Wow look at this look at this beautiful tank. It is 112 scale. It has gold wings that open and closes freely and easily front lights, rear lights and highlights continuous spring up to eight minutes. 360 degree rotation on the spot, speed can be adjusted at will it’s perfect for all turn, it’s perfect for all terrain. You can drive 80 meters away from you. You get two batteries allowing for 22 minutes continuous driving each for a total of approximately 44 minutes. Total batteries charge in just three and a half hours, and this beast of a tank can crawl up 45 degree angles with its sleek style and its aggressive look it’s sure to make all the other rc cars and trucks and tanks of the world run in fear. Because when this tank pulls up, nothing compares to it the performance, the speed, the style, the agility. The looks and sounds of this will shake the ground beneath its tracks. So the controller takes batteries right in here and for under the tank for this guy. He would go right in here, so you take a screwdriver and you turn that off – and this says press on and off to turn it on and off so let’s head over. Here to the gas tank that you see in the back right here, so all you do is you give a little wiggle and it comes out – and this is where you put water inside, so you fill that up.

Go ahead! Put a little cap back on and you’re good to go all right. So to turn it on. What you want to do is go ahead and turn the power of your controller on and then go ahead and turn this upside down and press and hold the power button Music and there you go if there’s a loud pitch a loud hum, sound coming from your Vehicle what you want to do for that scenario is then just simply keep this turned on, but turn off your controller for about five seconds and then turn it back on and the sound should go away. The loud pitch, sound, so let’s show you guys. The smoke feature it’s pretty awesome. Now to get that feature, you need to make sure you put water down in the tank as we showed you in the beginning. Applause by the way you controlled your speed by the trigger so pulling it lighter and softer. So, as you can see here, we’re going to crawl by pressing just lightly Applause, and then you push up for reverse and you just lightly press up if you want to go slow or fast, uh, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, oh Music, Applause and, of course, different Terrain no problem for this, so these are rocky and wood chips; Music, hey Applause, so a bunch of branches and stuff Applause.