Have you seen enough on 2s yeah let’s stick a three selling. I got a nice big what’s up guys. Welcome to the channel on today’s. Video in here should be a one tenth scale, brushless short course truck from remo hobby now, i’ve had a remo hobby for quite some time. However, they are one of the better brands out there. This is just over 200, so it’s getting there on the well. I don’t want to say, affordable cause. I’Ll get showered out, i don’t wan na say cheap it’s, two hundred dollars, so i don’t know what we can compare it to anyway. You don’t know, look at this box i’m hoping that’s just packing materials in there and not bits of rc car anyway, let’s get it out of the box. Let’S have a good look at it. Let’S charge your battery and, of course, like on most of my videos. We’Ll, take it out for a run, so the ex 3 off road 4 drive short course truck. Now now, a couple of years ago, probably a couple years ago now, i reviewed the max which, at the time the traxxas max hadn’t come out like the little mini max, and this was pretty similar in size and stuff. It was definitely not like the um traxxas max, but this did come out some time ago, one temp scale very, very close, looking to the x max anyway, if it’s the same platform as that, then i know it’s going to be pretty good, because that max is Really good and some of the parts as well are compatible with the traxxas.

Slash from what i remember, but we’ll get out of the box in a minute. We’Ll have a look. Oil filled, shocks, uh, composite nylon, materials waterproof. It says hobby wing, brushless, esc. That will take 3s as well. If you might remember, brushless, motor i’m, pretty sure it’s, a 540 size or 3650 should come with a 2s lipo as well man. I know what that is in there it’s all the little silica gel pack, that’s obviously broken right. Nothing! Worse than balls, all over your work bench in the box, you get this massive transmitter. I don’t like the remo hori transmitters, the good thing about them is you can swap so if you’re left handed, you can then go back to a conventional side like that. That is a good feature, but they’re just massive then underneath you’ve got throttle, trim, steering, trim dual rates. You can turn your throttle up and down so you’ve got. You can slow it down. If you need to, and you’ve got your reverse switches there, you get some tools, you get some instructions, you get a little charger there. I don’t recommend these buy yourself a decent charger or at least buy yourself a better charger, and here is the truck it’s. Quite small, it looks um, you know how you get them. Cartoon pictures of cars that are like shrunk up that’s, what it looks like it’s, definitely quite small. It is one tenth scale. We need to look at them shocks because they are oil, but that is is pretty bouncy.

So these do come in red and blue it’s. Quite nice, graphics. On there the wheels have got some kind of weird, like hologram effect on them. It’S just a sticker and tires feel pretty good it’s a full size, real spare on the back there i don’t even see there look. It looks uh a bit squashed up, let’s, take the body off so i’m gon na look underneath 3302s30c lipo, and then this is it underneath so separate, um separately, sc receiver, that does look like it’s either an actual hobby ring or rebranded it’s, the 10bl50 it’s. A quite a common one for these more budget brands. I think it said it had like a say: six kilo or 10 kilo servo we’ll see how that performs. But it is a three wire servo hello, sorry about that right. Where, where are we so uh yeah, separate esc? I can’t remember what the survey, what size it was. It wasn’t very powerful though, and then it is a 36.50, so one uh 540 can which is good, so nice, big chunky, brushless on there big, thick metal, driveshaft or center shaft there and then uh, some quite familiar looking red driveshafts, i uh pretty sure the traxxas Drive shafts fit and the trucks just like the slash bottom arms fit as well has got oil shocks. They’Re not they’ve not got adjustable collars on front ones, don’t feel too bad rear ones, i’m, going to look at them before we take this out i’m going to just take a shot cap off, make sure they’ve got oil in and maybe change it because it’s a Bit bit rub: what was that a bit rubbish underneath? Oh look, it comes with its own bash bar, so plastic chassis has got that metal brace through the middle, which should help and stop any kind of bendage.

