Your tire is black yeah it’s black. All the weirdos are out here. This guy definitely likes Arrma kani one day. All of this will be yours all right. So today, we’re showing you guys a little bit behind the scene of what is happening before a run and what we do to prepare the car and we’re putting kani in the driver’s seat, we’re gon na start with throwing some wheels. You make sure that the diameter is exactly the same. That gives you a good indication that the blade is actually stable all right, so we made some wheels and let’s see the diameter and difference yeah, you see, so we lost since the last string with all those skids that we did in the last video when i Couldn’T keep it together, we lost a bunch. Obviously we changed the surface of the foam and we lost. I would say, good what two three millimeters huh at least yeah yeah, so the car is lower after that. This is something to think about when you set your ride height after one bad run. You’Re gon na have about three millimeter difference in height, and let me just uh show the other side and sorry. The camera is a little bit shaky today, guys we’re, trying to keep it very organic just so you guys can really see what happens before a run so uh those lasted exactly one time out that last video i made when i couldn’t, keep it together, since we Skid so much now we got some new wheels charged gps, we’re gon na charge.

The battery soon we’re gon na show you guys how and charge the remote charge. The gopro gopro is already ready in the case and we’re out of here, and this will be a prime opportunity to show you guys the ride height that we set. So we have a little bit of a nice angle here, still substantially low, but still something that uh allows a run and obviously we put bump stops and we still have a lot of room for i’m. Trying to put the angle squat we fixed stow. We fix our shocks in the front. We fix our situation in the back new wheels, which are about two to three millimeter higher and uh let’s charge some batteries so a little something about uh keeping your car and wheels always not touching the ground because it can give you some flat spots and warp. The plastic you can use if you don’t, have a fancy, schmancy stand, you can use yoga foam and the car just sits on it nicely, and this is actually something i got from one of my buddies here in orlando we’re charging two four s’s in series together, Because we’re lazy and we’re using i charger 12 volts battery trying to charge 34 volts it’s gon na take a lot more amps. So right now, we’re actually pulling uh 19.2 amps for those of you who are wondering – and it should be good enough 18.6 pounds and besides giving this little weird dog a heart attack.

I stopped for breakfast at my adopting puerto rican family, which was quite surreal to be honest because in my country we eat the dog and then we take the breakfast out all right. So kani is down the line. We’Re gon na try and get better footage for you guys, and hopefully it actually goes as planned. Remote is on gps got satellite 12 satellites track start i’m gon na have to redo it, no it’s. Just so powerful man stop read 149. Now we just can’t, keep the car together. Just can’t keep it together. We have to understand what the hell is going on here: yeah we’re yeah, so this is another set gone. This is a brand new set that we just lost there’s, just really too much power. Here, i’m, just trying to see what the hell is happening, the setup seems: okay, oh, we lost front diff that’s. Why so? That was 150 on two wheel: drive rear wheel, drive 150 or 149 just trying to see exactly what happened here. Uh looks like yeah. We snapped the front, drive shaft, pins, okay, so we’re starting to really understand what is happening here. So we have our drive, shaft and uh when we’re running the car it started happening with my uh 20 horsepower uh infraction gt that i did 167 miles an hour with and it started happening, but now it’s even more prominent. So we have a 30 horsepower car, which really is a 30 horsepower car and that weighs almost double than a normal car, so those shafts were never really designed to withstand those loads and it’s.

Really not the shaft fault. This one is a scorched rc, but it’s, really not the shaft fault. We tried crcu scorched, of course, like this one um stock Arrma, i think we tried triple m every shaft on the planet. None of them take it. So as soon as i get on the throttle about 120 130 140, once it gets a little bit heavier on on the load side, whichever side is the weakest, actually snaps the pins and round it up, so it just happens every single time and then 120 130. 140, the car becomes rear, wheel, drive, which is obviously uncontrollable, so we were trying to address aerodynamics and traction, but but now the biggest achilles heel is actually the drive shaft for some reason: uh just snaps, well, some reason, as in 30 horsepower on a 20 pound Car almost that’s that’s what happens now with previous cars. It never happened because we never had a car that weighs so much and we never had a car with so much power and so much torque. So something interesting that i have to face for the first time with this one and uh, we will have to figure it out. Even my um, my other dual motor Arrma about a year ago. It never had 30 horse. It had about. You know 15 16 or maybe 17 horsepower, so the shafts were okay with it, but uh. This is double the torque double the weight, so double the load double the power and they just can’t.

Take it yeah we snapped the front driveshaft pins. Again. Oh! Is that why it got all wonky immediately yeah how’s the footage over there? Ah, so far away, i didn’t see much yeah well, we did do 149 miles an hour on two wheel drive so that’s cool, didn’t wreck it, and i was impressed because that thing was everywhere yeah.