This is all the unboxing you’re gon na get i’m worried about these. You could take them off with body clips on the inside would be easy to do. We’Re not going to we’ll. Let you know if they break off or not 2s brushless and we’ll see if it’s any fun. We know that the brush one was so pretty high hopes for this guy. Oh pretty fast for 2s it’s going to be hard to get traction out here. Let’S hit the grass for a second yeah it’s, quick. So all the handling of the first version, with more speed, probably should have been able to land that oh, i heard the body rub on that hit we’re not going to do any of the big jumps yet we’ll save it a little bit see how it handles. Just basic running so far, so good, though hit the racetrack here, do a lap, pretty good handling that’s for sure it’s got really tight. Steering, so you got ta just use the control a little bit yeah. This is cool guys. You won’t be disappointed for 280 bucks. This thing is awesome, not much. You can get for 280 bucks, brushless four wheel drive and these always bring the fun factor. This kyosho phaser line up here chassis are pretty bulletproof, something we got something stuck in there take the top off for a second see what we got see what we got. We got some noises, i’ve learned in my time running these.

If you run it, when you got noises, you end up doing damage battery out of here. Music, oh there’s, a knock right there, they’re rockstar, something’s clicking. We did something already it’s hard to tell out here on the field sounds diff spur gear, baby something’s, clicking we’re gon na drive it out don’t advise this. We drove it all the way down here. To give you guys a show so we’re gon na. Do it Music, oh out of that Music? Oh, that could have flipped Music. There was Music, a lot of power, Music back flips and everything Music. Oh hard hit, oh see if the bumper will stay on so far, so good give it the send missed it. Don’T know what that noise is Music, bigger, Music, Music, Music people come over open dip in it all right, it’s still handing good, although we definitely have a click. So i don’t know what that’s about, but it’s an awesome handling truck guys. All the mirrors are still on Music they’re, actually tucked in they’re, pretty good Music, so it’s amazing for 2s it’s got some power. The tires like a true monster, truck tire don’t have a lot of bite. Yeah it moves, i don’t think brushless was necessary, but it’s definitely fun. It allows us to backflip, which we couldn’t do with the brushed one, but you could do the front. Flip Music likes to go to the wheels too Music smoke too soon there.

It is Music boom, free, free, candy, free candy, good, lift full spin Music there. It was Music all right time for the quick report on the kyosho after the bash. The front is uh pulling away a little bit here to be expected with some of the front hits we had, but the bumper still good and intact nothing really broke. We did lose the taillights. I was told that this would happen. So i’ll probably just put some red tape or something behind it, because it’s going to happen just for all the time these held up really well, so the mirrors are working good for it. These top rails definitely help protect. The body like that overall handles well performs. Well, and really really: cool solid truck for 280. can’t really get anything.