I think it’s a land rover, land cruiser i’m, not sure so if they even slightly pass the test and i’m somewhat happy with them, they remain models and go in my daughter’s room for right now and if they don’t, which i have three models so far – that Just i absolutely hate it straight to the junkyard. When i get enough pieces, we’re gon na actually start building my own custom mocs, hopefully by then the house will start to get together a little bit better. As you know, i’m restoring this house built in 1946. So everything is kind of screwed up and under construction, so this was 49 from aliexpress got here in about two weeks 533 pieces and we have kata here i was not impressed with the red cottage jeep just because it was too slow, but the jeep was a Nice build as you can see, this looks cool. This one has its own rc, chassis and that’s. Why i bought it because i wanted to review it and let you know what to expect. As you can see, this is the most complete looking now. They do have other rc models for around 50 dollars, but they have a very light small body on them, and my experience with lego, when i was young, is if the body is too simple on there. The build pretty much sucks, in other words, imagine a go kart. It just had some roll bars and a steering wheel, some suspension, it’s too basic and it’s, not really fun.

It leaves you just wanting more. The instructions. Look. Okay, the book is not too small. We have some stickers, okay, so it’s a land rover defender. It did not say anything about what it was in. The description on aliexpress, like i said for 50 let’s, go ahead and check this out, so it’s actually kind of big. It could possibly be mixed with another model, it’s kind of cool so far. Hopefully this thing is not a slow turn and disappointing. I kind of like this because basically you can build whatever kind of body you want and whenever i start creating my mocs i’m going to develop a chassis that i’m going to share on youtube: how to build it, we’re going to use the most powerful motors possible. So you can see the size of the tires. These are very cool, wheels and tires. I like those and look at the size of this chassis, so this model is going to be a pretty decent size model, very, very excited, and just look at that. I doubt that i’m gon na send this to the junkyard let’s see what else is in here. Okay, so so far, kata has been good quality. I haven’t had any problems. The color are consistent and i have not had any missing bricks. So far now this remote looks a little weird like mickey mouse. Hopefully it all works out. It’S got a usb charger, i’m, not sure let’s open this thing up.

Oh, that is freaking cool 3.6 volts it’s, not very much, but i think that 400 is good. I’M. Not sure i don’t know nothing about rc stuff, but i think that’s just a freaking cordless phone battery i’m, not 100 sure it does have a little charger i’m, not sure how it’s gon na know it’s charged, maybe it’ll have a light on right there. Let me go ahead and hook this thing up all right, so i plugged it in where i charged my cell phone and some red lights came on that usb part. So hopefully they’ll turn green when it’s charged up let’s see what the requirements are for this mickey mouse control all right. Okay, so just two double a’s: we can use some rechargeable, so these are not buttons, just decoration, so i mean this thing literally just goes front and back left and right, that’s it but that’s all. We need right so let’s do a quick review on the quality. The color looks just fine, consistent let’s test. The snap snap is 100 good let’s check out some more pieces, so we got five wheels and tires. So we got the spare that’s, always very cool, so kata does not mark their bag. So we have to make a brick soup so it’s, actually pretty cool we’re, getting a bunch of white parts for the collection. The snap seems to be just fine, so i’m, not sure what this shock absorber is there for let’s.

Take one more look at the chassis, so it’s got the servo that you can kind of dial in to straighten it out. It is not four wheel drive, it seems like it has some type of suspension more like a straight axle. There is no articulation there and the front has no suspension, so this is probably going to be more like a toy for a baby, but if this thing has got some speed to it, you know what i am going to be very happy with it. That really seems to be the biggest problem. With these fake lego. Rc models, is they just don’t? Have the power or the speed, and they really leave you disappointed. So, as you can see, we’re gon na go ahead and just build a few stages. I’M, not sure and we’ll get an update here in a second all right, so about 30 minutes in the build is actually really fun, it’s a really big vehicle. Let me go ahead and get some more done all right, so two hours in the build you can see we’re getting the front end done. The hood opens it’s really cool, but the coolest thing about it. It’S a lot bigger than you think, that’s, a 28 ounce gatorade, you see it completely fits in the back of this thing so front end. Actually looking pretty good on this thing, let me go ahead and finish it up. So i got this thing built i’m gon na say it took me about three hours.

