RC Car Review "CEN b5o" Scale Monster Truck

This is andrew at third coast rc in houston, im going to bring you another review of a uh of a truck that weve been taking a look at recently as we try and expand our product line here at third coast rc. We dont just sell any trucks. We only sell the ones that […]

Watch this video before you buy this ESC. ISDT ESC70 Review

So when it comes to escs me right now, i am running a brushed motor, so i need a brushed esc. Class 1 does have a regular axial dynamite. Esc thats, fine, just fine other rigs of mine. Do have this hobby wing quick, run 1080 and, of course this is the absolute standard when […]

Review of my Traxxas Maxx v1

This is the v1. Not the v2 um ill put a link to the v2 down below because they do not make the v1 anymore and ill put a link to my local library store, fna cycle down below and if youve been watching some of my other videos, i hope you enjoy Them but […]


com, kalau, kalau, Membeli Pelni model nih original original daripada tuh Betty yang dibagi atau software 500 masa Haji, kecil coba, Tempat compartment, DVD memang kecil tuh manual De ribet, Inggris fettucine tuh, Bahasa, Inggrisku, Hebat, cetir, punya, tempat, fungsi, fungsi dos istri, untuk charging, semua, tuh, lampu, kurang, Nah, bagi, ke. Funny Sori yang […]

HBX 18859a Initial review & Field testing

98. That was close. This is an 18th scale straight out of the box. This thing is brushless, has oil filled shocks and, of course, its four wheel drive yeah. This thing is sweet. It came with two bodies: yeah, this one came with two bodies like all these hp xs. It comes with extra […]

Blomiky 9125, DUAL MOTOR RC monster truck, unboxing, bashing and review

It was not uh driving it in the snow, the hard packed snow, just kind of you know, driving it around the yard, doing donuts and stuff like that, and it got wet and uh did not like that, and i had to pull it apart to fix that Thought it was maybe a fluke […]

DumboRC X6A 2.4G 6CH Transmitter With X6FG Receiver Review – Best Cheap Transmitter With Gyro

4, gigahertz, transmitter and receiver, and this is the new dumbo rc x6a. Now this is the latest version, its not what you see on the box, if i flip it around here. It is this one here, which is what i believe to be the newest version of it. So lets get it out. […]

✅ Top 5 Best Remote Control Bulldozer 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

To give you a fun time. The best remote control excavator comes with a rotating shovel lighting and sound effects. Among other things, it is easy to acquire and have fun with the correct kind of rc excavator, with some basic understanding about the features age range and budget, with a remote control, bulldozer of […]

EAZYRC 1 18 Glacier RC Crawler 4×4 Offroad Truck Hobby Grade Remote Control Car Review, Nice replica

Everything is nicely bolted there as well. Metal connection points has the lights. You can see the wiring there. Everything looks well done coming up to here. Um, you got the back. You got the little mirrors there, they dont do anything. They just are there im turning it over to here and just showing […]

WPL D12 rc review

A car mines got graphics on it and uh. This is mine right here, thats astons or subscribe to my channel and also subscribe to astons his channel is whats. It called a l, bros l, a l bros, with a zed on the bros hes, just hes, really new to youtube hes just made […]

WPL C-14 unboxing and review! (Broke it!)

Why? Because why not 58 bucks uh? They sh, took great care when shipping. This thing, you can really tell so today im going to be unboxing and reviewing this wpl c14 Music, alright, guys so way. Back in the day, you know back when wpl sucked uh i had one of these little b16s […]

Cheap & Fun RC Car Kit! Tamiya Subaru BRZ ZD8 TT-02 Quick Look| RC Driver

Looking for a really cool kit to build or youre just a tamiya fan, you are in the right spot today were going to take a quick look at the subaru brz tt02. Now the brz body has been out before i actually owned. The tt01 type e version. So im really excited to have […]