im gon na put a picture up in a second, and these are all the rc cars i had four years ago, with a little bit of hard work and a little bit of luck and also massive support From you guys, along the way, now look at it yeah. Where do i move in this world? Could you please tell me what the hell im doing for it bring me to my niece im so stupid? Would you tell me honestly if i wasnt meant to be what i see when i dream? Where do i move in this world? Could you please tell me what the hell im doing for bring me to my knees, im so stupid? Would you tell me honestly, if i wasnt meant to be what i see when i dream whats up guys on the channel todays video? I thought i would give you a little bit more of a tour of the headquarters. My announcement, video, that a few of you thought was a bit click. Baity didnt really show you much progress. I did show you me painting the floor, which is still painted its not all come off yet and im pretty sure. With a brief look at the rc cars in this video im going to show you a little bit more in depth, the cars ive got at the moment stuff thats, coming up on the channel some plans, ive got for the unit and a few bits that i Found out since doing some videos in here the last couple of days that i need to sort out, so the first thing i need to really look at is the noise in here one is a little bit echoey.

This side is more echoey than the other side, because its a little bit more open. The road noise is not too bad at the moment, but theres quite a bit of theres. Quite a lot of road work going on at the moment, so im hoping it might settle down a little bit and i think the best way to do that short term. So ive set my so ive set myself up over there for my bench work and i think if i move that over here, this is the insulated wall thats next to the other unit, because im on an end unit, its just open up there. So i think, if i move it across to this side, when im standing sort of facing that way, ive got the kitchen area there and like the office and toilet and stuff there, so the echo like the reverb isnt as bad its not bouncing off everything. Obviously, when i get more stuff in here and ive, got ive got some carpet coming to put down for like some drift carpet and once all thats in and once some stuffs on the wall. The sound will be a little bit better. But at the moment, its a little bit echoey and its just a bit of road noise, but but i can put up with that at the moment, depending on how things go next year, id like to get a mezzanine up there, so a second floor up there, Which means i can properly insulate it down here, which will make it a lot better to work in, but lets have a look at a few cars.

Should we so i am planning on sorting all this stuff out, ive kind of got it in some kind of order. Weve got the big fg truck up there. Then weve got the big rock, followed by the mt10, followed by the send racing and then the hg. So weve got sort of monster trucks up. The top here got a couple of big ones: weve got the dr8 and then the street mojave one of my favorites sitting pretty at the top there. What ive tried to do with it? Apart from where were looking now, but what ive tried to do hang on lets move that put that around that way, what ive tried to do is put one car one way and one the other, so you can look at it this side or you can look At this side – and you kind of get a look at everything, a couple of crawlers capra and the trail runner from element, then weve got the two zorros the brushed well. This is brushless ive, converted this to brushless and then weve got the actual brushless one. We need to clean it the lights a bit better around here at the moment, so um turbo scorpion. Then weve got the um sr 10. Yet from team associated toys, mini z, wl toys limitless hummer, empty space, some d12s mini d12 porsche gt1 street beautiful tamiya that one different wheels on mine, lovely thing: uh wl toys bit out of place in there isnt it thats another thats, a project thats coming soon.

Tao4 drift car mini tamiya mini that is still a little bit broken under there, but ive got the parts for it. So we can fix that another mo5 there classic rustler new rustler little crawler sherp support trx4 right thats two days well have a look at the others in a minute lets just talk about some stuff thats going on over here. So, like i said this is where i set the sort of studio area up wanted to. I wanted to try and keep it similar to what ive been doing for the last couple of years. I think that works, weve kind of set it into a corner. A few more cars around this time, but im gon na, have to move it over the other side just to try and make the sound quality a bit better. When im talking, a lot of people wont notice, but i do notice these sort of things and when im working at the moment, thats my view, the cars not always gon na be there, but it is nice to be able to bring it in, especially if its Especially as were going towards sort of autumn winter time, itd be nice to be able to get in here to give it a clean. A few people have said thats the only reason ive got this unit, its definitely not thats. The reason ive got this unit anyway. Work benches uh its not as tight as it was the other day, just uploading a video at the moment.

