$500 RC Car Wheels! Worth it? | RC Driver

I wanted to show you this because ive teased this on instagram. This is the rustler vxl and i actually broke the action. Well, i didnt break. The screw fell out of the shock on this one, so thats holding me up on getting that review done. That is just a killer truck and then […]

This RC car is the worst thing I love!! A Noob's Arrma Typhon 3S Review!

An rc car so were going to give a new review, because i dont know anything about rc cars and, if youre watching this, you might not either. So. This is the arma typhon 3s and its got a spectrum, slt controller and transmitter brb. That was a terrible terrible controller. It comes with a […]


4 itu kali, hasilnya kita akan Ride di Teleport edit edit sakit kekesalan saya absen hari warini, sekarang ini, rajadewabet, satu tren Musim lalu tolong dishare kenakan Read online ini, lain lain 500 dfc body skill, aku ditonton sangat, menarik, bentuk, yang sangat, cantik Eh, tentu, biasa, gunakan, untuk, Nebi, ah nafas lebih, inilah, udara, […]

Is This the Best RC Car? Let's Unbox it!

Its called legend, its made by a company called legendary, and this is the sting right here and this thing can go 37 miles per hour about 60 kilometers per hour, and so this looks like its gon na be a ton of fun. I figured id do a little unboxing of it with you […]

RC Car hits ramp at 60mph (gone!)2022

Also beauty servo come on out. You come out. You come 56 kilos of torque. We have some more specifications on the back and by the way, its actually made by my buddy rashford blah blah yep. I know thats enough. Waffle lets get wrenching boom. Oh kinda boom anyway, this ones here thats supposed […]

Making a really slow rc car really FAST2022

So in the box you get instruction battery, crappy, motor and crappy speed, controller wow, i say crappy our own stuff, but were going to run it as it is first see how good it is or bad it. This one can actually do around about 80 mile an hour, so push phone suspension, front […]

🎁Top 5 Best Remote Control Cars Deals 2022 – Popular & Exclusive Products!

To get your kid off the ipad, please see the product url provided below the description. Please follow us on youtube for new updates review. Findlay present top 5 best remote control cars deals. Lets get started number five mibli bugatti remote control car. If you are searching for a remote control car, the meebly […]

BEST 4 KID'S RC Car 2022 WLToy 144010 extreme Durability Handling Test /Review 1:14 Scale Günstig 4k

0 hier der kleine wlt 144 10 der gerade rum geht der fhrt gute 100 sachen of speed on video seht ihr, im kanal denn berall die hier Der vortest traumhaftes wetter, fr uns extremes, wir sind, vorbereitet, schauen, wir, mal vorreiter, ich mags an Musik Musik Applaus Musik Musik Applaus Musik euro Musik deswegen […]

Cheating in professional RC Car Racing2022

If were going to do any better. Weve got some competition. Radio gear youve got a ready. Motor hobby wing. Esc gets really angry Music, Music and paint the body we want to race this tomorrow evening. I dont want to paint it last minute: Music, car ready for racing. The clock is ticking Music […]

RC Car Review "HPI Savage XS Flux"

It is the hpi savage x s um. This is a smaller scale, rc car, but its really really cool. I think youre really gon na like this one, so lets take a look at the box. This is the box. It comes in real nice, strong box, so it should be very well packaged […]

Fireworks Strapped To An RC Car! Happy Independence Day RC Family!!

Our family is of the mindset that we love this country and uh were really excited to celebrate and so were going to celebrate with you guys by blowing up some stuff. Here we go. Is there a red light? Man we live all right, guys were readying. The rig here it is the armor […]

AS GOOD AS THEY SAY?? – Rlaarlo XDKJ-006 Review!

Lo, i think thats, how you say it. Its definitely got me impressed so far lets take a look. This is kind of whats got me so impressed here like if you look at it its got support for two and three s, but up to a hundred kilometers an hour. Yeah. Definitely gon na […]