So this is my former bmw, 3 series micro rs4. So it was this old m3 and you can see now the wheelbase is shorter, so i had to replace the belt for a 116 t belt and shorten the wheelbase to 140 millimeters, so thats one of the first things i did, and why […]

Hand Sensor RC | Gesture Twist Stunt Car | Unboxing and Review

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Eazy rc glacier review wtf happened

I actually used to have one of these when i was a kid, but it was a two wheel drive and it was a real piece of, and it gave me all kind of trouble. So i hope this one doesnt give me all kind of trouble, but i know the gears in this thing: […]

RC McLaren P1 GTR review

So lets get in with the video, so um in three two one boom is this mclaren p1 gtr racing car rc, so its pretty detailed, its pretty detailed like the remote, is like a little yolk steering wheel. I think thats, what its called got like a rope thing to tow the car heres, […]

Die Cast Climbing King Remote Car Unboxing | Rough to Drive| Remote Control| Rc Rock Crawler |Rc car

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Hot Wheels Rc 1:64 Scale Batmobile Un-Boxing& Review (The Batman Movie 2022) #hotwheels #batman

Okay, you guys. Today we have hot whales, rc 164 scale, the new, the batman, the batmobile rc, and this is from the movie the batman new remake coming out soon. I think its already out in theaters so go check that out um. This is a 164 scale, comes with one car, one, remote […]

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Universal RC Offroad Car 😘😘| Amazing Speed | Drift Climbing Car | Unboxing and Review

I dont wan na miss a thing. We can sleep under the stars. We can sleep under the stars or hang out in hotel bars driving somewhere in your car. We can sleep under the stars. We can sleep: Music, hey, Music, Music, hey Music lets make the most of this night come on. Baby […]

5 Best Remote Control Car ||RC car|| Die-Cast 4 Wheel Drive Metal Car

Four wheel drive metal car. It is suitable for kids, age 3 years and above the toy car measures 22 by 6 by 5. Centimeters and weighs 259 grams, this toy car features front and rear lights and music. It is a work of exquisite craftsmanship and has a clear finish. This die cast. Toy […]

REVIEW of AMAZING RC Dump Truck 1/12 I RC Truck Action Studio

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Treal Ryft Trailing Arms and Steering Link Set Review

So lets take a look all right so heres. What we have two sets of purple trio, riff, trailing arms and one purple front, steering link front, steering links been holding up great so far, but i put uh rock ray trailing arms on this thing. As soon as i got it, pretty much did […]

RC Hackers 2s Battery Review – 5200mAh 60C 7.4V Lipo

Insiders were going to start off down here in the bunker. Today were going to do a quick review of of these rc hackers batteries that they sent to us. Uh new company here guys theyre trying to get their name out. They say that they make quality batteries for everything lipo, including drums helicopters, […]