Rc suzuki chimney. So this is a shipper box, so lets get it out. Okay, so here it is out of the shipper box, got some really nice box, art uh, pretty cool uh handle up at the top its actually a suitcase inside this slip cover little description on the jeep itself. Also in […]

Team Magic E5 Hx unboxing review and run.

Cass and ive got another big box to open up t magic e5 hx big monster truck im not going to unbox it now im just going to tell you its right here and what have we got in the box? Weve got a 110 scale monster truck four wheel: drive waterproofed, brushless 2.4 gb […]

Eachine EAT14 Full Review And Test With Crash

Little ear, sheen e80, 14 114 scale, brushless ready to run rc buggy, so stay tuned and im gon na jump right into the video and give you my thoughts and opinions on what we all know is an awesome, rc, buggy, okay, so ive taken everything out of The box, this one here for […]


I guess Music well, that aint gone hello. Welcome to a brand new video of our clb l. First of all, i wan na say sorry for the bad lighting uh its been raining for a week and still dark outside, so that kind of sucks. I cant make any videos play with rcs, except […]

Team Associated Rival MT10 Review: An Insane RC Truck!

This is a one tenth scale. Brushless four wheel, drive monster truck made by team associated the transmitter. Is a team associated xp 120 taking the body off here, the motor is a reedy 3300 kv, brushless motor, the esc is a reedy sc600bl and the receiver is a team associated xp r4. All of […]

ZOHD Drift review Joy flight RC glider PNP epp

No gyro, no fpv! On 3 cell 850 battery its a great flyer lets get in the sky. Ready, oh, it takes off beautiful nice and quiet got ta, get used to it again. On mid rates might need a little bit higher. Its pretty quick, actually very zippy, got a nice sound to it. […]

The RB10 2WD 1/10 Brushless Buggy Review

This car is based off the world championship, winning team associated buggies, except its ready to run so is it a race, car or a basher? The rb10 may look like a regular buggy on the surface, but something tells me thats just the beginning. So what can you do with the rb10 lets find […]

Monster Jam RC Freestyle Force Grave Digger unboxing and review!

I found this gravedigger freestyle force. Rc truck ive, seen this on the internet. I thought it was worth a shot. The one thing i already like about it right in the box is that the body is a hard plastic, its not too too flimsy its got. Big squishy tires and just look at […]

Intense 4WD RC Rally Car! LC Racing PTG-2 Rally Review | RC Driver

Barry is actually gon na. Do the hosting for todays video hes gon na walk you through all the details and our friend jeff over at He took all the action footage, its absolutely killer, so im going to kick it over to them. So you can check out all details on this new […]

RC Car smaller than a MatchBox Car! 🚗

Well, now you can do that same thing all over again, but this time its gon na be remote control version, and you know what the c73 sports car that is fully integrated, proportional steering on the front of this car, with three different drive rates and modes on Here um, it has a little […]

Worlds best RC transmitter case: REVIEW

Just a quick review today of my latest purchase, i decided to buy a transmitter case, so i can do a bit of flying when i travel and stop my toddler from destroying my transmitter when im at home. Now, because im so tight, i didnt want to buy an official spectrum case problem with […]


My gld ive had a lot of questions about how im getting on with the gld and ive just not gotten around to make a video about it. So today, im giving an update. Well, the good news is my gld runs beautifully im very happy with this car, its taking a little while to […]