WLToys 124017 1/12 Best Brushless RTR RC Car Under $150

Welcome back to the channel, we have a long awaited delivery that just came in today. This is the wl toys. 12. 40. 17.. I ordered this from maker fire about a month or so ago, maybe even longer they. Finally, sent it out, i am super excited to open this thing up, compare it […]


This is part of the mattel creations kind of like their limited releases that they release every. So often you have to pre order the items from their website, and i think i ordered this like i would probably say like six months ago five months ago i mean its been a long time, so […]

Let's Unbox This RC And Abuse It With A 7.4 Lipo Will It BURN?

Actually i didnt get it one day when i came home uh. My wife had bought this for me, so uh its not really ideal for me, but i guess you know they just went somewhere and bought that um. So i figure we abuse it or something. So i have a 7.4 lipo charging […]

Cheapest Banggood RC Drift Car Review

Remote control drift car available on banggood. Now this car took about a few weeks to get to me, which, if youre familiar with banggood shipping times, is actually very solid and it does come in a few models. This one here, as you can see, is the bugatti, veyron and ill just show you […]

Traxxas TRX4 2021 Bronco upgraded vs. Vanquish VS4-10 – test run review

Trx4 2021 bronco is upgraded with vanquish, bead locks and proline hierax tires and predator battery mounted up front and its gon na do some lines. Its line number two: it does it pretty well and for this test its going to challenge the vanquish vs410 pro a 900 machine with the same tires: proline […]

എൻറ്റെ import ചെയ്ത് കൊണ്ട് വന്ന വണ്ടി റിവ്യു❓🚘My RC MONSTER climbing car review..

Al tipo de ah y cundo, un hombre de val disere con la educaron vuelven y tamara y van dyck, the wire todos los males y van de chardin y ambas realidades tiene no tengo una beb de la primaria sigue el tnico de integridad de los charts aramn Inform antonio rodes y andy y […]

Cross RC T835 Logging Trailer Review & Test on HC6 vs BC8

Is it actually worth the money stick around to find out now? This thing adds quite a lot of weight to your truck. This is just the the rear unit. Im gon na try and weigh this, so ive got 4.15 kilos just in this rear set of wheels here so were talking about a […]

Rx war dual shock design for rc crawler

It comes with four in the package and some spare springs, and also the back of this bow nut, spacer and o rings, and this shop. It comes with a dual body: door, body, design, um. It comes with a damper oil damper and also a oil shop body, and they are sharing the same […]

Cheap eBay rc rock crawler review. Remote Control cheap junk, Not a good buy.

Goddamn views. Look at him! Hes sitting there now look hes going to show you what cheap is and hes going to show you what moneys worth. So. What happens in that? One old son youve got e ratios Music thats right boys? Is it yeah? Is it fast? It is after he gave it […]

Hot wheels 1:10 scale RC Tesla Cybertruck review!

It looks a lot bigger than it does on camera. Before i open it, im going to show you some other tesla castings that have been released first up, the 2008 tesla roadster from 2008 and uh the model s from 2015, the model 3 well. Actually, the model x was before the model 3 […]

QS5012 2CH Infrared Micro RC Helicopters – Unboxing and Review Flights

These i got, i didnt mean to get two of them. I ordered one from ebay. It was about dollars shipped to our door, but it was delayed and i thought it wasnt going to arrive. So i ordered another one from u.s sellers because again, 15 or so, and they both arrived on the […]

Spin Master RC All-Terrain Batmobile Review

Today i got in a special item from spin master. It is the all terrain batmobile that fits their four inch scale. Batman action figures and if you want to know here, is a four inch scale: bat tech batman that we can stick right beside the box, so you can kind of get an […]