Hi i’m welcome to kicks on today’s show where we’re gon na build the nova fox yeah yeah. I know i said we were gon na wait, but i just can’t help myself. I unpacked it and we did the video the other day, and i just i just can’t help myself so i’m gon na build this one. I promise i’ll build it as fast as possible so that we can get onto the other builds that have been waiting a while. It shouldn’t take me more than two days to build this so three days, including the editing of the video, so it’s. Only three days out before we go back to the other two yeah yeah, i know i’m sorry but it’s just cool. So what i’ve got to do? First is i’ve got to unbox, it lay it all out and then we’ll crack on so i’m going to do the magic youtube thing, so we can skip along as fast as possible, because watching me lay out loads of parts is boring as hey and there you Go all laid out ready to go right, we’re kicking off page four, where we’re building the server saver and the rods. And then we move on to the servo now i’ve already trued this up so it’s in the center ready to go going by the way it fits in this car. You definitely want to do that before you build it. So it looks like it’d be a bit of a pain to do it afterwards right let’s crack on Music.

So before we go closing this car up, i want to make sure all the electronics work because it’s a pain to go and take it all the bits. If there’s a problem so i’ve already centered the servo before i even fitted it, because you just can’t get in there with a screwdriver, so you’ve got to get that right. Um, modern, electronics fit in here no problems at all, really so it’s, not that difficult. I can imagine back in the day it was a bit difficult trying to cram in massive receivers and massive uh mechanical speed, controllers and stuff like that right. All i got ta do is fire. It up turn it on yeah we’re, good on that front, and the motor Music yeah we’re all good to go they’re around the wrong way. But i can just change that in the settings afterwards. But that means we can button it up and before you know it, you fitted the electronics and you’re closing it all up. So this is going together, super fast and very easy, so let’s carry on Music, um, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, okay, so we’re zooming along the front is all sorted. I’Ve done the anti roll bar a little bit ahead of schedule, because i’ve got to do the dampers next, so that’s what’s left to do well, there’s only three, so it’s, not so bad, i suppose not a big damp enough fan, but at least they’re oil and Not friction, which is great, so let’s crack on get them done and then it’s the back gearbox the rear arms and then the chassis is done.

Let’S keep Music, going; Music Applause; ah, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, uh Applause; and there you go it’s. All done really nice really easy. I can highly recommend it as a build loads of fun. Nothing super complicated about it. The gearbox is really simple as well, if you’ve just done a hornet or a grasshopper, or something like that and you’re. Looking for your next kit, i can highly recommend this or, if you’re, just starting out – and you want to build your first kit, but so you’re feeling a bit more confident. Something like this would be a great first car to do is very unique compared to other cars, because it has a chassis that doesn’t share with anything else and it’s in two big pieces, but putting it together, lovely can highly recommend it. I uh it comes with a silver can motor, but i put a vintage sports tuned in just as a little bit of a nod back to its old fox days bearing wise. It comes with all the bearings you need, apart from the front wheels. So all the bearings to go in the gearbox it comes with, but you do need to buy four more bearings for the wheels, but you can do them at a later date as well. So normally, when i’m building the kits i’ll get the bearings in mainly because i don’t want to dig out the gearbox again but being the front wheels they’re super simple, so you could just build it and then get more bearings later on.

If you wanted to now. I’Ve got it all working, it fully runs all the steering works so happy with that right. Next we’ve got the body to do now, i’m, going to paint up two bodies at the same time, yeah because i don’t need a challenge. Do i um so? Firstly, we’ve got to cut this out then i’m, going to give it a good wash to get all the fixing agent out. So it doesn’t react with the paint i’m gon na mask it off and then i’ll be right back and there you go. The body is totally cut out on the nova fox, very simple body and it’s, actually quite small, now the process, if you haven’t done this before, is you just do a rough cut? Then you do a closer cut with a pair of scissors as well as a scalpel. If you want to cut and bend, then i do a bit of light sanding with 120 grit, sanding paper being careful not to rub on the inside just the edge. You don’t want to be like that. Otherwise you just scratch on the inside and you will see it after that’s done. You’Ve got loads of dust inside so i’ll give it a good wash with some washing up liquid just to get the oils and the fixing agents off. Then i dry it with a kitchen towel and then i finish it off with a hair dryer, just to make sure there’s no moisture up in, say this spoiler area, where it’s tucked up nice and tight, because if you spray it with a little bit of water In there it will ruin it after that i’m fit the window masks and then basically test fit it all to make sure it’s all exactly how you want it to be, and then i paint it up so that’s, where we’re at now so i’m going to basically Take it off now take my ps16, which is not box.

