Today we have a first look at the brand new zd racing dbx07. This is a 1 7 scale, 6s beast of a desert, buggy unboxing an overview coming up. Music. Welcome back and this time to our first look video this isnt a review. The review will come next week with its running video. […]

Stop Spending Vast Amounts Of Cash On RC Hop-Ups! (Or Should You?)

Where were talking about that massive topic, the hop ups for your rcs. Yes, it can be a bit of a controversial one, so were gon na push through it, and then you can, let me know in the comments below ill, try and cover all aspects. If i can, i have my own opinion, […]

EazyRC 1/18 Patriot/Patrion Review and Testing |1/18 RC Crawler|

I dont know whats up with that, but yeah um. It is a toyota, i believe, and its um weve already taken it out to the crawler truck that we have. It was very, very fun uh, so heres like a little size comparison. This is just an empty water bottle, theres the size comparison […]

5 best rc trucks of 2021 – top 5 RTR rc trucks

. These are the vehicles that look like big rc trucks. They go fast, they jump and probably have the broadest appeal to the biggest audience number five on our list is the affordable, armor granite 4×4 version 3, a version called the 3s blx. What makes this vehicle special is? It is a big […]

Top 5 Best Rc Rock Crawler Review in 2021

If you are searching for one of the best of them, you are in the right place, number one most popular legendary 110 scale. Large rc rock crawler, the controller for the legendary, does have a function for you to switch between high and low speed modes. This allows beginners or those who want to […]

Review Top Race RC Plane 4 Channel Remote Control Airplane Ready to Fly RC Planes

It is really much more easy and much more controlled authority, and if it gets windy, you can actually hover it at one place. Music see how its picking lift right there about this features. Now, allow me to show you the radio a little bit four channel radio control. You have throttle yaw that […]

DEERC RC BOAT H120 Review | Best Budget High Speed Remote Control Boat | RC Boat for Pools Lakes

So i thought this boat was a good thing to get because we live on a lake and we have two small kids and i myself was interested in taking it out in the water and see how it performs this one was a best seller on amazon. It was decently priced im not trying […]

A Review of my new rc airplane

It came in about two days ago im going to show you how good this airplane goes. So i have a um, a ankana, nine. Sorry if i pronounced that right, but uh, argan, nine and heres my airplane, you see how good it is came out. I did have to do some trimming on […]

Top 5 Best Rc Truck Review in 2021

Just for adults. The vehicles were expensive to buy and often complicated to drive. Lets check out some of the best of them number one. Most popular bezgar, 17 toy grade 114 scale, remote control, car, this bezgar, 1, colon 14 scale. Rc truck, is a good starting point for a couple of reasons. First, […]

Smallest and fastest RC car in the world | Abaan toy’s review

I el ttulo por espritus y yo escrib tambin genial, todos efe los que aman canto, no tocis es cario webb county en pie, howard Msica, no un gran, equipo bien digo, por, qu, canarias, hogares amrica en tigres ya.

Tamiya Super Clod Buster Black Edition Review Trigger King R C Monster Trucks

Today we have a review of the tamiya super clodbuster black edition, rc monster truck kit. Here on the trick, king channel, we have showcased hundreds of cloud busters over the years, but weve never really talked about. You know what its like to build, one in box stock form and since the black edition […]

e207: Tamiya TA08 PRO Chassis Kit Build & Review

Do we have an awesome episode for you? The tamiya ta08 pro just made its way to the channel courtesy of fix a phil one of the gentlemen that we race with and as we expand our horizons onto on road racing, phil went out and purchased this and thought it would be a great […]