ARRMA Felony 6S RC Car Test / Review / Binding & Calibration / LED Upgrade / Speedtest

Ich euch was der verein in der praxis, so kann viel, spa mit diesem, video Musik, nach meinem, schnellen, einstieg, mit dem armageddon v5 weiter auf der suche nach einem klner sieg das, aber mehr fr onroad und hohe geschwindigkeiten ausgelegt sein sollte die suche, fhrte, mich zu taxis, Oder ist sie dem wohl schnellsten […]

SMART Budget Charger For All RC Car Batteries – Spektrum S155 G2 Quick Look | RC Driver

I totally know where youre coming from nobody has time to deal with those things. You need a better solution. Of course, i am here to help you out. I recently just got in this spectrum s155 smart charger to check out, and i actually really like it, its a great, affordable compact charger that […]

239 special!!! JW mini Review #13 Jeep wrangler RC water and land

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Remote Control Car Stunt RC Car Crawler Off Road Truck 360 Degree Rotation Unbox Drive

Music howdy thanks for joining me. Im wayne picked up another radio control car here. This is called double wheel. 360 stunt car says flip double stunts. Lets open. This see what we can do with it here. Okay, get him out of here your instruction manual for what it is one page, okay, now […]

Vmax HX713 RC Helicopter 🚁🔥 | Unboxing | Review | #Hengxiang

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Turbo Racing 1:76 RC Car video review

We dachten het is de turbo racing. Schaal 1 op 76 arsi klaar en die is een rally door. Hun gemodelleerd naar de mini en in 6 kleuren beschikbaar schaal 1 op 76 dus en dat is klein maar, wel, gewoon frequency, hopping 2.4i gerds besturing volledig proportioneel, rijdt, maar, liefst, 40 minuten op een, […]

Rcworld : Mercedes AMG G-63 Rastar rc car 1:14 scale review part 1, the unboxing

So if you just want to go – and you know, click to like the resolutions advanced and then you guys can see, the list will find 2k 60 frames per seconds because im actually recording it right now at 60 frames per second, so Music, Music. Welcome to the uh car reviewing the details […]

FTX Outback 3 Paso Review – CHEAP First Crawler?

3 peso were going to see what comes in the box were going to take a look at the actual rig itself, talk over some of the pros and cons and look at some of the features and then well take it out for a little trail. So you guys can see what its like […]

RC boat Mono "DOMINATOR" unboxing, assembly and review!

Welcome back to the channel now last video you see, we did a review on the mini kyosho and the thing was pretty: damn cool its actually sitting right here behind us thats, the one, but in the video before that we did a rebuild and a review on A boat called the twin cat […]

Team Corally Sketer 1/10 Scale 4s Unboxing and Review

Kerali skeeter for us Music Music lets see what he got on there, starting on the outside of the box. It got the you know, you can see it. 16 millimeter big board aluminum shock absorbers. You have aluminum aluminum shocks, shock towers. You have um these supposed to be some a stronger dips on […]

Turbo Racing 1/76 Scale Hobby Grade RC!

Little monster truck it comes in this cool box, got it kind of like going up a little mountain here. I want to take a quick look at the box. Well, get everything taken out im not going to do like a full unboxing or anything like that, but just want to show you what […]

CHEAP Hobby Grade RC Car Traxxas Latrax Prerunner Review FAIL

Welcome back to the channel! Welcome back to rc vlog guys we are at indy rc world! Yes were doing camera yeah! I got a camera. We got some kids playing outside uh were were at, were here club racing, but thats not actually what this vlog is about. We are going to be unboxing, […]