cheap RC car differential inspection SG-1603 DO THIS NOW!!!!!!!

Apart were going to see what we have on this one. This is a sg1603 ive ran it for two batteries and a half were also inspecting this, because the brushless kit came – and i want to check it out before we start going a little bit faster. So i am brand new to […]

극강! 입문용 RC 몬스터 트럭 JUDGE S920 PRO 입문용 무선조종 자동차

Ts, the beginner M.Ts that I picked as the best value for money were wltoys 12402A and Xinlehongs 9125 M.T.. The new model 104009 of the 12402A has just been reviewed.. Today we review the latest version of the 9125 M.T S920 Pro model distributed by Narae Sports Korea.. Then I will briefly tell you […]

scx24 debut + collection review

Lets take a look boom, so it was suggested that i get a t shirt with this saying on it, because apparently i say it all the time on videos. So thank you, psycho 13 garage for suggesting it freaking cool idea, pretty stinking sweet, so yeah. I love it um yeah, i might get […]

Review HobbyZone RC Airplane Carbon Cub S 2 1.3m Ready-to-Fly

The link in the video description below youll be able to see current pricing product previews and any special deals.

Unboxing and review Amazing RC Drone Camera Quadcopter| cheap drone

Today i am going to unbox this high performance 4 channel camera quadcopter. This is the first episode of unboxing toys at my channel without wasting any time lets go ahead and open this Music, so we have lots of things here. I bought this drone for approx 45 from, so lets keep this […]

Long Term RC LiPo Review and Comparison

Whatever comes across my desk, whatever questions people have when they leave me so today were talking about batteries for rc cars uh, particularly uh, the shorty batteries uh. I have what i have here is i use these batteries for both racing and bashing um. I use them for racing. My kids use for […]


.., …, LiPo, ‘, ESC, ESC, ESC, …, …

Spektrum DX5 Rugged REVIEW – A Single Upgrade For All Your RC Cars!

Yes, i think this is the one got the right, one of course mate. What did you take me for man come on today were using spectrum smart batteries, because we smart remote on first plug the battery in and turn the car on. Uh joe, you bought the wrong radio. I bought the wrong […]

Hot Wheels RAPID REVIEW – CyberTruck RC 1/10 – Is it worth the $100? Bonus Mini RC!!

This is the 1 10th scale that went on sale on the rlc website a couple months ago. So lets open this thing up and take a look at it: Music. This cyber truck also went on sale a few months ago. So lets compare this tiny one to the bigger one. So on the […]

*5K Subscriber Giveaway* Traxxas Blast RC Boat – Unboxing – Review – Giveaway Details

Some of you know what it is: Music, its the traxxas blast, so the traxxas blast is going to be the 5 000 subscriber giveaway. I promise as soon as we hit 5 000 subs im gon na get one of these and then im gon na give one away so lets open this up […]

TOP 5 Common RC Car Problems | RC Bashers and Race Cars

Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to rc vlog guys today, im gon na tell you the top five things that i see wrong with cars whenever i see just random cars um – and i make these mistakes too. But before i do we got mail, we got mail to open and i […]

“Hitman Update” No Prep RC – Tire Valves & Chassis Review

So this is a recap of uh what ive been uh finding to work for me on the on the air air tires. So i made a video before talking about these tires that i have done. I got this idea from brian elkins hes, using these uh air conditioning valves and hes putting them […]