Best Smartwatches 👌Top 3 Smartwatch Picks | 2021 Review

It can control your bluetooth, camera or mic equipment, and you are in a constant connection with your crew members, but it is crucial to consider some things before buying the best smart watch for podcasts. In this guide we have discussed the best smart watches for podcasts, most recommended wheres note. There are some […]

Top 10 Best Smartwatch | Apple Watch Series 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

That watches nowadays do a lot more than just tell time whether its running apps or monitoring your heart rate, the latest smart watches, can even act as a phone on your wrist. However, with an abundance of smart watches currently out in the market, choosing one can get really confusing. So to help you […]

KIWITIME DT100 PRO MAX Smartwatch Unbox Review-1.78 Inch Screen/Voice Assistant/GPS Movement

It is the dt100 pro max. It is the best dt 100 series model till now and we can see the box is black box now lets open the box. The inside we see the watch and also a wireless charger and the silicon gl and the menu now lets check the watch. This watch […]

review smartwatch y68 d20 19/09/2021

Benefcio e o que acontece a tela dele o que faz ele ser custo benefcio justamente pela, a tela, no ser totalmente touch e, no fazer ligaes um porm tem todas as funes as funes bsicas de smartwatch, ele tem, inclusive esse, aqui, voc, coloca, voc tem, a possibilidade De colocar, a sua foto aqui […]

iPhone 13 Unboxing & Impressions!

Sure the stuff inside of the box is very similar but lets get into it. So were gon na unbox, every phone in the new lineup and im gon na start with the standard iphone 13 in this new blue color. That, i think, is actually my favorite of the new phones and its this […]

Diese Smartwatch misst sogar den Blutdruck! Gadget Gönnung #11

Noch machen wir noch live damit, wollen wir den anfang vom ende ist locker fangen mit dem saugroboter asif sollen jetzt mal, gabs auch schon, so button diesmal, haben, wir, einen der ein wenig, smarter ist denn das, hier ist ein saugroboter der ausschlielich mit der kamera navigiert wir Haben hier oben also gar kein […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: Apple Watch Killer?

For now, a lot of people have been asking me about this: ive been doing the phones, ive got so many products, and you guys know this time of year is crazy, especially all the samsung stuff came at once. Ive been trying to do some a lot of stuff with the fold and then […]

EL RELOJ CON SORPRESA! ⌚ Review del smartwatch HAOQIN TS03 en español

Ts 03 que es un reloj que para lo que cuesta est muy bien porque ya te digo que me ha sorprendido porque tiene aparte de la medicin del pulso, la medicin del oxgeno, en sangre tambin tiene medicin de la presin, arterial, cuidado y adems es que toma Ya, con esa chulera que viene […]


A pena mesmo, o Ol pessoal sejam, bem, vindos, ao canal, eu sou, o editor irmos com, ele, X8 Max modelo; a que, tem uma, excelente para os benefcios, ele, baratinho e ele, impressiona Por trazer, a um acabamento; Ok, um, estilo, a ao, a Apple o, Chile, a Iva como a gente j, conhece […]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review – 1 Month Later

This is the definition of a head turner, hi, everyone tai here. The idea behind the z full 3 is simple. You get a smartphone that unfolds into a tablet, its twice as thick and weighs more than a typical smartphone, but all in all its relatively portable for what it can do. I will […]

Smartband yang macam smartwatch | Review realme band 2

Paris lamour des mots, blessants, srie, grce, qing, screen time money list, tout le monde en titre ils auraient des liens deviner quun screening, lactif du parti machine ni, bah cest pas dpouiller warpaint jeudi car, il y aura de l, ai dit, elle dit la place, elle mme Dun amour ma belle faut aussi […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Review: 46mm Wear OS Smartwatch | #EJTech

But it also re embraces googles operating system which is kind of a big deal, so theres a lot to talk about, but before i get started, please do hit that like button and subscribe to our channel. So we can keep making more videos like this one Music. Okay, so there are two versions […]