to make sure you follow us completely notifications on make sure you have your community post on your home page on your subscription feed. So you can see when i post stuff like this, because when i saw this was a limited edition i was like okay, i have to let people know, and so i post on stuff, like that, i i’m overall happy with this. I think i made it very clear, disappointed in the radio that’s it though um and i’m glad you got it i’m glad you saw it liked it and got it it’s beautiful, i can’t complain yeah. My wife beats me to the punch on these things and for that i want to thank god for giving us a hobby that we like to share together and if it’s, not rc, people ask us all the time they. How do you get your wife into the hobby? I i don’t think that i did get you into the hobbies.

We both said we’d like to share a hobby together, and i thought you know this is traditionally more a men’s hobby, but it was an opportunity to get us outside which we both love, and i like to mess with stuff with my hands all the time. You know, games, nate, went and twirl the time that’s right. So there was he just wasn’t into that and she wouldn’t do video games. So i do videos, no you do not, but then then no and that’s. Okay, so we compromised, we found a hobby to do together and we just latched on to it because it got us outside and made youtube videos and stuff. So i encourage you guys to just find a hobby to share together and, like i said i thank god for giving us that to uh to share. I think it really helps our marriage out a lot. It gives us something to look forward to and something to do together that we both enjoy so find something like that in your life and um. On that note, as we’re saying thanks, i want to give a lot of thanks to our patreon supporters, because without you guys, you know we couldn’t do stuff like this. You guys stepped in you helped by this um we’re still recovering from that dji fpv. So you guys definitely helped us buy this helped abby, buy it and uh that that gives us an opportunity to bring this content to everybody.

So if you’re watching and you’ve never paid a dime to uh, you know to support us don’t. Just thank us for our videos. Thank our patrons that keep the content rolling, yeah, everybody that is scrolling by right now, all because of you, you guys in the description box and you guys who are not listed. You all are behind the scenes. Supporters – and we appreciate you so much so everybody say thanks to our patrons in the comments. Well, we’ll have another one of our favorite low c vehicle videos. Let’S just do the street racer, i think it’s, the 69th chevy. No, i want to do my falcon shore horse truck okay. That was great. I love that video popping up right about now.