Creative DIY Review Car ( ep – 5 )

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👌 Best remote control cars 2022: RC cars for kids and adults

There are a few things to consider when looking to invest in a new remote control. Car remote control cars can be pricey. They look awesome and perform well, but with such detailed builds its important to consider reparability, please see the product url provided below the description. Please follow us on youtube for new […]

MIEBELY RC Mercedes Benz – Unboxing, Test, and Review

So lets open this thing up and check it out. So this is the mercedes benz amg gt r pro its a 1 16 scale. So you can see here the size of the car youre going to get one thing i really like about this car is. It looks like a model car that […]

HAIBOXING 1:18 Scale All Terrain RC Car#review #subscribe #unitedstates #dress#online#amazonreviewer

I picked this up a uh 1 18 scale. Rampage um, im gon na do a little uh review on this, so were gon na un package. It here and see what she comes with, so we got our manual uh. It looks like theres a few different versions of this uh buggy styles and […]

Radio Control Car FTX Tracer Quick Review and Run

This is the tracer, a 1 16 scale, truggy uh truck buggy. I suppose – and it does come with clips three of them that hold on the body ive taken that off. So you can see inside is brush motor lithium ion power and two cells its quite nice. It only cost me 65 […]

Syma S107G Mini RC Helicopter Review

These bad boys here come in three colors, red, yellow and blue. They actually have a really nice metal body. All of the gears, the plastic the gears are made out of seems like its a pretty high quality material havent, had any issues with gears stripping anything of that nature. All the plastic on […]

We've Been Waiting For This RC Car! Any Good? Arrma Kraton 4×4 4S Speed Monster Truck | RC Driver

So many people have been asking me when the review is going to come out and i could finally release the videos and these trucks are really really cool. Theyre done right guys and in this video were going to talk about the arma crane 4s im going to break this truck down for you, […]

FMS Jimny 1/6 Hardbody rc car – test, lift, review

Fms one sixth scale chimney. So what im gon na do is im gon na unbox it im gon na show you what its all about im gon na show you what it could be and then were gon na go for test run. Music is uh and the best news of all it was […]

RC Car hits ramp at 60mph (gone!)2022

Also beauty servo come on out. You come out. You come 56 kilos of torque. We have some more specifications on the back and by the way, its actually made by my buddy rashford blah blah yep. I know thats enough. Waffle lets get wrenching boom. Oh kinda boom anyway, this ones here thats supposed […]


Rc thought id do a proper video on the cheater ive. Had it for eight months now done a lot of work to the car, and i thought it was about time that we talked about it and maybe go through some of the problems with this rig, as well as the positive things too. […]

Review Of The 63" P-38 From Motion RC: More DESTRUCTION As Advertised

Rc video thanks for clicking in today were going to be looking at the motion. Rc p38 and in todays video were experiencing something thats becoming far too common, so common. In fact, you may have noticed. I made a playlist motion, rc carnage, so to be fair in the review, i really enjoyed the […]

$500 RC Car Wheels! Worth it? | RC Driver

I wanted to show you this because ive teased this on instagram. This is the rustler vxl and i actually broke the action. Well, i didnt break. The screw fell out of the shock on this one, so thats holding me up on getting that review done. That is just a killer truck and then […]