Why This is The Best Traxxas RC Car to Buy | Why I Am Dumb For Buying It

Today we are going to open a car ive been looking forward to opening this car for so freaking long. I actually have a lot of stuff to do right now, but i i i just got to open it im going to open up the car that i think is the best traxxas car. […]

New Bright R/C RC PRO Lynx full review!! 😁😇 (Read details in description!)

This is right there on the body rc pro links, so you could see its from the company uh new right, its actually pretty nice, its at walmart um, i think its for about 17 uh. If you round off, i think its 16.97 on the box, it shows well, i dont know the box […]

rc super car unboxing and review

Is Music, Music, Music, Music? Yes, Music? Oh my goodness! This is so cool. Wait, a minute Music. What the heck is did it die because of the battery? Wait, a minute its? Not even oh, my goodness, oh man, its nice. Now? What do i do? This is really cool and look it got […]

GTA Online Review/Guide – RC Bandito – Discounted – is it Worth it?

This is on offer this week, but im going to make you help you make your mind upon. Is it worth it by taking, through a bit of a guide and review on this little radio controlled car? First, im going to take you through the customization, which is quite important for the first bit […]

3D Printed Koenigsegg Agera RC Car by Depronized.com – Should you build it?

com youtube channel and another episode of. Should i build it. Im your host jordan visco today were reviewing this beautiful, looking one tenth scale, koenigsegg aguera, that was designed by ali shkold. You can find this design and all of ollies designs at deprines.com in this video were going to talk about what some […]

Aldi Bauhn Smart Watch Review

This time we are going to review bohemian smartwatch um. This is actually already special by um. So this is 1.6 inch. Six 1.69 inch color touch screen um, it has got ip67 water resistant. You can view messages and call notifications, heart rate monitoring, bluetooth, connectivity, multisports, tracking music, playback, sleep monitoring. All this […]


No me deixa to empolgado para falar sobre ele ento bora pro vdeo que eu vou mostrar para vocs que esses Marte um Smart que eu recomendo sim e que vale a pena entre tantos que eu testo por aqui esse um dos que mais eu achei que vale A pena indicar para vocs: ento […]

CHEGOU! REVIEW IWO Z36 Série 7, Unbox e Primeiras impressões, 02 Botões, Carregador por indução PTBR

75, um excelente resoluo, a e aqui algumas funes que a gente vai ver durante, o vdeo que As funes dele Lembrando que ele carregador por induo aqui tambm tem mais as informaes aqui de um lado da Caixa, a gente tem que smartwatch e. Do outro smartwatch, Srie 7 dizendo que a keyse dele […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 | 30-day Final Review (Hint: It’s a winner)!

This is sammy geek back here with a quick, 30 day review on my samsung galaxy watch 4. And what im going to do is kick this thing off right away, as you guys know, i dont talk about specs any of that stuff that you guys can see in everyone. Elses videos im going […]

INCRÍVEL o que esse Smartwatch faz | Review Colmi P12 | É bom? |#aliexpress #colmi #iwo #rendaextra

Smart water que eu fiquei curioso pela questo da funo que ele entrega, o e trouxe aqui para loja d, para ver, se realmente vale, a pena, Ah t colocando, a venda, a para os clientes e para quem, no sei se, se voc todos conhecem mas enfim, essa Aqui a marca Come que, a […]

Samsung Galaxy WATCH 4 con ANDROID WEAR y LTE | REVIEW ¡Ojo a ESTO!

Si lo quieres conocer qudate que comenzamos Msica bonito es pantalla circular chasis de aluminio en color verde que es precioso con la correa igual el mismo color este cierre que bueno y no termina de convencer tanto y ahora que con una muy buena construccin quiero empezar por El punto ms importante yo creo […]

Review Completo do Smartwatch IWO 13 T500 – ÓTIMO CUSTO BENEFICIO

No vdeo de hoje eu vou, dar apresentando todos os detalhes do relgio o que ele faz os aplicativos que ele tem as funes o prprio aplicativo. No, no celular, se o modelo prova dgua, no ento, fica comigo at o final do vdeo que eu vou tirar todas. As dvidas sobre esse modelo que […]