Do a quick review on this one here. This one is the uh scania, so it comes in a box like this. As you see right here supposed to be a 116. um very puny, this is a rare. Almost nobody has this one uh. It comes with this bulldozer, so a quick uh just look around the box. At that part, there and it’s got a it’s one of this. One here and uh it’s just showing you that you could buy all these little ones accessories and everything accessories. Yes and then right here right here it shows what’s inside the box, so let’s get it out of the box. Let’S get it out of the box. For you guys, so you guys uh, so this one – i i put it here very beautiful, very right this one here yeah it moves uh the track, smooth, the rubber, really soft rubber. I seen this one, some uh, you know they put uh severals and they make it uh. They make it. You know work like they upgrade things and they make them work really good. You know so that’s that’s this one we’re going to put it uh over here. Now let’s see let’s get this one out of here, it’s a big trailer here, and the uh semi get this box out of the way and uh. It looks like we have legs on this thing, yeah i’m, wondering if we can put a servo over here to make it stand.

It’S got soft tires, but notice they are uh there’s, nothing in here, i’m gon na stick my finger in at me three axles. I bet your turning is kind of ugly on this one, but it’s uh, it’s, very, very cute. You can take these things off to make it look a little better. This stuff here is to hold the load. I think wow, this thing’s super slippery and we’ll see in a minute yeah we’re going to take this off because i don’t think we need it for the purpose that i’m thinking and then now what about this stuff here? Ah, this wonder putting some servos over here too, so we can make this thing go up and down that will be cool, also, maybe putting lights some kind of light in the buckets in the back very cool i’m planning on upgrading this one too and then here’s A the truck very cool truck, very pretty looking it’s got an interior in there seats. Oh, i think this thing can fall. Oh you can open the door wow. You can open doors, really cool that brand name right there, brother, germany. I ordered this one from germany. It talked about a month a little more than a month, but i finally got it yesterday or today in the mail i don’t remember. If it was today or yesterday, very pretty truck looks like it’s got buckets good light bucket, so we can install some lights. I wasn’t i was looking on it and uh.

It looks like we can put lights over here too in here here and here sorry that’s glue pvc glue. I was fixing the sprinklers, but yep uh, very pewdie. These doors are mirror and door only opens both very beauty very pretty truck, but now let’s do measurements. You know how we like the measurements, this truck by the way it weights about a little less than three pounds, just a little less than three pounds. What is this off air tanks? The battery? I guess tire spare tire uh feels the same notice right here. It looks like it’s dual tire, but it’s. Only one single tire, uh it’s got a little bucket. Here we could put lights real lights. This is just stickers. It’S got like a like a hitch for a trailer still moves. Look at turning how how difficult turning is going to be because see the entire spinning fuel tank, beautiful design, that’s see under look at it on there. Hmm it’s just got some kind of suspension, but it’s just you know. So if one tire goes up, the other one goes down. You know same on the front a little suspension there, maybe adding some springs well, just for just for uh, because let’s measure the tires let’s see all right. Yup these tires are 70 76 millimeters 76 millimeter tires that’s. What we got there, the truck it’s about let’s, see if this thinking can give us all, but you got ta trust me on this one, because i’m uh i’m gon na put a 150 like that and i’m going to add the rest.

150. 170. Once 168 wide 168 millimeters, 168 and 150, 150, 140., so that’s 8 inches tall. So i bought this truck to carry around my winner on showing i bought this truck, so i can upgrade it make it fully functional and i can carry around my winner let’s see if i can get a cool shot with it like that that’s uh that’s. What i that’s, what i’m hoping i’m gon na, upgrade it one day and uh very soon, so i can carry around my my excavator, the excavator. Oh by the way, it’s very pretty looks if it’s perfect, i mean watch the track. Watch the distance on the track on that side and watch it over here, it’s, just perfect, it’s well it’s got to pull it. This way, anyways like a little bit, but this is the perfect size to carry the huina. Then you can put the thing down, but it’s a really really good. I mean if we can put servo and some traction talking about upgrades um. I got here the transmission of the uh wpl c24 it’s, a two speed transmission, very good, very powerful, and what i got here: it’s uh the front and the rear uh differential on the uh of the uh of this car here, which is also a 114. This one has is broken: we’re gon na put some metal parts very soon and upgrade we’re gon na upgrade it we’re gon na make it look.

I mean we’re gon na make it very strong. Just like the white one. You guys seen the white one in my videos, i’m sure when i was pulling the uh the hawina, but anyways look at this i’m gon na turn this one around i’m gon na put some ideas on your head. Guys because looks like by cutting this piece and this uh bridge, i call them whatever you call. I think we can stick the transmission in there like this and hold it in there and then uh wow. I don’t want to scratch the truck but like that. So i think that we could put the transmission right there in that motor and watch this the uh these guys they kind of it’s it’s. You know, i think this is what we’re going to end up using the transmission of one of those uh wpl’s, but we’re gon na end up using because notice this one doesn’t have in and out so. The wpl sells this b16, which is a six by six, because i think i’m gon na make this one a six by six super strong and notice how this one almost fit, and you know uh. I think i think this is a this is the way to go to upgrade this once because this is the most hard part lighting. You know lighting is easy and fast, but i think this transmission by, like i said by cutting this piece and this and installing this one in there like this way and then just like that and then putting you know, uh the differential differential from the six by Six w uh wpl p16, which looks something like that.

I think we can. We can put some traction on this on this truck. You know putting the other one right here in this crankshaft or whatever those things are drive drive lines, but i think, and then uh and then the front one here several. You know that’s easy easier than installing these things and then reusing the tires and the way i’m planning using using desired is gon na, be by uh. You know making that one fit in here and then put a screw from there all the way inside like in here. You know, but anyways that’s my thoughts. We can uh, we can do uh. You know this thing is going to look very pretty i’m planning on uh, putting some light kits the same thing into the beacon lights right here, planning play planning putting to there make it look really good. You know, but anyways. Thank you for watching and stay tuned. We’Re going to upgrade this one it’s going to take a little while because china is taking forever with the with the parts but uh. Thank you for watching.