I am going to be building uh, setting up and racing a x ray t4, specifically for usgt class uh. This is similar to vta, in that its a a restricted class youre have to use a specific motor made by a specific company, youre limited to a specific set of tires that are pre glued. So you cant tamper with the foam inserts things like that. So its designed to create a bit of a level playing field, its a more uh aggressive class than vta, the car bodies are more modern sports car type of bodies, so theres a better aerodynamic factor going on there, more downforce, slicker, faster grippier, tires and overall, faster Motor, so not as fast as like unlimited touring, but a a faster class than vta uh, certainly a step up in performance, so thats, one of the reasons i went with an x ray also. I had never built an x ray road car other than the formula. One car that im in the process of building now ive got uh two x rays in the stable. Now, at this point uh so um, i wanted to do a full build on that, for you guys, uh and, like i said i will be doing full setup and tuning videos like i did with vta ill, be uh, taking it to the track and uh racing. It and showing you footage and going through the evolution of the car. Very much like i did with vta and like im, continuing to do with vta uh, and i will also be doing that with formula one for you guys.

So those are going to be the three classes im, probably going to focus on this season. Um ill, be taking my a scale gtr out from time to time ill also be racing uh euro truck um, but you can only focus on so many cars per weekend. Um, and so you know, i try to kind of spread it out, dabble in in all the different cars uh and just have a great time with it um. If you bring too many cars to the track, it just gets hectic trying to get ready for for every single heat, so in any event, um im gon na unbox this for you right now and im gon na show you the extra items that i got to Go with it um. I just placed a few items on order: nothing fancy uh, just a couple of different um, a couple of different sway bar thicknesses, so ive got some some adjustability because very low traction asphalt conditions you want to try to soften up the rear. End so i got the two uh thinnest sway bars and i got a uh one size stiffer for the front uh. Just so, ive got somewhere to go in that direction because that seemed to really be a factor with vta uh was trying to eliminate uh throttle induced oversteer, um and even just uh. You know um speed related oversteer um. I want id rather the car id like to at least get to the car, where it can push a little bit in the front end and then back out my settings from there towards neutral um.

So i know the car is going to be very controllable. I like having a little throttle induced oversteer at the same time, um thats, the kind of setup that leads to mistakes that lead to crashes that lead to losing and uh. You know, as in with so much in racing, um being smooth clean and not crashing. Are the best ways to to do? Well so anyway, lets get a look in the box, so lets start with the kit. Okay and, as with all x rays, you get a certificate of authenticity with a serial number and a validation key. They have excellent instruction books. Okay, weve got uh outer suspension, components, uh out, drives drive shafts body mounting um theres, so many tunable features of this car. For example, there are uh three body positions and i dont mean where you mount the body linearly along. You know, because thats pretty much anything you want within region as long as youve got space to cut holes, the body posts themselves have three different positions and that can affect stability and traction its very interesting, the way theyve gone through so much research. So here we have some of our shock parts. The 2001 kit is different from last year, which was also different from uh several years. Previous um theyve really uh lowered the center of gravity shortened. The shocks um made the car just very compact tight and you know again, very low center of gravity.

This is one item that i am changing. Uh the center piece here, the center brace the stock size is two millimeter. They make an optional 1.6 that is, for low traction conditions, uh, which, as youve heard me, say many times, thats thats, what we race in out here. We got lots of pollen lots of dust and we are on uh asphalt with lots of painted lines so um. That was one item i did add. Um lets see uh swing, arms lets just uh swing, our mounts and the uh adjustment pills. Uh here are our gears and uh our drive gear. Our shock towers belts, miscellaneous hardware spring sets um differentials im, not sure if thats front or rear looks like we run a locker up front as well. Theres also a front diff kit available as usual. They provide all the fluids, we need and theres our bearings some uh, very specific hardware pieces. These looks like they are probably for shock absorbers, but i cant be sure front bumper antenna tube and one nice piece of carbon fiber and, as you can see, it looks like we have an option to mount our motor on either side of the car im. Not sure what the benefit there is, i dont it may just they may just have done this for symmetry as far as flexibility goes thats. What would be my guess, because these are our battery mounting points right here and they dont have those mirrored on this side.

So uh this would be our motor, and this is probably just a symmetrical cut out to make the chassis flat flex uh in an equal way. So let me throw all this stuff back in the box. For the moment, ive also got a little uh treat coming for you guys. As far as painting goes um, i found a uh a nice website. Its uh theyre, located in the uk, ill be putting a link below. I may actually do a separate video or two on painting to talk about this Music. This company makes decal sets for rc cars and they are reasonably true to scale a lot of them. Some of them are older vehicles. They make them for formula one and uh gt type cars and um. I always liked the uh, the jaguar silk cut, uh paint schemes um. If youre, if you followed uh gt car racing, um, silk cut, is a company in great britain. That uh makes you know. Uh menswear, silk suits that kind of thing and uh. So silk cut was the sponsor of these jaguar cars um. The cars were usually like, based on a purple uh paint scheme, sometimes purple with white and yellow um and uh very vivid colors, and you guys know. I, like you, know bright colored cars for visibility, so um, im gon na be running the uh, the bitty design, uh 720 body, its a 10 scale, gt car body ill go ahead and pull this out because im going to need to start masking this up.

