The rc trim package stands for rock crawling and cannon delivers spectacular value in the 72 inch wide vehicle with premium suspension. Full underbody protection, cockpit enclosure, tall bead, lock, tires and racing seats equipped with four point harnesses. The 72 is also the most expensive two seat side by side canon sells while the […]

arrma rc batery adapter ic5 to ic3

I mean another rc uh video right here uh. This is a new rc that one of my family members got uh for christmas, uh, really nice uh, car, um and uh. What is this uh car? This is the arma typhoon 6s arma typhoon 6s 6s. What does uh six sales? No, no. I […]

Yamaha viper sr rc review and test

But this is the yamaha viper sr, snowmobile rc, just uh doing a test right now and um. Yes, im gon na flip around the camera and were just gon na do a little track from right there. So here you get the power and then well go outside and test. It lets snap okay. […]

Reviewing Bezgars RC Car

Actually, i think it was a couple weeks before christmas and um yeah. This could be a review on the bezel car um, remote control, uh car and its actually really good for its price. I mean it was, i think, either. I think it was at the time around 35 pounds or 40 pounds […]

RC driving through snow review

Look at the tires theyre 10 times 10 times bigger. Look at the other one too: oh, my god, oh holy crap smells pretty soft, so go straight. Holy smokes hit, the fuller hit the folder. So so there you go guys in typing pool. We go Applause. It was a good, so Music! So […]

Arrma Vorteks 4×4 VXL 1/10th Scale RC Review

I really wish we had something. That was a lot faster that we could race with well lucky for him. Ive been already looking into this into the 110th scale rc cars for about the past year, stuff, like the slash, the rustler, the vortex and a few others, some of which havent been made […]

Wltoys WPL C24-1 RTR Crawler RC. Toyota Hilux 1982 model. Review and Testing. Rad!!

I bought an rc, a cheap crawler, rc and yeah. I bought it off the internet under a hundred dollars, its a 116 scale. Three at the heart looks from 82 and its nice guys they gave me they gave some stickers and i kind of modified them theyre, mainly for trimmings for Music for […]

Top 5 Best RC Rock Crawlers Kids and Adults Review 2022 – Corded Electric, Battery Powered Crawlers

Every truck may be a perfect gift for your kid or team lets dive into the video to get the best rc rock crawler, for you number one most popular soy, rc off road monster truck soyee is a professional rc. Car manufacturer enjoy running your car. If you have any questions about maintaining tuning […]

LAEGENDARY Remote Control Car – 4×4 Off Road RC Cars

So today i have the legend rc truck from legendary, quick disclaimer. This was sent to me for a review. I have wanted one of these for a long time, but just never got around to getting one, and it is definitely a lot of fun playing with these. As a kid i get to, […]

✅ Top 6 Best RC Amphibious Cars 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Such model cars are known as the best remote control amphibious cars and are specially designed to trudge through any dry surface, including water. Besides, they have powerful motors and are made of durable materials of premium quality. If you are looking for that kind of remote control vehicle, then let us assure you that […]

Brushed vs. Brushless motors – Top 8 reasons why brushless

You eight reasons why you should use them for rc cars, fast cars and crawlers, and im going to give you two reasons why you shouldnt use them curious. Okay, what we have here is a brushed motor in 540 size and a brushless motor in 540 size as well, and first im going to […]

LEGO Technic Formula E Porsche 99X Electric Review (2022 Set 42137)

Now this set comes with 422 pieces. Retails for 65 in canada and uh. Well, it is a 65 technic race. Car technic builds are usually the most straightforward. All we have is the car here so were going to just jump straight into talking about it. So to start here, when i saw this […]