This is the perfect build it’s, not too many pieces, it doesn’t wear you out, it doesn’t start becoming redundant and boring, and would you look at how cool this model looks? So this is the perfect size model. We got an iphone 11 right here to scale it. I would say this is about a one to ten and a half or one to 11 scale. It seems just right under the 110 scale mark – and this is the perfect size – perfect weight. In my opinion, it’s actually really good looking model. The only weird thing is it has these little gaps on the fender flares. I have no idea, the doors are actually super cool, they have a latch and they spring open. So the red jeep had springs on the doors, and i really really like this idea see how they latch closed and they pop open, very, very cool. I love that, so we have no tail lights, no back bumper, and this is the lock for the rear door. I’M, not sure what they call that on a land rover, if it’s a hatch or just a door i’m, not sure but – and it actually seems to work very good – you see how that is going to latch it closed. The only thing the spare is not centered. I’M, not sure if that’s how land rover is or not. So it has this weird little gap right here on the roof panel i’m sure you can fill that with something.

The front end looks super nice. It does have red lights on the front that’s illegal here. In the united states i’m not sure if that’s, okay, where this comes from, and the hood that is actually super cool, look at all that room in there very cool. I actually like this little rc platform. When i start designing my mocs, i am going to design one platform and replicate it for all my models. So let’s go ahead and get this battery in there. I had it charging all night and we need to get a battery in the remote and we’re gon na. Do the final test to see if this thing is a turd or not one thing that’s a bit odd, it has the stickers, but nowhere in this book does it show you where they go and obviously looking at the model. There are no stickers on it. So that’s a little bit of a disappointment, so i had this charging for probably nine or ten hours and we’re just going to use some rechargeable batteries for the remote go ahead and get the batteries in there. So i can only get these batteries up to about 1.’ volts, which is enough for the remote, but not enough to run the motors so we’re going to switch that on so at 3.6. Volts. Is this going to be a dud, or is this going to be acceptable as long as it’s faster than the red cottage jeep? I think i’ll be okay with it, because the red cottage jeep was just a slow, turd, very, very disappointing.

All right, so let’s turn it on first thing: we’re going to check is the servo so left right. Okay, the servo appears to be working good. Remember on the red cottage jeep, it was getting stuck and actually got stuck to a point where we couldn’t even use this okay. So this one does have the little alignment adjustment you’re gon na tweak that in case when you’re going in a straight line, it trails to the left or right so that’s, pretty cool. So these mirrors seem to be getting out of adjustment on their own that’s kind of annoying. So now we’re testing the speed and controls – and this is the moment of truth. Does this thing pass the test for fifty dollars? Let’S see it is fast. This thing is so freaking cool. I love it. I love it wow. I don’t understand why this thing is so fast and the red cottage jeep at 110 to 140 i’ve seen it is a slow turn. This is freaking awesome, wow, i’m. Really happy. I swear. God is my witness. This is awesome. This is faster than my real rc crawler wow. Oh, this thing is adorable too. Oh, my god. I love this thing so much. I really do i’m gon na buy another one. I love it. I freaking love it wow. So there you go 49.99 from aliexpress. This thing is very fun to play with i love it. I am going to buy another one i’m gon na look around and see if they got that chassis with maybe a different model on top, but man.

This thing right here, very impressive: i promise you it is not a disappointment. I am i’m really happy, i’m really excited and i might end up ditching all those freaking power function, motors and just start running this chassis and shame on all you nasty, toxic trolls that come on my channel and get butt hurt, because i give something a bad Review and i’m not giving this thing a bad review. You know why because it’s not a piece of crap it’s, not a failure like the forklift. This is a win. 100 win. It looks like a defender, it performs so great, so i promise you this would make a very good gift for any young person, boy or girl. That has a mind or shows any type of interest in building, and you got the rc. You cannot go wrong with this for fifty dollars. You will never get nothing like this from lego. Keep in mind. These are fake legos from china kata. They say they make their own pieces and make them a little bit different, but they are straight rip off a lego. Totally interchangeable well that’s it for the video. If you enjoyed please like and subscribe, and thanks for watching see if it’ll do a burnout.