Spinmaster The Batman Movie 2022; The Batmobile 1:20 scale RC review

The batman from the 2022 film today were taking a look at the spin masters 120 scale. Batmobile rc batmobile theres, going to be two versions of this theres, a larger scale, one which i think has certain features and i think, light up features as well. This smaller one here is priced at 19.99, […]


Why is that? Not long after i got this thing, i was about ready to toss it in the trash. In fact, as we speak, it has a broken rear, steering knuckle and the wing mount and wheelie bar is currently held on with wire, mainly just for the sake of the video. I dont […]

YONCHER YC 400 my review fr. RC car 1/10 Pit stop

Mais du coup voil en revenant la maison, je suis forc de je me suis sentie force de mtrailler parce que en fait justement des jets. Taient dans un terrain avec beaucoup de sable et je crois que hunter se dbrouille bien dessus mais plusieurs occasions. Jai entendu les engrenages un peu coinc parce que […]

Diatone Q33 Kart Racer 1/76 RC Car

Q33 176 scale, cart, racing, rc car, and so this little guy comes in an fpv form. I think thats most popular, but i opted to get the one without fpv and without the transmitter, because i watched another channel and they were reviewing this guy and they were talking about the transmitter and the […]

A big review of all my RC cars.

So this is a traxxas trx4 sport team associated cr 28, a traxxas max and arma granite voltage and today well be reviewing them all. So lets start with the trx4, so this is my first ever hobby grade car. This is what started them all. I got them in this order. I got this […]

Bugatti Divo Remote Control Car Model Demo Unboxing Review by Miebely

I am eric, and today i am excited to uh, introduce you to this nice beautiful brand, new bugatti that you can own yourself. Finally, an affordable bugatti. Of course this is a remote control scaled car. This is a 1 12 scale of a bugatti. This is by a company called mibli, and this […]

Rc car review

The first one is this military tank here. It is like not really a tank, but its a six by six. Its all wheel drive um this one costed, me 65, its like an 18 something – and if you look at the bottom, these are not stock. I actually upgraded these. These are metal […]

First impression REVIEW of Haiboxing 1:18 Scale RC Monster Truck 18859E

com so everett decided that he wanted to buy an rc monster truck with some of his money. So this is the one that he chose. He ordered it off amazon and it came yesterday, and so we thought wed give our first impressions of it. So what did it come with everett? It came […]

[Review] DriftArt 2.5 CC Why is it so good? | Unboxing & Test Drive

5 classic edition, which is the standard edition for the current drift art series. This one is sent to me by reef art itself and he is kind enough to pre build it for me, and here it is. I appreciate your test drive. I think i will um. He just did that so uh […]

JConcepts Rupture 1.9 RC Crawler Tire Review – ultimate climbing tire test

Music whats up guys, francis here from rc review and what we do is we provide insightful objective information about rock crawlers and upgrades, and today we are going to reveal the most important upgrade of them all. If youre new, here this rc review, how you can help us is by clicking on the […]

NEW ARRMA FIRETEAM 1/7 6s Assault Ripper 😱 Review & Run 1

I feel absolutely honored to get one of these new models. What you guys are looking at here is the all new one. Seventh scale 6s arma fire team assault vehicle once again guys arma has absolutely killed it. This is a huge home run in the style department, huge hats off to jason darden […]

✅ Top 5 Best Remote Control Fire Truck 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Firefighters are undoubtedly the heroes without capes to have a glimpse of their life or to intrigue. Your kids about this profession, rc fire truck, is a nice medium and when we talk about the best remote control fire truck those models come with impressive design. Powerful motors and dont fail to give you a […]