It took 18 days to get here and i am so fed up with these moc bullcrap builds. This is supposed to be a real rc jeep that is supposed to perform and we’re gon na find out if that’s, true or not. So these are more fake legos from china. As you can see, this one comes in two boxes, all right, so the box is a little screwed up from shipping, and would you look at the size of that freaking wheel and tire that’s huge, so we have part one and two for the instruction manuals. They seem to be fine. These bigger instruction books are always better than the small ones so for the power functions it looks like we got the rechargeable battery. This one feels heavier than the forklift one that’s, the cable to charge it remote. You got one large motor. Two large motors three large motors led lights, extensions and a servo for the steering all right. The only thing that sucks is the bags do not appear to be numbered in any way so we’re going to have to make that old fashioned brick soup going to get this on the charger. So that is truly my biggest fear that those motors are not enough, and this is just going to be a big slow turd. Hopefully it works out great let’s. Do a quick review on the quality of the parts, so everything feels fine. The colors look consistent. Look good all right, so everything seems to look okay, i’m gon na go ahead and build on the first section, not sure exactly what it is right there.

I guess and then we’ll give a little update. So i went ahead and built the complete chassis and you can see we’re on page ‘., so this build is truly bittersweet, it’s, fun and interesting, and then you’re just kind of just adding to this. And this and this and you really don’t, know what you’re doing or what’s really going on. This is more of an advanced set. I would say for about maybe a 13 or 14 year old it’s got a lot of stuff. That is super super easy to miss. There’S gon na be color issues with the gray and dark gray. There were a couple of pieces. I had to go back and search through the instructions and figure out. What did i get wrong, but it was nothing major, but it starts making you freak out whenever you need two light grays and you think you’re missing parts and stuff like that, but you just go back and find them black is supposed to be outlined in white. Like that – and that is a black part – and then you have your light and dark gray anyway, it’s gon na get confusing, but so far we’re not missing any pieces. So let’s talk about those chassis, so we got front axle, rear axle four linked and they are powered by a large motor for each axle. I do not think that’s enough and i’m hoping this thing is not going to be a slow turd.

That is my worst fear. So all these fake legos from china have all been disappointments. So far, it’s all looks flashy, but then, whenever you actually buy the model and play with it, you are hugely disappointed. Like i said, we got one large motor for each axle appears to have one motor here for the lockers. As you can see, we have a little clutch piece to go in there and the locker simply just makes both wheels turn at the same time if the lockers are not engaged, as they are now it’s, just an open, differential and that’s how jeeps are well, the Rubicons do have lockers on them, but a factory jeep is just going to have an open diff on the front and rear axle, and then the rubicons will have either pneumatic or electronic lockers. So this is a mechanical locker and i’ve already tested them out and they work very very well. So the only problems i’m having so far are with the servo. When you make a left turn, it seems to want to stick instead of bouncing back in place, but i do have other servos in case this one is bad, so i guess kata makes its own motors makes its own parts makes its own everything, and it is A straight up, ripoff of lego: they try to change the style of some parts i’m, not sure. If that is for structural reasons or not another problem i’m. Seeing is these springs are way way way too.

Tough. These axles are not going to articulate. This springs are just too strong, it’s just going to bounce the model around. Let me go ahead and continue building on this. I may finish it up. I’M, not sure, but the main thing we need to do is test the motors and see. If this thing is a slow, sluggish, turd and a disappointment like, i am predicting it’s gon na be so let me go ahead and get some more done all right. Well, i’m, several hours in probably seven or eight hours in i’ve been taking my time on it. We completed book one now we’re moving on to book two to start on the jeep body. The chassis is 100 complete. We got some of the interior. As you can see, the seats seem to be moved back a whole bunch, so normal jeep seats should be about right here. Yeah, i mean it kind of gives you an idea how to wire it up, but you still got to do some guessing it’s going to get the batteries in here. So the controls and everything are very responsive. You just push the button it’s going to turn it on and let’s go ahead and look at the problems we’re having with the servo and the design of the jeep. So it seems to want to skip so you kind of got ta reset it like that. We can lift up on it, set it back in the middle let’s, see the servo.

It turns fine that way, but when we turn the other way it does that crap already. So we can do it again. That side works fine, it gets stuck. That is a huge freaking fail. Man see we tap it again. We just do it a little bit. It works, but let’s say we’re turning it gets uh, oh and skipped a tooth yep. It skipped a tooth, so we got to reset. It works good. That way and it’s stuck again to me, this is just a piece of crap it’s brand new, the servo’s already screwed up i’m, just getting so tired of these mlc’s. Every single moc fake lego from china seems to have a flaw with it. A major flaw like the servo man, this what the frick this is brand new. Why doesn’t it work let’s see how slow this thing is. Look at this. What in the world it is so freaking slow, but it is a crawler and it does have some torque we’re going to demonstrate it crawling around in a little bit, but this god dang it man that just burns my biscuits so much there’s, nothing that we can Do about it! The servo is just a piece of crap and we already need a new one and the lockers work very good unlocked locked. They seem to work really really good. Let’S check this server. One more time works good. That way works good. There we go stuck piece of crap servo.

