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Turbo Racing C72 Upgraded 1/76 Sports Car Quick Review

Its a little scale, eclipse check it out, looks really awesome a little different from the previous one that i showed the c71, and so this one does come with an upgrade from the previous one. This is the side of the box here check it out. The newest upgrades are in blue, the throttle […]

Land Rover RC Crawler Review – Under $100

I got for only like 60 70 on amazon, so lets get started. So basically, this is the front of the car, so land rover defender has nice lights over. Here i put a british license plate, i think its supposed to be for electric cars, but its okay. It is not your car. After […]

Special Car "9 Dollars For This?" Bootleg/generic RC car Review

This is special car Music um. I found this in a local store and its cool, because this one has been there for two years see right here hold on. Let me find it up here. It says 2019 and this card is basically very trashed. The packaging like left right here, clips more clips […]

Gen 7 Pro Review – Redcat's 1/10 Scale Trail Crawler

It is a balmy, seven degrees out. We got a big snowstorm coming in so hopefully well. Uh get most of this done before we get snowed out. Uh dude im looking forward to this one guys if you missed the unboxing, if you want to take a look under the hood of what everything […]

Bowhouse X-Maxx SVT Motor Mount Review [Updated Design!]

First, i want to talk about gears and motor mounts. The original x max motor mount came with a mount on the front and, on the back, take a look at this picture. You can see it mounts the entire motor straight down to the chassis and prevents the motor from being able to flex […]

Unboxing Color Glitter Wheels RC Car Challenge Car Sport

Never change play the game that we say: Music need to move on, to be what i want ill keep dreaming Music Music. When i chase like that yeah i play so strong with a knife in the back of my swing home, run like a baseball bat gon na see me rise up. You […]

LiteHawk lil tom 4×4 snowmobile challenge rc car review!

It has snowmobile tires so like first, let me start white. What like hop a light hawk is its basically, it sells. I think it sounds like remote control, uh, basically, toys or something like, for example, a remote control car. Oh sorry, my friend was there um yeah, so heres how it looks like […]

Traxxas bandit xl-5 review

This is the blue color and i find it to look very nice. Had this car for like a few days and very good, but its pretty durable its got a plastic frame uh. This bumper is pretty good um yeah. I have a little scratch in there and also um its got. Oil shock […]

Tamiya Buggyara Fat Fox 1/14 unboxing run and review

Actually, three dreams came true today when a friend accidentally put this for sale on facebook. I called him the morning in the morning, and i said what are you doing gone to my car drove over to his place and got it off him. My recent dream, since ive opened the road track is […]

Overland Adventure RC Car! Axial Jeep Gladiator Rubicon SCX24 Crawler Review | RC Driver

This is the new axial racing, scx24 jeep gladiator rubicon, and this might be my favorite scx24 today and i know im a little biased because i drive a real gladiator, but the proportions on this one are on point. I think its going to translate to some really good handling on the trails, and […]

RC Cars OFF Road 4×4 RC Jeep Cherokee vs RC Toyota Land Cruiser vs RCJeep Wrangler | Offroad Racing

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