This motor is uh it’s, a 4000 kv, so this sucker’s gon na have a ton of jam, and i just wanted to do a quick, unboxing video on this kind of uh. Let you guys know what you’re going to get. If you pick this kit up it’s, actually very reasonably priced, i think i paid 140 for this canadian, which is pretty good value. If you ask me for a name brand brushless system such as this, i think that’s, a really good price point and 4000 kv this thing’s gon na have a ton of jam um. So i wan na just get it unboxed we’ll go over that and then i’ve got to choose which kit, to put it in. I think i’ve got it narrowed down to three, but i need your input so let’s get into this, see what it’s all about and then go from there so that’s it there nice packaging. If you watched the last unboxing video i had of a brushless motor esc, i purchased, it was not nearly this nicely packaged. So this is a very good start. Um. So let’s just talk about what the packaging tells us here. First guys uh systemd’s 110 scale drivers, more muscle for fast moves over on and off road tracks. The feature packed firma, smart esc, delivers power and an intelligence all in one i’m, feeding real time, telemetry straight to your radio, with no additional vehicle modules or links required. Combined with a 4000kv motor, it provides your vehicle with the ultimate drive for powering over anything in its path.

It is waterproof which is outstanding lots of pro programming options and uh multi point protection. One thing i really like about this setup guys is that uh? Where does it say? So it is an 85 amp esc which is pretty cool a little more amperage uh capacity than some of the others out there on the market, two to three s: lipo compatible, uh bc, output, six volt, uh or seven point four volts at four amps. So lots of bc power to to get a steering servo going, do what it has to do. It’S, a well equipped brushless motor esc, combo that’s for darn sure so let’s get that opened up Music that’s the goods there guys so let’s uh here, let’s just get this guy out and analyze what we get so first off. Obviously we have our motor and our esc inside the box. We’Ve got a nice little piece of 3m double sided tape for the esc. Some nice decals free brand swag, who doesn’t like swag just for registering cool, very cool, very, very cool uh from 85 air. So here’s your program, programmable items so uh battery type, lipo or nickel metal hydride punch levels, brake force, running mode, motor rotation and bc voltage all adjustable, which is really really wicked instruction manual and a nice little booklet, multi language instruction manual. Perhaps oh and look another piece of two sided tape for the on off switch nice Applause. Now let’s get this motor out of here see what this guy’s all about.

So um yeah. You know not a whole lot to really get too excited about. I mean it looks really nice. I love the satin black with the orange, i think, it’s a really nice color scheme. This looks like it does have a three millimeter shaft output, shaft uh. If you guys remember the last unboxing i did was that ghoul rc. It was even like a knock off, i think, of ghoul, but it had a five millimeter output shaft, which is a little unusual for 10 scale, stuff, normally, 10 scale stuff comes with a 3 mil, so this is nice to have just a standard 3 mil a Lot of motor mounting plate options here, which is pretty slick, i see a ball bearing in the front i’ll presume there’s, one in the back. You can’t really see and uh nicely sealed. This is a sensorless setup. So keep that in mind guys, if you’re looking for something censored for a crawler. This is not the kit for you, a really nice beefy leads nice thick wires, which is cool and yeah. Overall construction quality looks really nice from there getting into the speedo. These things are just cool. Looking, i mean they look kind of next generation don’t they it’s a nice. Looking speedo it’s got the beautiful spectrum logo on it, um a couple little tabs here, so you can bolt it right down to your chassis um. What else pre wired for the motor? Obviously we have the smart connector here so it’s it’s an like a standard ic3 or ec3, but they call it the ic3 because it has that extra cable there you can see.

Hopefully, you can see that thin that thin wire right there between the two main battery leads and that’s your your data, transmission cable. So if you’re, if you’re a radio and if your stuff is smart, compatible, that wire is going to transfer that data for you, if you’re like me and you have dumb old school electronics um a standard ec3 connector is going to fit in here and work for You but it’s just not going to transfer the data. What else we have waterproof on off switch with the program button? Beautiful and uh yeah it’s your standard plug for your receiver, so nice looking, the sucker is heavy like it feels like it’s well built like the last one again guys it was kind of a cheaper brand. It felt cheap. This feels nice. It feels heavy um. I mean you can look at the construction quality of it. These cool sort of this bar graph type thing they got going on here, it’s all 3d and nicely uh. You know nicely it’s not painted, but the finish on is pretty cool almost looks like it’s machined, but anyway, that’s pretty neat and oh yeah and a cooling fan on top so comes with a cooling fan installed, which is pretty slick. So all that said, it’s 85 amps 4000 kv, which is going to that’s gon na, be pretty quick, like i think, 4000 kb is what that’s equivalent of about a 13 turn brushed.

Maybe 12 turn brush motor something around there. I think so it’s going to be quick and i’ve got. I want to put this in a four wheel. Drive beach, buggy let’s go take a look and see which kit we should put it in i’ll. Let you know what i think you guys. Let me know what you think: all right, guys i’ve got it narrowed down to these three right here and tell me what you think, because i mean looking at what we’ve got like. I don’t need it on these guys. They’Ve got plenty of punch um. I still need to get the dark impact going nova fox i’m, totally happy with yeah i’m thinking these three right here, guys fire dragon sand, scorcher and thunder dragon. You know, chassis are basically the same on all three of these guys. They’Re all shaft driven four wheel, drive all beach buggies, i love them and one of them i i had have to say that each of them are a little bit on the underpowered side and i need a little more juice out of these guys. So of the three which one do you guys think i should put the brushless motor in vote number one for the fire dragon number, two, the sand scorcher or the terrace torcher, i’m. Sorry and number three, the thunder dragon again guys. All three kits are basically almost the exact same: the same chassis, just different shock, layouts different sway, bars, different bodies, obviously, but very very similar.

First, one i took out was a terra, scorcher i’m, almost leaning towards it, because i i don’t know i feel a little favoritism toward it. Maybe, but let me know in the comments below guys, which one you think i should put the brushless motor setup in because i’ll do it and then we’re going to take it out on the beach and get this thing really flying and catching some big air doing Some really cool stuff, kicking up all sorts of sand. It’Ll be awesome thanks again for tuning in guys. I really do appreciate it. Um leave your comments down below again and let me know which c which kit you think i should put this brushless setup in and or if there’s another kid on the wall. You think i should maybe try it out on. I don’t know i’m thinking. This should go on a four wheel: drive beach buggy. So if you have another idea, you let me know big philly’s, always listening anyway, guys.