Best Budget friendly Smartwatch under $100 for 2021

The good thing about the smartwatches is that they are durable. Water resistant and compatible with both ios and android devices so lets get in guys. Music number one on the list is the amazing rimo smartwatch, Music, Music. This smart watch is priced at 15k. Now it has 20 days of battery life. It […]

Galaxy Watch 4: BUY it…or AVOID it?

I really should have recorded myself reacting to samsungs announcement of this watch because i was genuinely excited for it, not just for the overall design and how sleek it looked, but also because samsung and google worked together on this watch, one of the biggest downfalls of last Years galaxy watch 3 was that […]

REVIEW KK70 Smartwatch, TELA INCRÍVEL HD IPS Infinita, Faz chamadas, Carregador por indução UNBOXING

No final do vdeo deixe seu comentrio se voc gostou se voc compraria esse relgio O que voc achou aqui tudo que eu falei das funes que ele tem ento deixa seu, comentrio e, no final se voc quiser adquirir, o Instagram Anderson, cu., O f, ou, ento, vou Deixar, a o link do nosso […]

T100 Plus Smartwatch UI Review -Menus and Features, Most Affordable Apple Watch 7 Clone?

com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are on the second video, okay part, two video for our unboxing and review of the t100 plus mark watch. Okay, this time were going to explore the menus of the t100 plus smartwatch. Okay, so were going to explore its features and […]

Found a Good Budget Smartwatch! | 4x Giveaway 🎉🎉

A few weeks back pebble an accessories brand from india sent us. This smartwatch called the pebble cosmos that retails for some 4 000 rupees in india now, while most of the affordable variables offer only the most basic fitness tracking features. The pebble cosmos that i have right here has a few extra interesting […]

Value for Money with the Mi Watch | Smartwatch Review

This is the me watch. This is actually the next iteration of the me watch, because ive been reading up about it ever since i got it and there was a previous model of the me watch that was introduced and this model has more features, but before i go into that, let me Just […]

Garmin Instinct GPS Watch – Smartwatch review

Welcome to the latest video from ourselves. What were going to do is look at the garmin instinct watch, but very much as a smart watch as you may or may not know. A couple of weeks weeks ago i went and did a 25 mile walk with this gps using a gps watch to […]

Budget, Rugged Smart Watch with GPS!! Zeblaze Stratos In-Depth Review!

So today were taking a look at a smartwatch. That is tough, has pretty much all the features you need for your adventures and lets take a look at it to see whether they are any good. Welcome to a review of the zblaze stratus hello. My name is sean and welcome back to my […]

iPad Mini 2021 Review: Pocketable Power!

Just because i always wonder who buys them and who uses them and what they use them for and why they chose it over other options like i know my dad uses one but my sister and i got it for him as a gift, so he didnt really Choose it, it kind of chose […]

😱Testamos o MELHOR SMARTWATCH da Huawei! HUAWEI WATCH 3 Review

No relgio que serve para voc, instalar aplicativos colocar msica aqui dentro caso, voc, queira Ns tambm temos suporte, a wi fi 2.4 giga hertz tem, Bluetooth, 5.2 e ele tambm tem GPS que da o GPS dele aqui, o blona Galileu e, o Baidu, so GPS, ns estamos Voc tem aqui uma, preciso, incrvel […]

Fitbit Charge 5 review

Oh yeah and, most importantly, it costs a lot. Less Music in a world filled with smartwatches fitness, trackers feel kind of liberating theyre. Smaller, they generally have better battery life and theyre easier to use for most people. Looking for a do it all fitness tracker, this is the fitbit to get and its […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review | One Month Later…

Thats thats not the whole review, though i know a lot of you tend to bugger off at the five second mark, but yeah. Please stick around theres plenty more words coming right up about that galaxy watch for some really good ones too. I think it even managed to get schmorgers board in there […]