With the weirdest launch control that we’ve experienced they rev to one and a half, i think it’s good. Yes, it said: lodge horsepower and torque 472 horsepower ‘5 pound feet of torque from a naturally aspirated 5 liter, v8 downshift and pinging it off the limiter and carpet ceramic brakes and we’re at toronto motorsport park car. You got to do a few launches and laps. Okay. Here we go: are you gon na drift this, or are you gon na try and manhandle this i’m? A fast i’m gon na go fast, okay, okay, but it kind of drifts anyways. It really wants to step out all the time and for a rear wheel, drive track car. This thing is so fun it’s very challenging, but when you get it right, it’s so rewarding yeah, this does feel like a heavy car, but it is definitely fun to drive. But drift requires pretty full commit yeah. You have committed because it’s hard, because you have to fully fully commit because if you go, half commit it’ll kind of understeer, mid corner and then you’ve got to catch it again. I think that was that weird traction light thing that came on. Let me try it again at that cliff slide corner okay, so now we’re going to go for a little bit of drifty drift, a lot bit of drifty drift like a hot knife through butter. I feel like there’s, like no fade at all from this like track package, a little sloppy on the exit, it’s hurting my neck.

Okay and then we just got ta, go through three slide corner and then we’re gon na go back on the road and talk about this whole car edge to edge all right. All right leave me some tires: yeah yeah, okay. So what is the rcf track? Edition? We’Ve driven an rc350 f sport before, but this is something completely different before i explain that i’m just gon na put this into normal mode, because i cannot stand the suspension on the roads. Really you don’t, like it. Oh it’s, so stiff uh. I guess maybe i think i have a higher tolerance for stiff suspension, yeah but see the thing is with suspension, you can set it so stiff and you can be all badass, but the thing is you’re not actually putting power down because it’s so stiff that the Wheels are bouncing all over the place, so it’s actually better, and you put more power down to put some cars into comfort and lighter modes, but in the argument for baddestness, if you put it into individual mode, you don’t get the sport s plus tag correct, but The individual mode saves this car because you can have the power and then you can also have the comfort okay, but i have been just as happy in the sport s plus mode, but i am a little not as in tune with suspension, stiffness and settings as You are yeah. We could just replay me bouncing look at this on the track, because that’s all i felt and and lateral g forces – yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, so the car.

So this is the track package. On top of the rcf it’s a very expensive option. It does give you a bunch of cool things. Save some weight it’s meant to be on the track, but you can still definitely daily this as long as you put into normal, because we also have the adaptive suspension, it’s, really really good and how many of these are in canada. Okay, so i reached out to lexus canada. Apparently there are four in canada for 2021 and two of them have already been sold so there’s only two left. I would highly recommend if you got money – and you like lexus, get one of this, because this is actually one of my favorite cars of the year already. The thing is it’s a lot of money and i don’t know if the value is there. However, i think lexus makes some of the best used cars on the market, because this is going to be so desirable in like five years when everyone’s, not comparing it to like an m3 and m4, and they just want a reliable car that’s. Also quick and cool. This is that, but we did compare to an m3 manual because that’s what we have this week, we did have an m4 automatic earlier, but we did a drag race and stuff. This is kind of a tiny bit slower, but almost the same speed yeah their horsepowers are basically the same it’s very comparable. So definitely watch that comparison, video and, if it’s not out yet maybe subscribe.

So you see it when it does come out. Oh that video’s out first, let me subscribe anyway subscribe anyways, so can i talk about the looks go for it? This thing looks like an rcf. Okay. Before you get to all the looks, i just want to explain what the track package does, because it also is part of the looks okay. So we have a carbon fiber hood yeah. We have a carbon fiber roof and it looks very carbon fiber. We have a carbon fiber wing with a carbon fiber f in a different pattern in it. That gets triple extra bonus points because that’s actually in the weave. We also have a carbon fiber lip kit all the way around this car, and then we also have carbon ceramic brakes yeah, but the calipers are still red. It just says it like. I wish they picked a different color like i guess, almost every other manufacturer does for the calipers. I get that and then we also have these bbs wheels, which look amazing and that’s pretty much it with the with the looks for the track package looks wise, yes, but we do get some other stuff which we’ll get to in a second like the diff. Yes and the exhaust and stuff okay looks wise. That wing sticks out like a sore thumb. I love it. It is so cool it is fixed. You can adjust it, but it makes this thing look completely different and that carbon fiber hood and roof pop so hard.

