I picked up a new toy it’s. The rc pro desert rush, all right, it’s, a 118 scale. Four wheel, drive brushless desert buggy sit tight, guys, Music, Music, all right, so the rc pro desert rush. This thing looks sick, guys all right. Take a look at my other rc pro product it’s, the shredder right, the rc pro shredder 112 scale, russian monster truck, and this thing is insanely fast guys. I can put some lights on it so check out those videos. With this thing, i put it on 3s. One time and this thing went nuts all right. This thing is an unknown killer. All right trust me, the shredder 112., all right so back to the rc pro desert rush i’ve been eyeing this thing. For a long time, man decided to finally pull the trigger on it all right, 118 scale. Brushless this thing is sick. Let’S, take a 360 of this all right love the tires. You know. Look very grippy oil fill independent suspension, metal adjustable. Nice got a uh bumper at the front here, with some lights on it, you guys know i’m, gon na, add some lights, obviously that’s. What i do all right, let’s check that out pretty smooth travel servo. You got your plastic plastic arms here. Dog bones of metal link is adjustable. This one’s plastic it’s a nice roll cage here to protect this guy. I think he’ll be pretty safe. Being all plastic all right, nice spare tire at the back – got a big bumper at the back.

So this is ball. Bearings all around guys supposed to go 60 kilometers an hour on 3s comes with a 2s and it can go 60 on a 3s. It has a 2440 4300 kv motor all right, so this thing should be pretty fast man. I like it so let’s take a look under the hood all right, so you take out for the body pins here, there’s two here: okay, that was simple and there’s. Two that go here i already took these out just in case it took me forever always on camera, takes forever all right. So this whole thing comes off check that out the whole thing all right, let’s take a look inside of this thing. Pretty nice got the little tiny servo here. This is your 2s battery it’s, a 7.4 volts 850 milliamp hours all right. It also has metal front and rear diffs and a metal center drive shaft see that okay here’s your receiver right there, your on off switch and your esc, and here is the uh 2440 4300 brushless motor check that out all right, let’s see what else is in This box man put this back on deal with that later got your manual and it tells you everything it even has a breakdown of all the parts. Just in case you need to order something part, numbers and everything i like that and another manual right here. So it comes with a usb charging: cable, your wrench screwdriver, four screws and four extra body pins.

I know we’re gon na need these right. All right, so let’s take a look at this remote nice. Big remote feels good in the hand like the foam on the wheel here all right, so you got your steering dual read here. You got your throttle dual rate here and you got your steering trim all right. So you got your reverse and normal. You know i don’t know why you’d use these things and you got your throttle. You know reverse and normal, and your on off right here. All right got your light indicator and it takes three double a batteries all right, guys. Well, that’s it man that’s the rc pro desert rush 118 scale. Four wheel, drive, brushless desert, buggy, all right stay tuned for the run guys. This thing is gon na be sick.