I am eric, and today i am excited to uh, introduce you to this nice beautiful brand, new bugatti that you can own yourself. Finally, an affordable bugatti. Of course this is a remote control scaled car. This is a 1 12 scale of a bugatti. This is by a company called mibli, and this is a remote control car powered car. So you can use it as a model because it is beautiful and it is detailed and it is officially licensed by bugatti. They also do make a 1 16 scale so, depending on the size that youre looking for you can check that one out as well, but this one is a 1 12 scale pretty decent size. Before i talk about the performance and how it works were going to jump over to a quick unboxing just so you can see exactly how it comes in the box and what comes with it. So lets check that video out. So before you see this thing in action, i just wanted to uh do a quick unboxing, so you kind of see what comes in the box and also what the box itself looks like you can see. It is bugatti uh by meebly, and this is the 112 scale replica and, as you can see, thats 386 millimeters long 184, millimeters wide and 103 millimeters tall. They do also have a 1 16 scale, but this is particularly the 1 12 scale. So uh lets open up the box and check it out.

Applause and there you go. It is wrapped up nice to make sure that it is protected during shipping, because obviously you want it to arrive to you in pristine condition and here on the underside. Here we have the uh controller as well as a little screwdriver there and you have your steering wheel and you have your battery pack and your charger so thats, all that is in there. You have your instruction manual and then you have the car itself and there you go there. It is and all its glory, nice weve got a remote control car down the bottom. You can see where the battery pack is going to go. You have to unscrew that, but the battery pack is going to go down there. You have your on off switch here and youve got this control. My guess is, that is, if you Music, i dont, know ill, have to read the instructions im, not sure, if thats dependent on whether youre using the right or left handed remote control. That might be what thats, for that would be my guess, or it might be just to slightly adjust the turn radius ill, read the instructions and check that out. As noted here, it says, 2.4 gigahertz is what the frequency that its using for this and you can see that is really really a beautiful, beautiful car. This is your remote control. It does require two uh double a batteries, so you put those in there.

So it has power and theres a door that clicks on and screws in there, and then you have your trigger for your gas and your steering wheel to steer your on off button really easy to operate. Whats great is that this pulls out and you can switch it over to the other side. That way allows you if youre left handed or right handed. However, you want to do it, you can do it either way, so a nice little simple, remote control. That is also very versatile in terms of allowing you to use it right handed or left handed. So you can see it comes with the remote control that you need and that can be used, left handed or right handed the wheel just switches over really easily so thats really awesome. It also comes with a nice battery that gives you approximately 20 minutes of charge of fun of driving this with each charge, and it comes with the usb charging plug that you just plug that into the battery plug that in and uh it will charge up for You so that you can go again takes about two hours for it to fully charge, and then you get 20 minutes of use and this car is really beautiful, as you can see, very detailed has working headlights as well as working rear lights when you put it In reverse, the little rear, brake lights come on very detailed, very nice looking and really really just a lot of fun uh.

If you like, driving race, cars or fast cars. This gives you a chance to kind of drive bugatti. It has ford, it has reverse, and then it has the steering control and you can see, goes pretty fast and uh makes great turns a couple of things. Youll need to know about it as a trigger style driving. So you pull back to go forward and you push forward in order to go in reverse. The steering wheel can be changed from either side of the remote to control the steering. Now the steering is all or nothing. So if you, if you turn it right, the wheels turn completely right. If you turn it left, the wheels turn completely left so theres, no gradual, turn its all the way right all the way left. This is officially licensed and it is very, very uh detailed. As far as speed goes, it gets about 12 kilometers per hour, which ends up being uh. Just about seven miles per hour is the max speed, so it can go pretty pretty fast and, as you can see it just zooms on the street and definitely a lot of fun now, because this is a actual uh scaled model of a real bugatti. It is has a very low profile, as you can see, so this is not something youre going to be using on grass or uh in dirt or uneven pavement nope. You dont want to use it on that. You want to use this a nice smooth flat surface.

Just like you would any street racing car and thats how youre going to get the best use out of it, but it is a lot of fun and its a really really cool product by maybelli works really well looks beautiful. So when youre not running it, when youre not using it uh actively – and you just have it sitting on a shelf its a beautiful model of a bugatti and then, of course, when the weather is right and the mood hits you you can take it out and Take it out for a drive for a spin. Do some donuts do some uh drifting have a lot of fun with it really really awesome awesome remote control car by meeblee, if you uh, ive, always dreamt of holding a bugatti. As i said in the beginning now you can because you can actually afford this one, a really beautiful scale. Again. This is a 1 12 scale and they do also have a slightly smaller, 1 16 scale size. If the smaller size interests you more, you can check that one out as well anyway. This is an excellent, excellent car, great remote control, car and definitely a product that i would recommend thats going to be it for this review. If you like this review, please click that, like button, if you know anyone who might be interested in this product share this video with them all those ways are down there. Uh dont forget to subscribe to my channel favorite this playlist to keep up with future product reviews and if you have any questions post them in the comments below ill get back to you as quickly as i can anyway.

Thats going to be it until next time.