5 Reasons I Dislike The Traxxas Xmaxx 8S | HUGE Expensive RC Car

Welcome back to channel welcome back to rc vlog guys today were gon na, do something i dont do often enough were just gon na drive today and were gon na drive a car that i dont drive enough of and im not gon na lie. I feel i need a little bit of therapy […]

Best BUDGET Brushless RC Car – WLToys 124017 – Is it any GOOD ???

Now this is the upgraded brushless version of the wl toys: 12 14 19.. Very popular car people loved it. We actually had the buggy version of that to review and ill put a link up above where you can find that, and that was the 12 40 18. w toys have also done a […]

NEW! TerraSect Translucent Blue Creature RC Vehicle | Unboxing and Toy Review for kids

How long does it roll for Music jackson, hi jackson, hey? Okay, you guys today the boys have received the coolest thing ever. These are called the terracek translucent blue from alpha group. Us you guys. These are amazing yeah. I want you guys to take a quick look. Look at that. Oh, my goodness, […]


What youre looking at is a 2002 xtm baja bullet. I picked this one up not that long ago for about, i think, 85 bucks um. So i thought i was getting a really good uh project, nothing too crazy, wound up being a lot more than i thought. Uh the transmission was bad, just […]


My dudes today will be unboxing lets. Go lets. Take this shout out to jerick diaz for selling this ketrak for a cheap price. Okay thats one side, then the other basamu lets go basamo one. Ah, this theyre still thinking dude yeah, so theres, a controller thats. The unit wow theres interior, in it […]

Protect the KIDS… Kyosho Mad Van R/C Review

This is an absolutely crazy uh new van that i just picked up and im really psyched about it. Uh, in fact, so well, ive already gone outside and played with it, but were gon na start off this video and cover a couple of topics today, first were gon na, get it unboxed second […]

Review/Run Eachine eat01

I call it my my zombie strike force truck got my little driver on the inside hes got his little magazine in there for him to read. I have to say i really really really like this truck when i first bought it the first one. This is my second one um the electronics went […]

cheap RC car differential inspection SG-1603 DO THIS NOW!!!!!!!

Apart were going to see what we have on this one. This is a sg1603 ive ran it for two batteries and a half were also inspecting this, because the brushless kit came – and i want to check it out before we start going a little bit faster. So i am brand new to […]

극강! 입문용 RC 몬스터 트럭 JUDGE S920 PRO 입문용 무선조종 자동차

Ts, the beginner M.Ts that I picked as the best value for money were wltoys 12402A and Xinlehongs 9125 M.T.. The new model 104009 of the 12402A has just been reviewed.. Today we review the latest version of the 9125 M.T S920 Pro model distributed by Narae Sports Korea.. Then I will briefly tell you […]

scx24 debut + collection review

Lets take a look boom, so it was suggested that i get a t shirt with this saying on it, because apparently i say it all the time on videos. So thank you, psycho 13 garage for suggesting it freaking cool idea, pretty stinking sweet, so yeah. I love it um yeah, i might get […]

Review HobbyZone RC Airplane Carbon Cub S 2 1.3m Ready-to-Fly

The link in the video description below youll be able to see current pricing product previews and any special deals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMlQyIWjnHc

Unboxing and review Amazing RC Drone Camera Quadcopter| cheap drone

Today i am going to unbox this high performance 4 channel camera quadcopter. This is the first episode of unboxing toys at my channel without wasting any time lets go ahead and open this Music, so we have lots of things here. I bought this drone for approx 45 from banggood.com, so lets keep this […]