Art it’s a metallic blue, but i like the metallics it kind of gives them a bit more, a bit more punch than just the flat colors, so that’s. The plan for today it isn’t raining for once in the uk, which is brilliant, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem of me. Fighting the weather today. Also it doesn’t look too windy as well, which is another bonus right. Wish me luck, i’ll paint it up Music, so this is the body after its first light coat. You want to keep this coat as light as possible so that it plugs any gaps around the masking tape windows now we’re on our second coat. We can go slightly heavier, and now this is the third coat you can see: it’s really starting to thicken up now. After this i then changed the paint and i went to a backing in a darker color. This is ps59 because i wanted to bring down the tone a little bit after that. I then backed it in two layers of bright silver just from the inside Music. Now this is the body with the perspex protective cover removed and, as you can see, it looks lovely well, i kind of finished it, and then it went like that. Oh sorry, what i meant to say is, i finished the painting and it came out lovely now. I had a bit of a change halfway through because there’s, nothing like having a plan at the beginning, but i started painting ps16, which is metallic blue, so that’s a very, very light blue, but the actual car in box art is actually very dark.

And then we have some light blue here, so i didn’t want it to be too light. So then i had a bit of ps59, which is dark metallic blue, but i didn’t have enough to do the whole car. So i went with the lighter one and i did three coats. Then i did two coats of ps59 and then i’ve now backed it in ps12 silver, which then gives me a sort of dark but yeah, quite vibrant, metallic color, which is bang on what i wanted. So i’m really chuffed about that so it’s, not quite as dark as the ps59, but it’s, not quite as bright as the ps16 or me um. So then i pasted it silver. I would have done gunmetal, but i uh the silver was half used as well. So it’s good to finish up old cans and not break out a new one, so i’m, quite happy with that silver as well that’s good enough now, i’m, letting it dry. But i thought what i do it’s drying now and i ran the hairdryer over it quickly. Just to try and speed up the process is to pull it off, so you can look at the lovely nice finish now. I don’t like doing these on camera because they never work properly. You end up spending ages picking at stuff, but i think i’ve got it. There we go and if you can see it is absolutely stunning there we go get some light on it.

A bit of bling, for you came out lovely, very easy one color now i could have gone and done the bars in black again like i did on my june watanabe, but i just can’t be bothered and i’m happy to use the decals on this because they’re Very straightforward bars, so i’ll go with that this time. Otherwise i won’t get this video out to you right what’s. Next, next we’ve got to cut out the decals and start fitting the decals and then we’re almost there ready to take it for a run. So let’s crack on and push to the finish line, because i want to get this video out to you today tonight, Music and there you go that’s all the body done with all the decals on the only thing left to do is the driver so i’m going To do the driver next and then we’re going to take it for a spin. The actual decals went on pretty easy it’s, not that difficult. The anything that’s normally on the front section in the middle can tend to be a bit of a pain, but with this decal as long as you line it up against the front here and you keep it level, it will line up. Okay, so that’s not as difficult as you may think. I left off the number at the front just because it looked a bit crowded to me, but i kept the numbers on the side um.

The only other change i did was. I put a uh decal here. That’S not standard either, but apart from that, all the other decals are, as they should be so right, i’m going to paint this up and then we’re going to take it for a spin. So let’s head out the studio and see what it can do check out.