It might bend a little bit, it doesn’t look very thick, but depends how high you send it. I guess anyway, looking at that as well. You might be able to fit twin motors to it. Look it’s just got a blank there. You probably have to adapt a motor plate, but – and i presume that’s – for different models – it’s got from what i remember it has got metal and crown and pinion for the diff i’ll double check other than that not much more to say about it. Let’S get that battery charged. These do run 3s as well. So from what i remember on the max, it was a little bit underwhelming on 2s, but with a 3s in there it was a proper little beast anyway. Let’S see how fast this thing is. First, on 2s, i might put a 3s in and do a speedrunner. I might do another video but let’s charge the battery let’s. Take it out, let’s give it a good run, come on satellites. Where are you there? We go four come on. You can find more than four well there we are. Oh there we go. Eight right, let’s speed run it first i’d, like to see 25 30, maybe that’s what you’d expect from a 540 size brush. Well, this set up on 2a well. 30.. Okay, 20. dearly me remo hobby let’s, just check my jewel rate is all the way up. Yes, it is 2s bit underwhelming i’ll, be honest with ya.

Let’S have a look. What did i say? I said 30 we’re gon na go for 20. 20 mile an hour on the dot. Oh we’re sticking through it and wake it up later. But for now out of the box brushless 21 hour, hmm right so it’s, not the fastest thing at 20 mile an hour but let’s see how it goes with a little bit of bashing. So the shocks – oh, oh, hello, um, so the shocks had about they were probably a third full with oil, so i have stuck some 600 weight, oil, topped them up and they’re much better. Now this thing jumps nice as he nose. Dives it’s got that really short wheelbase. I just can’t get over how it looks, looks like a little squashed up, traxxas slash one of the comedy ones. It goes all right, though, just a bit nose heavy and not enough wheel, speed to um to correct it. Really. I thought with that 20 mile an hour speed. It was going to be a bit pants, but it’s actually not bad. It looks um. It looks faster than 20 when you’re running it on the grass. I don’t know. If you can see on the camera. The body it’s got like a really weird, i don’t know it’s it’s, as if the the exposure’s been like turned up on it, this isn’t very bright and ready. I thought it had like a plastic cover on it, but it hasn’t well, i don’t think it has anyway let’s talk about the price just over 200.

I think at the time of recording this video. Is it worth 200? I mean what else can you get for that i mean you could all easily say. Oh add another 100 and you get this um. Is that viable? If you had another 100 or in the uk a little bit less, you can get a team associated rival mt, which would run rings around this thing. But i cannot deny it’s all right. I think we’re going to stick a 3s in. Have you seen enough? On 2s yeah let’s stick a three selling i’ve got a nice big gens ace 5 500 milliamp hour 3s. To put in this let’s see if we can wake it up, big chunky, 5, 500 milliamp hour, 50c 3s hard case will fit in there nicely uh it doesn’t quite fit with that strap right. Um let’s find a solution for that. There we go quick field, repair, cable tie with the velcro strap pulled around it. That should hold it. I think we better speed test it and we see how much faster we got. Whoa get the old gps in it fits nicely just under there. Maybe now we’ll get our uh 30 mile an hour well it’s a bit of a bend. I should be able to do. It should be able to get flat. He says: let’s. Try that again right! That’S flat there we go, hmm it’s, still not it’s, still a bit underwhelming even on 3s.

I guess the kv of the uh. The motor is just too low. There we go 30 mile out. I got a good guess, didn’t. I 20 the first time 30. That time still, i think it could be more, but it is what it is all right. Let’S see if he’s got a bit more control now in the air. This is quite a big jump here, usually nope. There goes my gps. It just hasn’t got the wheel. Speed to control it kind of it is still fun, though i just don’t know whether i’d spend my money on this it’s fun, but i just don’t think it’s over two hundred dollars of fun. Oh dear well, anyways watching guys, i’ll see you next time.