We could get into some trouble with it wow and it’s right in this wind, like really like there’s, no wind wow. That is really nice. You guys what welcome back to boat week on the rc sailors. This is the second boat week of 2021 and the third video of this week, i’m. So excited this one looks like a yacht there’s, something just a little bit classy about this boat and it’s funny, because it’s by udrc, this is the biggest udrc boat that we have had on our channel and i’m really pumped about that it’s brushless. It runs on 3s and i think about this like price point and the size, i think about those venom boats and they were the best and then they kind of went out of business because they just got a little outdated and couldn’t keep up with the times And stuff, but man they were good in their time. This is a brand new boat and i am so pumped to test it and what we’re doing this week is testing these boats here at the lake to let you guys know which ones are and aren’t worth your hard earned money at the end of the week. Abby’S going to have a pick and i’m going to have a pick at our favorite rc boat of the week so i’m pretty pumped about this one because of the price it’s under 200 and it’s completely ready to run minus the four double a batteries that you Need for the radio so let’s power it on see if it has a self righting feature and really put this thing to the test.

Let’S check this out. Look at the brushless motor in here. That is very cool. It actually looks like it has like this weight wheel to it as well. I don’t know something about that: that’s, just a really cool mounted system. These hoses are for water cooling, so we’ll see here, let’s take a look there’s, where it’s going to shoot out of the side and on the bottom Music we should have a spot where the water gets sucked in right there. So that is very awesome. We have all these nice little trim tabs on the back too, to help this boat ride really smooth our nice prop here and big rudder. It looks good. I think this whole system looks good for a udrc remember. This is like a very budget uh brand. Why is this so big? It just looks massive, that is the esc isn’t. It yeah yeah we’re dealing with a giant 3s battery, all right and a brushless system, so we are really going to be pumping some power through this boat. I am pumped didn’t even mean to do that. Pumping power i’m pumped dad choked i turned the radio on first then just plugged in the battery and it powered on listen, sounds powerful sounds like a spaceship looks awesome. This is like the coolest looking sleekest looking rc boat we’ve ever had like it looks simple colors, but man yeah, so let’s do a self writing test. It should be able to.

I sure hope you can. Oh boy, okay, this one is so powerful. We don’t have to rock it, which is what i tried to do. Yeah we can just throttle okay, so that’s cool, try again throttle yeah. Is that, oh, my bullet god, water pull it on water wow. This is a boat that’s, powerful enough. We could get into some trouble with it wow and it’s riding in this wind like really like there’s, no wind wow. That is really nice. You guys what i am impressed very impressed. This isn’t jumping out of the water look at that that’s hands free. I might have to trim it up just a hair steering trim but it’s, not jumping out of the water. Look at that. Just just throttle right there that is hugging to the water better than any boat in this price range, and at this speed that i’ve ever seen trying to give you a pass with no cars going by listen and it turns on a dime watch this. I think this is better than this atomic bomb that’s way better. Look at this. It is way better. Udrc is hitting this out of the park and, if you guys have been around we’re talking about the uh atomic barbed wire boats um, i think this is you got to try this that’s. Why i pulled it. I think this is between the like smaller size, and then they have the bigger xl size. This is kind of like in between the two.

It might be close to xl um. I think the xl might be a little bit bigger, but this is insane yeah. This is insane wow. A lot of drivers like this is better than those i think. Okay, i want you to do self. Writing. Okay, Music, one more one more! You got it! Okay, just maybe a couple blasts blast blast last you see what i did. Oh, you said just give it through you lied. No, i did. You still have to time it. Okay! Well, you didn’t say that i got a little lucky when i threw it in. I must have had like a little bit of the the rock going my way. Let’S, give you one more shot now: it’s just it’s fun, so you, if it doesn’t, go on the first blast i’m, also trying to film no watch. If it doesn’t go on the first blast and it gets stuck there and then it starts to go back over. Let it rock so get off the throttle and then, when it’s here blast that throttle again and it will go back over okay, are you ready, ready, ready, ready, yep, all right, messed up again go Laughter there you it see, anybody can do it all right! I’Ll! Just drive it and have fun. This is a just a massively awesome, powerful boat wow. I wouldn’t push the range much farther than that you’re out there, you’re, like in the middle of the lake, look how fast it comes back.

Oh, i know what so on the box. It says 55 kilometers an hour. Am i right? Look at this left turn oh they’re on a dime and it doesn’t roll it. Doesn’T wreck like we’ve, seen a ton of boats in this like speed. Do they have trimmed? It up perfectly as a ready to run boat it’s like race, ready wow. That was insane that’s insane. Your left hand turns are, on a dime, usually hand, turn and that’s, usually how boats work if you’re not familiar with boats, one way turns a lot sharper than the other that’s. So crazy. You guys udrc, listen to the water that you’re throwing. It sounds like you’re. Throwing like ocean waves isn’t that crazy, you can’t rock it but you’re killing it while you’re driving it wow. You did. You did isn’t this amazing. This is a really good. One turns are so fun who needs right hand turns, and you can let him turn my lips boom on a dime. Those are the sharpest fastest turns we’ve ever seen an rc boat. Do am i right? Oh yeah, it’s, just the fact that this is like hugging. The water, you guys it’s not hopping out, and it is a windy day it should be hopping out like that – was against the wind that direction this is. This is with the way in this direction like glass on the water, wow. Okay, this will be a little bumpy, but not like most boats.