The front end has the newer style, lexus headlights, so they’re all kind of integrated, not like the old rc 350f sport that we drove way way late long time ago, yeah. This looks better than that, and i think the is of this generation actually looks better than the rc of this generation in the front and then from the side. We’Ve got really big, fender flares everywhere the body lines go in and out. They did an amazing job and we have this in a dark gray which makes the carbon fiber not pop out as much, but you can get it in a white which makes it look very like tuner car. Well, i wouldn’t say you can get it. It depends how somebody already spec the four models that came to canada and then donut media did an awesome video last year, where they had a matte one. If i was to spec one of these out, i would go matt no question. You could just get a matte wrap over top of this gray like a matte, clear, and then these wheels don’t, they kind of feel a little small like the shape is just a little smaller than you think they should be. I feel like they’re one size down from where they should be just because the body kit and everything is so big and the fact that this has like a shiny lip that makes the wheels also look a little smaller yeah.

I feel like we’re, spoiled from the fitment of the rs6 avant watch, that review with the e60s wagon. But what would be the continental recommended tire for the rcf track edition the xtreme contact sport and then how about our exhaust tips? Okay, so they are real. First of all, so let’s get that out of the way shout out alexis for doing that, because i had an isf. They were not exactly real at the time, so they have made them real in the rcf generation. However, but for the year of your isf, that was pretty cool, but this is like what it should be, and these are titanium for weight savings as well. I don’t really know if it changes the sound too much so let’s take a listen to the outside. So there is a crossover at around 5000 rpm, where it makes it a little bit louder. I think it’s around 3500, but go for it didn’t hear at that time. Okay! Well, you can hear it when it’s parked and you rev. So we just heard that from the exhaust from the outside overall looks wise. Do you think this looks better than a new m4 in green uh? Yes, because the m4 is disgusting, and i mean they both have the same size grilles almost at this point, but this definitely looks better. I think this looks better i’m. So much more excited to see this like in my driveway and everything, but if there was a m4 gts version of this gem like there was the last gen.

I think that would out coolness this or at least equal coolness this. I think it would equal it, but at the same time we’ve got a five liter. Naturally, aspirated v8 that’s also bonus points for this, and it does sound kind of pumped in. I think you said that’s like an intake or something yeah. So there is a secondary intake opening, but it is kind of pumped in as well so there’s a lot going on with the sound, and i think it sounds really good from inside the cabinet. It’S, not bad and we couldn’t find any switch to like adjust it. Like we did in that is 350. yeah, which totally sucked at cayuga yeah all wheel drive. This is what those cars should be. Yes, rear, wheel, drive, eight speed, auto like this is next level nice and then looks wise this compared to that last c63s. We drove. I oh man, that’s tough. This is better it’s got the wing yeah. Maybe that was a black edition or whatever black series exactly that’s, so classy in comparison to this and this against a mach 1 mustang, which we have a review of coming out. Ooh, i don’t know maybe that’s already out too, but i think this still looks kind of crazier. This is my jam. I did not like lexus’s until the lc500 and this car, the lc500 still for me compared to this car. I think i would still go lc. 500, this or gsf ooh.

I really like the gsf i feel like the gsf, is more predictable to drive to drift and it’s a little bit bigger. Oh, i mean this. Ah, it looks wise me too. All right with all that looks my stuff out of the way time to get you behind the wheel. Some launches some sliding some fastness and then we’re gon na talk about the interior and i guess a bunch of other stuff, yeah and i’ll start by explaining this weird launch control to get into launch control. You have to be in drive, you have to be in sport plus you have to press or hold the traction i’m going to hold it this time, because yuri didn’t last time, which put him into expert mode i’m going to leave it off. Then i press the launch control button now it says launch, but if you press it too hard, you just do a burnout like the breaking gas. Yes, so i’m going to try and feather this i’m going to do my best and we’ll see what happens. Okay, here we go i’m still in drive, but it’s pinging off so that’s launch. Well, no, because the launch went away while driving man there’s. So many weird things going on, we don’t know what’s going on in this it’s a bad launch control. Just don’t worry about it. You’Re gon na peel out have fun, but if you can get a good one, you can do zero to sixty in about four seconds.

