[Review] Furitek Cyclos Brushless Sensored ESC & Hellfire Motor for 1/28, 1/24 RC Car

This is a review of theory, Tech, cyclos, brushless, sensored, ESC and hellfire motor for 120th and 124th scale RC car. First of all, I would like to thank furytek for sending me this kit for a review. If you are interested, the list of Distributors is in the description now lets begin. Music, free […]

New indoor RC Touring car race review T3M

Race opt t3m, touring, Music foreign for starters, but the grip looks really high, and what weve heard from the locals is its really high um indoor tracks. We run normally run with guttering. They are going with a fire hose today, which is really cool yeah. We use that on a pop, long, GP […]

Jeep Cherokee MN78 1:12 RC Review

Satu lagi yang tadi ini ya, memang dia, orang emang dari kilang lah ada, sesuatu, yang Halang, daripada terbuka begini ada tempat, screw juga di sini, belakang nih ada cermin tapi ini, dua, tidak, ada, baru, depan, dari, cermin, kelihatan, macam ada drag brake itu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSxWoWEdry8

Xiaomi Intelligent RC Toy car | car toy model review

You will need to turn on the car and there will be a button on the bottom of the car and to turn it on. You will just need to press and hold until it lights up to connect it to the phone. You will just need to turn on Bluetooth inside the app and […]

Q25 Micro FPV Car – Review – Diatone SNT JustAir

This is an RC car with an fpv camera on it, and it looks like this, its very tiny. It is designed to annoy the heck out of your cat or your wife or your kids, or if your kids are driving, it annoy the heck out of you. Yes, its a little RC car […]

GoolRC WLtoys 284131 RC Car Review, Fun car Only 7 long Reasonably fast, easy to drift

It looks like this is the charger extra gears the manual? This is the battery Im, assuming when its inside the car. This is the controller and if I flip it upside down, there we go. This is the actual coil itself, a little smaller than I thought there. It goes but Im going to […]

Creative DIY Review Car ( ep – 5 )

Why are you keeping me Music foreign Music Music? Thank you, Music, been so long, Music, foreign, Music, foreign, Music, Music. Thank you, Music, been so alone, Music. Why are you keeping me Music Music? Thank you, Music. Please go alone, Music. Why are you keeping me Music, foreign Applause, Music, Music? Thank you, Music. […]

👌 Best remote control cars 2022: RC cars for kids and adults

There are a few things to consider when looking to invest in a new remote control. Car remote control cars can be pricey. They look awesome and perform well, but with such detailed builds its important to consider reparability, please see the product url provided below the description. Please follow us on youtube for new […]

MIEBELY RC Mercedes Benz – Unboxing, Test, and Review

So lets open this thing up and check it out. So this is the mercedes benz amg gt r pro its a 1 16 scale. So you can see here the size of the car youre going to get one thing i really like about this car is. It looks like a model car that […]

HAIBOXING 1:18 Scale All Terrain RC Car#review #subscribe #unitedstates #dress#online#amazonreviewer

I picked this up a uh 1 18 scale. Rampage um, im gon na do a little uh review on this, so were gon na un package. It here and see what she comes with, so we got our manual uh. It looks like theres a few different versions of this uh buggy styles and […]

Radio Control Car FTX Tracer Quick Review and Run

This is the tracer, a 1 16 scale, truggy uh truck buggy. I suppose – and it does come with clips three of them that hold on the body ive taken that off. So you can see inside is brush motor lithium ion power and two cells its quite nice. It only cost me 65 […]

Syma S107G Mini RC Helicopter Review

These bad boys here come in three colors, red, yellow and blue. They actually have a really nice metal body. All of the gears, the plastic the gears are made out of seems like its a pretty high quality material havent, had any issues with gears stripping anything of that nature. All the plastic on […]