If i want to race this weekend, but i got a set of decals for the original silk cut gt cars. Now they look a little different than this in shape, but its you know basically, this type of vehicle ish, and so i went ahead and got those and im gon na. Do the purple, yellow and white its mostly purple with some uh white sections and some yellow pinstriping? I may not have time or i may not want to put forth the effort into doing fine, yellow pinstriping well see um. You know it just depends on how much time i have and how much effort i want to put into a body thats going to get trashed. You know over the season anyway, but ill be using those stickers to dress it up and make it look as much as possible, like a real factory car and again ill make sure to give you guys the link. So you can check it out im, also using um a set of their decals for my formula, one body so ill ill. Go into that. I think what ill do is ill. Do a at least one standalone video outside of the build series that focuses on painting for you guys and uh thats what ill cover there and, as you can see, bitty design has our wing built into the uh to the body right here. So we just trim our wing out there and trim out the little end pieces for the wing attach those and bolt it down here onto these uprights ive had a couple of bitty design bodies and i like them.

I like the products they have heres. Another interesting item: this is a tool i picked up recently and im going to be using this along with a another tool to make sure that i am cutting my holes correctly to the right size for the wheels and tires um. This is a yeah racing product. Its about 12 um ill see if i can find a link to someone who carries it for you guys if uh, if youre interested in finding that um so uh. What am i putting in this car um? You have to run a specific motor. You have to run the gravity: rc 21.5 turn spec motor to qualify to race in usgt, everyones running the same motor. You cant modify the motor or do any tinkering to its internals. So this helps kind of level out the playing field and give the average racer a decent or even the beginning. Racer a chance at being competitive everyones got to run a 2s battery and everyone has to run a speed control in blinky mode thats. Why? I got this guy here, uh again, ive just been sticking with hobby wing recently uh, because ive got so many of them. I hate having to buy programming boxes and they they make nice equipment. I just uh, you know cant resist and the price is right. Um. This is about a 45 or 50 esc thats, one of the things that makes usgt so attractive. Just like vta, a lot of the costs are minimized.

You cant buy a fancy motor. You, you buy the 80 gravity motor that everyone else runs and thats that um. Likewise tires youve got to run uh, you know the usgt approved tires. They have a a little bit of tread on them, as you can see, but not very much its mostly a slick surface. It feels like a nice soft rubber and i got a a good servo. I got a very fast reefs servo, its the 299 lp, its a high voltage, brushless and uh. The the speed on these is ridiculous. I think it was like .05 seconds um and for a you know, a class that you know involves a lot of quick turning and stuff. I thought it would be always good to have uh the fastest server. I could lay my hands on um, aside from the uh, the top deck in the thinner carbon um. The only other things i have bought for this car are a few extra pairs of springs. Ive got a couple more pairs on the way um and i think ive got a total of four different sway bar thicknesses um, including the uh, not including the original ones that come with so ill, have about six sway bars to play with um. I picked uh softer ones for the rear for the front. I went one up from stock and one down from stock and im leaving it at that. That should keep me busy for tuning for the environments im going to be driving in and a receiver of course and thats it thats all.

I need to finish this off um. You know, even though its a it is an expensive kit. If i was building this on a three racing chassis, even if id gone with the the high end one at 250, this would be a very inexpensive project to get started. In i mean you know, youve got to get a body, okay, say thirty dollars, but you know fifty dollars for this um you. If you went with a uh, a lower cost, servo um, you know, got ta got something: thats got some speed to it, but you know werent going for you know a high end name like the reefs um. You could probably put the whole car together for under 500., easily and um because of the way uh x. Ray has set up this their new uh, the new t4 most of the tuning is uh, involves more or less screws used to attach certain pieces and uh. Just like on the formula one, if youve watched my video um theres a tremendous amount of tuning potential thats just built into the car, you you loosen the screw and you move this piece, you know up or down, and you get a major change to handling um. Instead of five screws, you put in three screws and you get a much more pliable, you know softer setup. You want to tighten it down to run on carpet uh you put in all five screws, and you know that that piece stiffens up the chassis and gives you a tighter uh car.

You know the theres very little that you need to buy. In addition to the kit itself, there isnt 101 tuning parts, because the car is designed in such a way that the tune the parts that are on the car are adjusted to give you tuning, as opposed to you, know like in the case of the top deck Going with a thicker, material or thinner material is the only way you could. You know change that um, but there is a at least one point of contact on that that you can Music either not run a connection, have a loose connection or have a tight connection and give you three different levels of change. Um – and you saw a lot of that with the their um formula – one car – that you know you could run a set of brackets – they provide you uh with two out of three screws. You could run all three screws or you could leave the brackets off altogether and have a much softer setup and that that i just love about x, ray that theres, so much tuning available to you uh without having to buy extra parts um. So anyway, um lets get going on the assembly.