What is it theres a clue to what it is? The reason im uploading over here is because my internet is twice as fast in this unit than it is in my house, which is a bit crazy. The download is twice as fast. The upload is three times so im uploading its on 30. Its got 43 minutes left that would take about three hours in my house and id have to do it overnight. So thats, a big positive that i can bring my macbook over and just upload stuff. A lot quicker means when im panicking so ive got nothing to upload. I could bring over here to do a quick video just being doing. I just did a video of this, but im, probably not going to publish it. I might have to do another one. It just didnt come out. I didnt like how it came out the same for this one its this is the brushless one. I will upload this video. It didnt really come out all that good, but i am going to upload it a little bit of storage going on down there. Now this is going to be where i showcase some of my favorite rcs up here, obviously theres a move across there, but i think this is going to be where im stood and then these are going to be behind so well showcase. Some of my favorites and im, also going to you, know, swap and change them around, depending on what sort of video im doing, and things like that thatd be quite a quite a good thing to do see if see, if youll notice, when im changing stuff around And lets be honest, quite a few of you spot stuff thats going on in the background waiting for some more racking to come to go along there.

The lighting at the moment is just the led just so theyre bright, theyre nice. They do give a lot of light. They do give shadows, though um not much. I can do about that. I am getting. I should be getting the next couple of weeks and getting some lights fitted across there getting some plug sockets in lights across there and across the back wall there so im, hoping that having some led strip lights, all the way around will make it a bit more Brighter in here this on this camera is absolutely fine, but because gopros, particularly the hero9, is absolutely in like low light, and even though this isnt low light its still, not that great kitchen area not really done anything with this apart from made it a mess, fridge Under there coffee machine there, this stuff is all stuff that i need to sort out. Greases lubricants, oil and stuff, like that in there compressor thatll go back over near the front. There. Lots of boxes mainly theres a lot of wpl stuff in them. Lots of stuff that needs sorting out some cheap diggers, hot wheels, cars and ive got some diecast fans that watch talking to you sharky. For that one uh stuff. I need to settle in there from my fg truck. That was all the motor out of it. Thats now running brushless brand new classic rustler body, not sure what im doing that yeah im going to paint it but im just trying to come up with an idea for another video for a project with that one right: where do we get to here? A tank challenger tank that is a dr 10 under there, but the wheels are currently on my senn racing f450, with my sherp trailer there.

Now this thing a few people asked about this: its a one quarter, scale um, two stroke or gas powered four wheel drive. I believe its from the 90s. I cant help it when i go on facebook marketplace. If i see something that i think is an absolute steal, i have to buy it and the price i paid for this someones told me: the wheels are worth that alone. So bargain uh some mini crawlers, some 1 16 scales, two summits, i mean hes, one enough, i dont know ive got two thats gon na theres gon na be a project coming up with that. Well, so soonish. I know someone was looking out for this. Its still here, this is the double e well theyre, both well thats, doubly or cast, and whatever you want to call, it depends where you buy it. Theyre both meant to be 1 8 scale, uh the axles front and rear axle ive destroyed, both of them, because ive put an stx, scx 10 gear, two speed gearbox in it and weve yet broken the axle. So that is a work in progress. Another old feiyu mario, is an update on mario coming up at some point and then just some projects. Under there im working on some bits and pieces, the barbie car, my daughter, had fun driving that around the unit the other day, but its getting a bit of work on barbie thats. What she said: thats my joke, um body im working on for my crawler.

For my element, theres not really much more to talk about – i dont want to know this. Video is probably dragging on too long anyway. The toilet in this place is nearly the same size as the area i had to work in in my garage slight exaggeration, but its close and then just a small office area in here thats still got more stuff in to sort out now. Ive got some plans for that little office in there that arent to do with this channel, but that will all come about probably early next year and finally, just some stuff thats turned up the last few days. I am a little bit behind on my video, so ive got some new things for review there and ive. This has just turned up. I bought this and they one of the only reasons i bought. It is, if you can see it there, it says 4k im not sure thats a 4k camera, but i mean it looks pretty good. I think im pretty sure it looks like its got proportional steering does say, throttle, trim and steering trim on there. So thats going to be quite fun. I think well do a little track around here with it in fpv mode and have a good look at that, so thats it for this video guys. I hope you enjoyed that. It may have dragged on a bit long. I felt like i was talking for a long time.

I will do some more stuff once we update things, this area behind me is going to be the first one, because i need to move my bench over so were going to get all this set out were looking at a few different options, and for that so Ill definitely update you once weve got some more stuff in hoping for the next two or three weeks ill have a nice bit of carpet there for doing some drifting, because its quite smooth its a little bit too slippery. I think for some stuff, so um i found some carpet. So what i want to try and do is from sort of from the door here all the way around and because im moving my workbench, i can go all the way sort of up there, whether up to sort of where the mini z track is across there, Because im gon na have racking and a workbench across there, so hopefully we can get that done in the next few weeks. Ive got the electrician coming to do some stuff as well, so some big updates coming cheers for watching hope.