Cross RC HC6 Review, Trail Drive: 6X6 REO M35 Military Truck

I finished the build recently and i really like it now. Ive made a small change and it came with this tray. Just four screws hold it on now: it has a battery box with its own little latch and an opening rear tray. Now the rear tray is very nice, i quite like it, […]

Bluejay Rc Truck. Fun for everyone!

What is up rc enthusiasts check it out. We have another 18 scale in house. This is for your younger ones out there. I dont know the speed of this thing yet, but it claims to do 38 kilometers an hour, as you can tell right here, some specs to it so yeah we got […]


So its kind of a triple review, but uh, as is always with everything else. If i dont get around to making the video, if i try and do each individual thing, it takes me forever, so i thought id combine it all together. If you like, what we do here, guys, please subscribe to […]

Love this RC Crawler! Highly Detailed Suzuki Jimny 1/12th scale 4×4 – Review

This is the first of several reviews, so pretty much every week, youll see me, do an rc car review, along with drone reviews. So here we go first, one i have is from fms. This is the suzuki chimney. Now this car is real. It drives around the world, except in canada. We dont […]

Everything to know before you buy-HBX 16890/SG1602 Review

, so we figured this was a good time to do a review. We will talk about durability performance. How well it does tricks in the air how fast it is, how fast it accelerates and how easy it is to drive this little dirt spot is just from where i had the sticky stuff […]

HOLY STONE HS450 RC Mini Stunt Drone Toy Review

Now this does retail around 29 pounds 99 pence thats around 41 in us dallas, but with a lot of cheap drones flying around on the market, advertise has been good for beginners. Is this one? Actually any good well lets check it out and lets go inside the box. First of all, everything comes […]

Tekno RC ET48 2.0 리뷰 – 주행 파트

Today I prepared a review of TEKNO RCs latest chassis kit, ET48 2.0, which is at the top level in the trucky genre. Among many RC car genres., The genre called truggy is the most unrealistic structure of all RC car genres.. However, it is an RC CAR that can be rolled anywhere without any […]

Monster Truck Rc car review full review in Tamil

I dont need opinions.

RC Car Review 'Redcat Danchee Ridgerock" Full Articulation Crawler

This is andrew at third coast rc in houston, beautiful day today, low 80s blue skies, no cloud in the sky, its awesome in houston for the weather at this time of year, um so today were going to bring you a quick look at um, another car that We sell in our store here […]

SG-1603 pinecone model RTR $62 CHEAP RC car REVIEW and RUN

So i got this from aliexpress and this is the cheapest ive ever seen it for 62., but it came with only one battery. This is truly a ready to run machine, and this is everything that comes right out of the box. It has your usb charger, a few tools, some extra turnbuckles, the […]

NEW! Terrasect RC Vehicle Unboxing + How to Play + Review #TerraSect #Alphagroup #Unboxing #Review

This is in translucent blue. So, basically, what teresek is is a rolling attacking rc vehicle that you control with your own controller as a 2.4 gigahertz controller. Both of them require batteries, so youre going to need batteries for both the terasec vehicle and your controllers. Just keep that in mind. The controller has […]

Rovan RC 360F5 36cc Unboxing:Review

King arry, you its all up to you. We got different varieties so before you get burned out, dont fight your throne, some need for speed on your market whats up yall. So today, im gon na be unboxing. My rc f5 gas vehicle im gon na go ahead and start. I ordered this like […]