How is it through turn? One okay turn one. It feels totally fine i’m, not pushing it too hard. Yet but i will push in the next corner: do you wan na change your drive mode? No, i definitely don’t i’m going to leave it into sport plus just for now just to see what’s in the suspension. I’M. Just scared it’s going to change my traction. I don’t trust it. Okay, so let’s see oh it’s, so stiff yeah. It really is okay, let’s see a little bit of fun. Drifty drift and uh yup it’s so hard to get like controllable exits with this car, but it’s so easy to initiate the drift. But when you get a good one, it’s so rewarding, and even when you’re trying to go fast, you accidentally drift and correct yourself it’s, so so fun yeah. It is really really fun, but i mean at a track day. You don’t want to be doing what i’m doing right now there that was pretty smooth but look there’s. Some footage of me chasing you down in this m3 and i was in this car and you see i come through skid a little bit, but still keep going straight fast, yeah and it’s fun for that yeah for sure it’s. Definitely not easy. No it’s definitely not easy, which i mean that is part of the fun okay cliche slide corner let’s get a nice one here, perfect nailed it all right back just get on the road.

All right save some tires for the rest of this video. So it is fast through the corners, though yeah it is pretty fast, but it just wants to slide all the time we do not have the torque vectoring differential. We have a regular limited slip differential, which was part of the design because they wanted it to have a more mechanical, predictable feeling, which it really does have oh yeah, it’s, 10 out of 10 predictability, but also well, i wouldn’t say: 10 out of 10, because it’s It’S predictability: predictively going to be difficult to control. Okay, you know what i mean like yeah because mid corner it just wants to understeer. You can catch it, but you have to be aware of that and then that’s when you have to do that, full commit it’s. Probably like one of the most fun cars, though well to take on track, it’s it’s, definitely fun. I wouldn’t say the most fun, i would say it’s fun because of the challenge, but okay most fun. I would have more fun easier in the m3 okay, but other cars we’ve, driven on track, like the gt2 rs, the gt3 metal that, but that wasn’t, like we couldn’t push it to the limit. This we could yes, civic type, r and stuff. We were going like pretty fast, but front wheel, drive just isn’t the same same with the veloster end right, but this car would be hard to drive fast because you’re always sliding yeah but that’s.

Why you have to get better it’s cool, it’s, very cool. You do have to have a lot of throttle control. You can’t just be like a total animal. With this, like you, can’t just pin it out of every corner. You got to have a little bit of patience and stuff a little bit yeah. Well, if you don’t want to slide okay, what do you want to talk about next? Okay, so we got the handling out of the way. The one thing that i did notice is that the steering is actually quite heavy, it’s it’s, fine, but it’s – definitely heavy so i’m, just going to put myself back into normal mode. It feels good to me: it’s got custom mode. If it’s got that 370z, the m2cs kind of vibe, where i feel like this is me i’m connected to the car, i would say closer to 350 370z. I just feel connected to the car from the moment i got in here the moment i sat in these comfy seats. It was like this is me see and i feel like i’m, more connected to the lc 500, the gsf and my old isf than i am to this particular car. For some reason, like this kind of feels, like it’s, doing a lot of weird things, and i have to figure out what it’s doing, whereas those cars i could easily figure it out, and the car kind of helped me this i’m working on the car, like the Lc 500 launch control is super easy shift.

This automatically shifts you from first to second, even if you have traction control all the way off, yeah and then it’ll ping off the limiter. Second, third, but it’s not like that same cool fun, one as the lc500, but this revs out like super far like seven and a half thousand rpm. I think let’s downshift this eight speed and get it into the right holy still downshifting. Okay, here we go. That sounds good yeah that’s, pretty that’s, pretty high revving. It sounds great in here. It sounds great from the outside it’s like really punchy. Yes, so let’s get into what you said earlier about the transmission so flooring it when you’re just cruising i’m in normal. My traction is now on i’m just going to floor. It seems to be downshifting today for some reason: it’s getting into the right gear yeah, sometimes on the highway we’ve caught it you florida it’s like like it, it downshifts first and then downshifts again, yeah so giving it some throttle it’s kind of weird. Well, we can’t do it right now. We’Ve definitely both had that experience on the highway daily driving this for a week yeah, but i don’t mind it. It definitely makes the car feel old. I mean the whole car has a very old school vibe, but there’s one of those cars that makes me want to drive with the paddles. Unlike the rs6 and unlike pretty much everything from that is 350 all wheel drive sport, which i hated 100, so let’s get into these drive modes because they also change your gauge cluster.