This fast, you ready barely any bump out it’s insanely smooth this way. It’S glass look at that. It rocked a hair there, but not bad whoa. I lost you. I wasn’t expecting that i was trying to stay super tight zoom on it. Maybe you spend a little to oh they’re low battery that’s, okay, that’s. Okay, we got our low battery warning. Oh i’m. So sorry we were blasting out all the whole time me too. Okay. I couldn’t resist i think, i’d like to turn this off well. I’M. Sad that it’s out of juice, am i safe to turn this off yep? Yes, i don’t recommend doing that, though guys here we go water, a truck coming, ruining our water test, ruining it. Okay, there’s, the first half okay here is, that is a nice truck though it is despite the brain i’m just kidding. I got that okay, good okay and i thought i could feel it hold on. I thought i could. I thought my mind is my mind: is playing tricks on me? Look down in here: there’s, no water in there all the way, none yeah there’s, no one, zero water, wow gosh! Oh my gosh. I think we just found the best boat that you can buy under 200.. I mean there’s, better votes for like four or five yeah, but in this price range under 200. This is amazing. My mind is blown me too. Wow is that a rock in here, a rock i’m serious, i think, there’s like a rock or like bubble gum, i don’t.

What is that? I don’t know i’m not going to touch it right now. I think that’s. I think that’s, some type of gummy, like yeah, sticky paste, maybe it’s supposed to be there. It could also be whoever built this in china done with their gum right in the boat. It was quality control pass. They missed the gum, that’s. Okay, there’s, your downside. Yours might come with old, abc gum in there between how this looks hang on. Yeah put that on this is so cool it’s like it’s, like moth mobile or something like it’s, not batmobile. It looks like a yacht, a speed yacht like if i was gon na own a boat. I wanted to look like this. That was just so sometimes sometimes not always, but sometimes with certain boats. I do feel like okay, the downside to a boat. What is it? Everybody knows it you’re very limited to where you can run your boat. You can’t drive it on grass or gravel or it doesn’t fly. You just have water that’s, your downside right so and then sometimes, if you don’t, have a good place to drive and it’s really slow, it could be a little bit boring. So there are some downsides to boats, but trust me if you got your hands on this boat, the controller of this boat, and if you were just driving by and you asked, can i drive your boat? Yes, you can. You would absolutely have to have one of these.

For me this was pure adrenaline, the entire time. I would put it up there with my um. What was that, like vectored thrust, uh boat, that we did from the miss america? No, the miss geico, oh yeah, that was crazy, like a stunt boat right, but this is like the most fun i’ve had with this amount of money. Yes, in an rc boat yeah ever i mean this might be the xl sizes of that of those atomic barbarian. Xls, this is way more powerful i’m. Just trying to remember. I would gladly kick one of those off the shelf to keep this, even though those are the i love those you can’t even buy them now exactly so it’s kind of, but this one is this one’s staying we’re keeping this no doubt about it. Sometimes i sell boats to friends, hey can i buy a boat? I just told you guys i sold a friend our eachine boat. I kept it so that i could sell it to a friend if they ever got interested. I think i sold like 30 or 40 bucks, something like that. Maybe 20 bucks – i can’t, remember um, but this one stays. So if i, if i didn’t, have another one of those eachine boats handy and he said, hey a friend, do you have an rc boat that i could buy? I would say no, i do not, but i recommend you buy. This new go, buy your own that’s.

How good this is, i wouldn’t sell it. I would not sell it. That’S fun, wow new bar boom, new bar. I love that it’s linked in the description box below, if you guys want to pick one up for yourself, do it before the price goes up a lot of times when things get attention and excitement, we see the price go up. Okay, i hate to say that, but that’s kind of what happens sometimes with our channel. If we really like something – and you guys really like it too – it does happen so or it’ll sell out. It might just sell out really quickly. So this is insanely awesome if you’ve got the money and you want a nice bow. This is the boat to buy wow for today, we’re having so much fun with this hop getting to share with you guys this beautiful man, we thank god even with the car alarm. I also want to say a massive thanks to our patreon supporters, because trust me guys, you notice. All of our patreon supporters know this. If this boat was bad in any way, shape or form, we would tell you we would tell you we love telling you when stuff is bad. Actually, because then you know what not to buy. If everything that we put on our channel was good. Who would even have any money to spend on other things you got to eat right, so i love being able to tell you guys when something is bad and i don’t feel bad at all about that because of our patreon supporters.

We have enough money to buy things and put things on the channel and support the channel with full transparency, and i love that so. Thank you guys so so much. You really need to think about getting one of these way way way way better than i was expecting so awesome, but we do have other cool boats too, on the channel and the one that i talked about, the miss geico, the little stunt boat, i think, is Absolutely worthy of your time watching so that video will be popping up right about now.