Up, as you just saw this is day one or part one whatever you want to say um. I am kind of taking a break from filming gta for a few reasons, i will probably say that in another video, but here is me building a street rc car now what a street rc car is is what exactly what i just said it is made for The street it can’t go off roading or anything, so this is going to be a rc car that i race and hopefully soon professionally race. Now the body that came with this is a nissan gtr body. I will be switching it to an alfa, romeo julia quadrifoglio and a alpha male milano verde and match it with my dad’s cars. So that’ll be quite cool um. I really recommend this hobby for whoever really wants to try it. It can get pretty expensive. I was saving up for quite a bit to get this because i i don’t have a job yet and i will be getting the job soon. Hopefully so, yeah um here’s me putting the motor in and everything um. My dad is about to block the camera soon. So be prepared for that um. The reason my dad is here is giving me like a second eye, because i really do not want to take this whole thing apart. If i mess something up so yeah yeah, because that would not be fun and, as you can see, my cat playing with my stepmom in the back so it’s just crazy.

This car is insane, and here we are for the next day. I am basically finishing up the car now i’m gon na go ahead and just play some music – maybe maybe not but i’m gon na go ahead and play something or not, and i’m gon na go ahead and allow you guys to watch the video. This part is me building the suspension, so what that is like the springy parts so enjoy this part and take care guys. I’Ll come back when i want Music, Music Music right here, as you can see, it’s a different angle. Um. If you see me rubbing my pants it’s, not what you think it’s, because there’s like grease on my hand, so yes and you can see the grease in the corner right there now right here is me. Making a burger because, like burgers, are cool and i love them so i’m, just making a burger really fast, coming back and here’s, where my dad kind of blocked some of the camera for a little bit he’s. Just helping me give me a second eye and helping me with some parts just in case and yeah like this hobby is really really fun. I’M gon na go ahead and speed this up a little bit more. Maybe so you guys can see the aftermath now. I have not painted the body yet, but you will see soon what it looks like when it’s fully complete now right here, you can kind of see me getting all these electronics out.

I had to go to the store multiple times which really sucked but hey it’s, worth it in the end, and i still got to go to the store one more time um all this is me plugging in the electronics and like getting it ready. It does take a little bit because we have to figure out where to go since it’s such a small chassis um. This is me working on the esc, right now figuring out where everything should go and be placed alongside the steering servo, which is that chrome blue thing, i believe, is like chrome, blue, but that is the steering servo that you just saw um. This is my dab blocking the camera and yeah. This card probably would not be done here. If you didn’t, give me a second hi, because i’d probably break something because half the instructions were in chinese, so that is the very weird part. There were a little english one, so we had to basically go off of pictures and boy. Do i tell you that was that was hard, especially this part you may think like building the rest was hard which it kind of was, but once you get going pretty easy, but the electronics was annoying because i still have to do the wire management. I don’t know i just woke up guys, so we are so close to finishing this um. That is my dad blocking the camera and him fixing his rc car in the back.

Sorry i just froze right there guys i literally just woke up to finish editing this video um. My dad to the left is working on his rc car because i have a max and i kind of like demolished it now. This was kind of one of my most favorite parts right here. The wheels i’m getting ready to get the wheels ready just building the rotors as you can see, and we have all the wheels ready, we’re just putting them on now, which is kind of fun. Part which kind of makes the car look like a car and there’s. Only one like one two steps after this one that make it complete. Now there is a thing in here that kind of makes it look non complete when it’s finished but i’m, pretty sure it’ll look better. When i have the body all spray painted okay, so we have all this ready and we’re getting ready to finish the car. This is me putting in like the body mount, which is where the body goes on to, and i like clip it in so i’m. I’M. Really curious to see how fast this car goes because i’m, not even kidding it’s sitting on my chair right behind me, not able to drive until i get a battery hey everyone. Thank you for your patience. Um highly doubt. Anyone’S gon na see this, but if you do, this might be uploaded to my main channel too, because i might be switching to an rc car one um i’m.

Currently sanding down the body. It is a gtr um it’s not going to stay like this. I am eventually going to switch it to a alpha male julia and an alfa romeo milano verde, which is a car we have in real life, so i can bring it to car shows, like a mini me, inert mini me for the moana, if that makes sense, But i’m gon na go ahead finish sanding down the body i might put this in a time lapse, might not and just enjoy the rest of the video all right. This is me drilling the whole body mounts with my dad because he doesn’t like anyone using his drill. Now it did take a lot of practice and we did cut the front end a little short but that’s. Why i’m going to use a wire and like just wire it in there? If you know what i mean like, so it keeps the body up. I i know a few tricks. I’Ll show you guys what i mean in the next video, but this is the car um, just attaching the spoiler right. Now i already put on a few stickers which so we honestly the gtr body done. We do have a bit of a problem.