4DV8 DRONE🛸4DRC Vinci V8 Mini Drone, FLIGHT & Full Review.

Here we got the 4d v8 vinci, another 4d rc 40 rc jam. Okay, you get this case with it really cool protects everything. Put that back there you get a remote controller. Okay, then, the phone mount okay, really nice, uh setup, takes three triple a batteries. There we go. You get your quadcopter […]

rc rock crawler review

This thing is a all terrain: car big deal, Music, easy, Music, hugo Music, Music, uh, Music, uh, Music Applause faster than us. When we walk. I was theres a lot of poop here. Dont forget this is hugos poopy place here you go right right boy, huh its your poopy place right, your poopie […]

Epic RC Muscle Car! Kyosho 1970 Dodge Charger Supercharged VE Fazer Review | RC Driver

This is the new kyoto 1970 dodge supercharged ve on the phaser chassis, and i actually got this in four days ago. I havent been able to review yet got a couple other projects that i had to finish up first, but i put this on tick tock. It did a short unboxing, threw it […]

This TINY FPV RC Car is NOT what I expected….

This has got a tiny little motor, servo receiver, esc all smashed into this teeny tiny little hot wheel, sized car. This is actually smaller than a hot wheels and we had a blast running this thing around on the table, especially compared to this. You know you can buy these at like walmart for […]

5 best rc mini crawlers of 2022 – top indoor crawlers

I know the year is still young, but so many are stuck indoors and no better way to pass the cold weather than with our sea crawling inside the house. We are going to define many crawlers as anything smaller than 1 10 scale, so its gon na run the range between a few sizes […]


Skills and camera skills are going to be half decent and i can get a good enough video to show you what ive got today and oh im so excited lets just jump in and show you so ive got the brand new hpi wra subaru now im so Excited ive just literally cut the […]

SCX24 Gladiator Unboxing and Review! Is This The Best SCX24 Yet? 4K60

I think i know whats in the box, but were going to need to confirm so lets check it out. Get that opened up, get this stuff out of the way. Yes, indeed, i really really did not think this was coming this soon and i am super super excited about it. Weve got the […]

Rechargeable Electric Toy Car For Kids| Toy Review | Big ATV Kids Car |Remote Control and Manual

So for todays video we have flex nuts and speedo long press power button, uh c speedo is handled up to 100 kilograms as per the seller, Music, music and then buzzer. To stop the music press, the power button headlights then speed down, then speed up, reverse forward and then parking Music outside foreign […]

Unboxing & Review RC 1/10 Full Propotional RTR 450rban! WPL D12 Mirip Suzuki Carry 1.0 Pick-Up

We Carry Carry 1000 ya kalau di Jepang, sih masuk ektrak, Yazidi terkecil gitu tapi mood, neduke dari, PPL, ini, namanya, wprld, 12, ya, ini, mainin, sih, lagi, ya, di dunia, RC, cukup viral ya, Hai skema, hebat, parizo, untuk, beli, dan gua mau nge review, gitu, Oke, jadi Ini, Ah apa mobile tuh, penggerak […]

Review RC Car 8wheels

I ln rng v nm vn quay y m xe hi nafate unplayable, nickel, UT Austin morris c t do vt y vy, thi, ngy, v, anh c Gi. I tr con cng bit: l bi test li ca, mi l, ca, mi, lippi, nh, cc bn, bt c cho, vy Anh, mun, hai, nn […]

Top 5 Best Biggest Nitro RC Trucks In 2022

I made this list based on my personal opinion, and my goal here is to help you find the right one for your needs for the best prices and more information about the top 5 best biggest nitro rc trucks in 2022 check out the links in the description Below before we start, i have […]

Unboxing Hummer Car Review To Challenge Sport Car

I cant scratch im missing a piece that completes a whole part of me and open wounds. Courtesy everybody come here gather round, welcome to the creek, so the best in town. What the hells wrong with me i dont get along with anybody. Honestly ive been living in my own head, constantly thoughts. Jumbled […]