Unboxing and Review | Rock Climbing Cart | RC Car

So on todays channel we are unboxing rc, remote control car, so lets get started boom. Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CzhOVULocU

Short Course RC Race with Tekno, Pro4, Maxx, Kraton 1/5

Do some racing so were gon na do is just a simple oval track beauty of these things. You just need two pylons and youre good to go. We have about seven eight cars, Music gon na have a rally max tecno, all three evenly vehicles and the max is a 4s and were all […]

✅ Double E Remote Control Garbage Truck Review

This fully functional rc car comes with simulated, sounds lights and, of course, a trash bin. Are you wondering if its speed is as impressive as the mentioned features? Well, dont worry because this toy comes with a powerful motor which makes the toy run fast over different types of terrain, with ease made of […]

Miebely BUGATTI Remote Control Car Review & test

This is 1 over 12 scale and im gon na unbox. It now im very excited to open this, so this is the remote control to remove it. You have a screw here, just unscrew it like this. It really feels nice, you have also a phillips head provided screwdriver, and this is a car. […]

Where have i been?……….. Final RC video this is not a review.

I dont know what happened. I think i was also burnt out making videos and rc reviews. You know and ive got to say sorry about that. I didnt comment on the channel. I just didnt come on to my youtube channel at all. I havent flown any quadcopters. I havent driven any rc cars […]

Review Rc airplane / Pesawat jet kit board f22 raptor Magic Board

000, guys 187 sudah, dapet, begini, printilan, nya, nih, Musik ini buat Strike baterai ini, kayaknya, nah persiapan is mesin kespar gitu dapet ini, buat, nanti, penggerak, ke, servo, dapat jadi, harga 180 dah include ini, Nah, sekarang, kita, coba, buka ini, guys, nyiapin, bajunya, ya, Hai, jelas, bang, ya, Musik, hehehe, biar, pernak, perniknya, […]

XPV RC BladeSaw Review!

Welcome back to another toy review by yours. Truly today were looking at something rather unique, as i havent done an rc review in quite some time, and today i got a real interesting one for you. Guys today were taking a look at the xpv blade saw, so this is a brand new rc […]

tamiya BLITZER BEETLE unboxing 58502 1/10 RC car 2022

If youre interested in that and im doing these unboxing videos in case other people are new. So that you see exactly what it comes with and know what to expect its real easy to see this box and say man, i want this, but you can get tricked real easy if you dont know […]

✅ Top 5 Best RC Excavator Truck 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Their huge size and extra movable features surely spark the will to control them at least once to make this wish come true and give people the idea of such vehicles mechanisms remote control models of them are made available when it comes to taking the fun of running Remote control vehicles to the next […]

Top 5 Best RC Truck [Review in 2022] – Electric Toy Car for All Adults & Kids

Another brand that stands out is team associated which impresses when it comes to versatility quality with a 2.4 gigahertz radio control system, the spes xfun 2020 updated remote control. Trucks will bring you a special driving experience with two powerful built in motors. The speed reaches up to 15 to 25 km h, which […]

UNDER $80! NEW! Flyhal FC610? Unboxing & Review

This is a new release, its meant to be a 110 scale, its meant to be rtr. Having a look here, little icons, weve got 2.4 gigahertz radio weve got independently sprung suspension, bulb bearings optional, metal spur slash differential gears. As far as i know, it has three diffs its just a brush motor […]

RC Car Review "CEN b5o" Scale Monster Truck

This is andrew at third coast rc in houston, im going to bring you another review of a uh of a truck that weve been taking a look at recently as we try and expand our product line here at third coast rc. We dont just sell any trucks. We only sell the ones that […]