DEERC Brushless 302E RC Car 4WD 1/18 Scale Off Road Monster Truck

This is from drc. I have the 9310 that i got as a christmas present like two years ago and i have the um 9200e. So i already have two drc cars. Both of them are brushed. This one will be my first brushless drc, rc car. There we go. The 302 e all right […]

What The Heck is Rock Bouncing? Axial RYFT – REVIEW

What exactly rock bouncing is with the axial riff, but before we do that first lets do a quick overview. The axial rbx 10 rift is a 110 scale. Four wheel drive completely ready to run rock bouncer available in two colors for the ready to run version orange and black, and there is a […]

REVIEW 2022 Lexus RC And The Other Update. |Pricing|Engine| Ex And Interior|

The rc is an interesting car because it looks inherently sporty. However, it fails to live up to that illusion. That makes us question stepping up to the more powerful rc 350, either with or without the f sport package. Those looking for luxury and performance from a two door coupe should consider one of […]

Zest4Toyz RC Racing Toy 2.4 GHZ Remote control car lights| UnboxingTestinginTeluguToytv

Okay, friends packing children challenge our manchester united, the lock button and push the battery cover one after another. We can open the battery car and restart okay.

Wow F1 Sports RC Car 💝😎

Music. Please, Music is Music. If you think that you got it, dont stop hands up. Put your money where your mouth Music up put is money where your mouth is: Music Applause, Music, Music Music is Music, ah Music, but they dont have a clue: Music, Music change. Yeah.

Best budget street car? | Losi V100 69’ Camaro unboxing, review and top speed run! Is it any good?

Looking 69 chevy camaro from losie Music. A couple months ago i got my traxxas c8 corvette and um its a ton of fun. I saw this thing come out. Im a huge fan of the old camaros and just old muscle, cars in general im also checking out the kyosho dodge challenger with the […]


It really just says rock climber: okay, so were gon na, give it for a rip outside and do some off, roading and stuff coming up hills. Well, try it out lets turn the remote on pretty simple remote different speeds turn the truck on its pretty big. As you can see, this is my […]

Worlds fastest RTR RC boat? Twincat V2, Unboxing and Review!

We just built up um its an arma corrally hot racing love child got the smoking rc sprayed on there. I did all that freehand was with uh tape and and a knife so were definitely still working on the road rigs, but were heavily into boats now. Actually theres one in the trade we […]

RC Police Car 😍 !! How Awesome it is….?!! Unboxing and Review Testing

All i need is you tonight. If you shut your eyes, keeping them closed. Music all night give our hearts a new beginning when we as much Music, Music time, oh Music, Music as much Music, so Music, wake up baby. All the stars are shining here. We should stay up so that we can […]

Monster 4×4 Truck – RC Truck Unboxing and Review

Lets go Music Applause, Music, Music, Music.

Black Spider-XT 2CH RC Helicopter – Indoor Flight Review of a $10 Bargain

This time, whoa whoa whoa, i dont, know ah Music. I crashed this wltoys v912, pretty bad outdoors im going to put myself in the doghouse im, downgrading myself from large outdoor second or third helicopters to toy helicopters. Music. Greetings: rc friends, welcome to props and wheels and to another episode of budget rc […]

Are YOU Spending Too Much On Lipos? [Ovonic Rebel Review]

These batteries were provided to me by evonik for the purposes of this review. That being said, they gave me no direction on how to make this video and they will not be seeing it before i release it. Whatever i say here is gon na, be my own opinion, whether its good or bad […]