Diatone Q33 1/76 FPV RC Car review gone wrong | MaiOnHigh

So eric and james comments, so heckle will join me today for the review of the new diatom rc fpv car, and i think it should be. You know like done by two people right, because i mean just flying around flying around driving around yeah no were gon na have a proper way. Something […]

5 Best Short Course RC Truck Upgrades and Mods – Using Team Associated Pro4 SC10

Five best upgrades, i think, in order or priority as well, most important, to least important, so the example were going to use. Is this steam associated pro4 sc10, a beautiful little model for 340 bucks click here for my review on this vehicle 340 is not a lot. You can also get a 400 […]

NEW Traxxas X-Maxx Sledgehammer Tire Review! [Running at End]

So i thought i would do a quick video of them just wanted to give you my first impressions of them and some dimensions and weights and things. So this is the new sledgehammer tire, its kind of hard to get the whole thing in shot here for future videos. I will create a better […]

HBX DEVASTATOR – Mini-Crawler REVIEW – Indoor/Outdoor

Music were going to do a quick overview of this were going to show you all the coolness about it and then were going to run it on our indoor course that we built before we do that well, take it outside on some real rocks. This is good for outdoor conditions, but its great […]

Traxxas Toyota Supra GT4 Review – Something Very Special – Scale Looks, Performance and Durability.

This one is very special. This is something that ive purchased for myself. I really get excited about an rc car, but this one i just love the body. I love the the wheels on it are amazing and the scale features are just incredible. This is going to be my one of my favorite […]

Blaze buggy RC car review

We are doing an unboxing video because last time card came didnt steer one way so lets see if its going to steer this time. Literally, i have a whole other video of me unboxing, this exact same rc, car, literally screwdriver and charger in here. Okay, i cannot show you guys on camera me […]

MN 98 Camel Trophy Limited Edition. Rc Defender D90. Unboxing & Review. Rc Sinhala. Rc Sri Lanka.

My Music Music is Music foreign, Music, Music, um Music swear. I wont forget this. Why do i regret this and my mind? Reckless thoughts are feeling endless sitting up on breathless anxieties, infectious, i feel so defenseless betrayed and embarrassed. I hate being open. I hate being broken. I feel like an ocean filled […]

Rc 1:16 Heng Long "Panther" Tank Review

It is fun to imagine what the germans could have accomplished by sharing parts and simplifying production between the tiger and panther tanks. This tank never did exist and it does have some interesting design quirks note the red headlight. That is only there, because i needed to cannibalize parts from this vehicle to give […]

New Wltoys 124016 / 3s Lipo Test & Review

So here we have the w atos one two, four zero one, six, so uh the same, like the one. Two four zero one: seven, unlike the eachine e14 and all the models coming out with brushless system. We know we have a little bit of cogging problem, the one more or less lets open […]

Haiboxing Hailstorm V2 Review + run

Just really quick, coming out of the box is the truck nicely packaged very safe. A few things. I noticed right off the top opening this truck up. Ive. Never had one of this brand before one ive got metal, driveline components, the shocks are pretty nice, youve actually got aluminum adjusters on them. The […]

New Traxxas Xmaxx 8S Sledgehammer Tires Install and Review WideMaxx RC Car

Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to the rc vlog guys. Today we got some packages, theyre right there, one of them. I know what it is and im pretty excited about, because its gon na make me drive one of my favorite cars. Oh wait, wait you see what it is lets get […]

2040 RC – OKTAY BUMPER AND MORE: review of bumpers and 7075 aluminum parts for ARRMA, TEKNO, CORALLY

Here i am bjorn and uh. Today, i wanted to talk with you about rt, bumper and more rt is a small company based in germany that produce a lot of rc part for a wide range of branches such as techno team, coralie and many others. Of course, the house speciality of the bomb […]