I am really excited to take it out of the box and check on it. It is a big giant truck, as you can see, it goes in both water and on land, which is really cool, it’s, radio, controlled it even has shocks, and it says that the um batteries will last 40 minutes so that we’re going to test and see how They really do, but i am really excited to get this out of the box and check it out, get the box off. First, it does come with a remote. I mean an instruction manual, it shows the truck, it shows the um controller. It shows that you’re going to need two double a batteries, for the controller that are not included, gives you some precautions for charging. It says to charge at least eight hours for the first two times and then after that, five to six hours every time you charge it suggested, uses problem solutions. So anything you know you might want to know is going to be in this, so you definitely need to keep that now. We need to figure out how to get this out because, as you can see, it has tape and staples all the way around. So i need to get a pair of scissors and work on getting this off, so i cut open the box somewhat so that we could get the truck out without damaging it, because i would be the last thing i’d want to do is damage the truck um We’Ll, look at the truck more in a second.

I want to get the the remote out as well. It is um got this. You know these. I don’t know what you call these, not bread ties but these bands. So i need to get that out and i also need to find the battery Music and get that out, so everything is removed from the box, so this is the the remote that we will use to operate it there right here is where we’re going to put The batteries, but we do have to have a screwdriver to open that this is the button it’s on the off position. This would be the on position and we are going to move this forward and backwards to control it as well as the wheel. This is the battery that will go inside of the truck it nothing else. It is securely wrapped in in plastic and goes right here. This part plugs in and you can see that it is a usb cord and it has a usb cable. You are going to charge this with a usb cord instead of a normal cable which is going to be really nice, because you’re not gon na, have to have a special plug or anything, and it actually has two. So if you lose one you’re, okay, because you still have one set this all to the side a little bit, so we can sit this truck and look at it. It’S got a nice soft body um, it does say notice.

There is a practices protective film over the shell that we need to take off i’m, going to let my husband do that, because he him and my son is one that wanted this truck. So you can see the seats inside and there’s, actually even a person right in the middle. If you look closely look at the coolness, you can see the shocks down here. Look at the truck in that end, if you want, you can see it as well. I mean it’s really really is a nice truck it’s a big truck too see. If i can get my little ruler out and see it is oops, it is, you know around 20 inches that way, and about 12 inches that way and about 10 inches or so tall.