I do have a few other ones, but totally unacceptable let’s just say i bought this for the first time, servos stuck. That is just garbage anyway, i’m, going to go ahead and finish this jeep up and then we’ll do some testing around with some obstacles and let you really know what to expect from this model. We have the remote built just like the instructions. I went ahead and put the stickers on the jeep. Now let’s do the review, so i don’t know what’s going on in the brick community, but it seems like lying and bullshitting is super popular there’s, a channel right now, where the guy literally reviews sets that he’s. Never owned, he never will own he’s never touched. He steals footage from other channels and reviews the stuff and people just seem to love this. I don’t understand why lying is so popular in 2021 people just love being fed i’m, not trying to compete with any brick channels, or anything like that. I am just into this and i’m doing my own thing and i’m, giving you an honest review. So the jeep is done and the first thing you’re gon na notice, it’s big, look at it compared to my hands, it’s, a huge jeep, and what year is this well i’m, going to assume it is based on a jl which is 2018 and up just because Of these marker lights and the style of the bumpers, so the bumpers are just basic and factory appearing, which gives you a lot of room to customize.

So as far as the flares, they just look super boring a little effort put into them. The back bumper is weak and the tailgate does not open up, and the lights, like, i said, appear to look like jl lights, so one major thing they got wrong was the row bars are too low, they should be another dot or peg higher. The jeeps tops kind of set up high, especially on a two door, maybe even two pegs higher. I do like how they did the back of the jeep, how they did that curve right there. I think they did a real good job with this jeep body. The hood on it does not open, but it definitely looks like a jeep and it looks pretty good you can see. We got some windshield wipers, it’s, always nice to have touches added like that. The dash, as you can see, along with the interior, is actually pretty cool. It’S got the two tone seats and they kind of retract a little bit. I really really like these seats, i’ll – probably be stealing them for my jeep project. This is a dummy e brake lever. Dummy steering, wheel, does have tilt that’s, pretty cool and a double den style radio, which is what they have on the coolest thing about. This jeep has to be the door design. I don’t know how they came up with this i’ve, never seen this on lego or any mocs, but it actually uses a little shock absorber right there and they snap and open very, very cool it’s, almost like power assist when you open them and when you close Them the doors do look correct for the current jl model, jeep, nothing bad to say about them and jeep mirrors.

All that appears to look really good as far as the back they have. This tonneau cover jeeps do not have that, but in this situation it’s to cover up the battery and you open it up to charge it, i really am satisfied with these batteries. They seem to charge pretty quick and work very, very well so i’m, not a big rc guy, and i don’t really know all about this, but instead of using that little infrared transmitter, which i do not like, i actually freaking hate it. This is just like a current remote control, car rc car, and it uses that 2.4 gigahertz to send a signal there and it just works flawlessly. So we’ve had the jeep on the charger for a while. All you do is push this button right. There turn the battery on and go ahead and lock the tonneau cover, and this is how i wanted the remote set up. The servo still sticking anyway we’re gon na go ahead and test it out. We got a little obstacle right. There it’s just a box of flooring, we’re gon na see if this thing can go over it all right, so we got a box of flooring right there it’s our obstacle. You always want to hit it at an angle. You can see how slow the jeep is. It’S actually kind of annoying but crawlers are geared down let’s see if we can go up actually did go up, it’s a little impressive, not that bad let’s see if that servo is sticking – and it still is, that is super annoying.

So we have the lockers disengage. Now let’s see if we can make it up this obstacle with the lockers disengage, the jeep is going to run a little bit easier, but can it make it up something like that? No, it will not. We have to engage the lockers now with all four wheels. Locked we should be able to crawl up this obstacle, it’s, actually not that bad. This is about 110 to 130 dollar crawler, and you can see it’s pretty much a joke. It cannot even make it over this obstacle right here, i’m hitting it at the angles seems like the battery wants to die. Now we don’t have no power. So now we got a level let’s hope that we can at least make it over this thing right here. Barely made it over that, try one more attempt. We kind of got up it a little bit so don’t hate me for giving unbiased reviews. This jeep is a turd. It is a disappointment, it looks cool the controls work great, but it just doesn’t have enough power. Okay and honestly, it’s not even fun, to play with it’s just too slow, it’s too heavy i’m, not gon na send this one to the junkyard. As you can see, it has the stickers on it i’m, just going to put this on the shelf and use it as a model as i build and create my own jeep, this one it’s got a lot of parts and it does have motor functions that do Work pretty good, i would say, for a hundred and ten dollars, it’s acceptable but, like i said, you’re gon na be disappointed playing with this thing: it’s: zero fun.