SSD Weighted beadlock wheels for mini crawlers tested – with A/B comparison

Please come out there and show the goods its our fms fj cruiser. What does it have these fine wheels from ssd and these wheels are not only cool theyre, also functional as well. Theyre heavier theyre bead locks and they they have an optional brass weight, so each one is pretty darn heavy, its […]

JDM 1:14 Zetros 6X6 Review: Made for RC Heavy Hauling!

I got through an aliexpress seller that ive used before and i spent two evenings going over all the screws looking for loose bits and pieces uh, and this brought me to my very first issue in the first three minutes of driving. I was just out here filming this jd model. Six wheel drive. […]

F180 RC Helicopter RTF – Unbox and Review

If you are clicking on this video, you probably are either new into the hobby um, maybe just kind of finding your way through working on just basic maneuvers, hovering orientation, inverted flips, stuff like stuff like that, nothing to advance or youre, probably a intermediate to pro pilot. You want to take it on […]

VRX | Ready To Run (RTR) RC Car Unboxing and Preliminary Checks | #askHearns

Hi guys its brett here from hearnes hobbies and today id like to talk to you about unboxing and your new ready to run buggy. So what to expect? What were gon na unbox and a few of the various checks and and so forth that i do before we actually go out there and […]

Haiboxing brushless 18859A 1/18 scale bash review

I got the new high boxing 188 59a. If youve been around my channel for a while, you know: ive worked with high boxing a lot and i ive probably reviewed at least 10 other vehicles. So, im pretty excited about this one, because this is uh, something all new from them were brushless now. […]

6 Best RC Cars You Can Buy in 2021

The flow turn me up a little more good Music when it all goes down. Imma run this time. Ah, Music, all the pain and the struggles Music. This house is Music. I Music just a red light running right through Music to the it of the mountain Music Music. I Music Music for anybody. […]

Maisto Ford Bronco Sasquatch RC Unboxing and Review

I ordered the new uh maesto ford, bronco remote control, got it from sams club and really shocked that it came in this gigantic box. I mean you can almost fit a real bronco in here, not sure why so lets open it up and see what we got all right. Well, got that tape […]

Gmade GS02 Buffalo Pickup rc truck – realistic performer

What were gon na do is were gon na show you whats inside then were gon na. Do a lot of running running, ring video and then im gon na come back here to the table and tell you about the vehicle all right, but they have a nice picture here of what youre about […]

WLtoys 124017 – Their Best RC Car Yet? (FULL REVIEW)

Yet today were going to take it to a race track, speed test it bash it and then give you our pros and cons at the end of the video. So stick around full review of the wltoys124017 coming up. Music. Welcome back to another cheapish rc car review, the highly anticipated and most requested […]

HBX 16889 Brushless RC Car review.

Well, i liked it and i thought id make a review on it. So here it is Music, Music, Applause, Music Applause, hello, everybody. I think im gon na um just jump were just gon na jump right into this ill start off with the outside, like with the wheelie bar and everything so um […]

New Cheap WLtoys 184011 1/18 RC Buggy Review

I believe this one is actually an upgraded version of a buggy. They released a couple of years back called the 18401. Now this one ends in zero, one one so its very similar to that buggy. In my opinion, just by looking at it and um that particular model, the one eight four zero […]


24 7. Here with a new monster truck 2 review. This is a 110 scale, xlf ready to run brushless monster truck. So apparently you can go up to 60 to 70 kilometers an hour. Its got an 85 amp esc 3653 500 kv motor, so well definitely check that out. But lets have a […]