So we have eco normal custom and then we also have sport and sport. S plus, i actually like sport because of the gauge cluster, but then i want to be in sport s plus, but then i also want to be in custom because i, like the softer suspension sport s plus deal with the suspension for the cool gauges eco gauges, Are weird, like i’m, like i’m, trying to save fuel i’m like ah like this? This gauge? Is these gauges aren’t worth the fuel savings to me, but the coolest gauge is how small the speedometer is it doesn’t matter, yeah cause it just. This looks like a watch to me almost like. We have to put it there, but you got a digital one. It’S just tack, gear, speedo, it’s, perfect, perfect layout and, unlike the is this gauge, cluster doesn’t, actually move to the side: weight savings. Okay, maybe so this does have some weight savings. It actually saves 176 pounds over the regular rcf and they do that by giving the titanium exhaust and kind of funny things in here like deleting the heated and cooled seats, it’s got a wing and it says track in the name of the car. So it is race car yeah i mean i would like some heated and cooled seats, but these seats are so comfortable. This is like a very nice clothy, breathable material and it’s red. We got lots of red in here. I love this.

We also have red and black mixed carbon. It looks so cool in the sun. Yeah it’s got some gray in it too. It looks like they uh put glossy stuff over an old lawn chair. You know those full that ones. Oh yeah. I know what you mean, but yeah this. This is 10 out of 10 for ingenuity for carbon fiber stuff, like lexus just kills interior. Yes, i mean my old isf also had this whitish silverish carbon fiber visors yeah toyota’s usually failed, but this is a lexus. Three. Two one: yes good job, okay, that’s, awesome and then cup holders perfectly fine. We’Ve got a touchpad thing to control the infotainment. It hasn’t been updated like some of the newer ones where they like tack it forward, because this is not a touch screen and yuri. How much has this been bothering you at zero, because this car’s so sick exactly you just end up drifting sliding who cares about the infotainment, but we also have android, auto and apple carplay in here, so it saves the infotainment anyways and then we have a bunch Of hard buttons for the climate, everything is really comfortable to get to you kind of rest, your palm on the shifter and just kind of press, the buttons yeah it’s okay, but this car makes up for everything, that’s weird about it and like old, lexus stuff that I don’t, like we, have clock that’s cool because luxury yeah it’s carbon fiber to save weight, okay, back seat room, i fit behind myself, just at five foot, eight and a half, and i don’t so i’m not going to bother yeah and then other interior things.

We actually have red carpeting. How sick is that the red carpet is so nice, yeah that’s, so weird haven’t had red carpeting since that buick, oh, my god, uh reverse camera in here very decent resolution. It makes it not difficult to park at all yeah but it’s, like kind of small and stuff it’s, not the best it works. We have lane, keep assist and radar crews, but it’s not like really good lane, keep assist but it’s race car. So the fact that anything’s pretty wild and the adaptive cruise only goes down to 40 kilometers an hour so it’s kind of useless. At the same time, yeah it’s like only good on high speed, highway stuff, but whatever yeah. So we said this is very rare. There’S only four of them in canada this year, two of them are spoken for what is the price and what is the price compared to the non track edition? Oh boy? Okay, so the regular rcf starts at 85, 000, canadian. That seems kind of fair yeah yeah. This one is 120, 000 okay, so this has carbon ceramic brakes, which are generally 10 to 15 000 as an add on onto cars, that’s right and then all the rest of the stuff it’s low edition. I kind of don’t mind the price because, like who cares? They’Re doing cool stuff and people are kind of buying it yeah and even though it’s a track edition is it supposed to be lighter weight? There are some weight savings.

It doesn’t really feel like that. This still feels like a really big heavy car. It is a really nice car, it’s, really cool, but it’s a lot of money to get less performance value than a comparable m4 for less. I think this is a car for lexus hardcore people. So if you have an ls, 500 you’re, probably going to buy one of these for fun to be lexus, gang yeah or the is 500 or an lfa. This would be like your daily if you had an lfa okay, but then, if you wanted this car, but you can’t afford it it’s too much money, but you really want it. You’Re, probably never going to get one used. I think you should just wide body a brz, yeah and that’s as close as you can just wide body or rcf, like my buddy paul did. He did one of the first ones when the rcf came out, yeah that’s, so good that’s. His definitely looked better than this, and it also sounded better because he straight piped the whole thing.