Rc car review

The first one is this military tank here. It is like not really a tank, but its a six by six. Its all wheel drive um this one costed, me 65, its like an 18 something – and if you look at the bottom, these are not stock. I actually upgraded these. These are metal […]

First impression REVIEW of Haiboxing 1:18 Scale RC Monster Truck 18859E

com so everett decided that he wanted to buy an rc monster truck with some of his money. So this is the one that he chose. He ordered it off amazon and it came yesterday, and so we thought wed give our first impressions of it. So what did it come with everett? It came […]

[Review] DriftArt 2.5 CC Why is it so good? | Unboxing & Test Drive

5 classic edition, which is the standard edition for the current drift art series. This one is sent to me by reef art itself and he is kind enough to pre build it for me, and here it is. I appreciate your test drive. I think i will um. He just did that so uh […]

JConcepts Rupture 1.9 RC Crawler Tire Review – ultimate climbing tire test

Music whats up guys, francis here from rc review and what we do is we provide insightful objective information about rock crawlers and upgrades, and today we are going to reveal the most important upgrade of them all. If youre new, here this rc review, how you can help us is by clicking on the […]

NEW ARRMA FIRETEAM 1/7 6s Assault Ripper 😱 Review & Run 1

I feel absolutely honored to get one of these new models. What you guys are looking at here is the all new one. Seventh scale 6s arma fire team assault vehicle once again guys arma has absolutely killed it. This is a huge home run in the style department, huge hats off to jason darden […]

✅ Top 5 Best Remote Control Fire Truck 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Firefighters are undoubtedly the heroes without capes to have a glimpse of their life or to intrigue. Your kids about this profession, rc fire truck, is a nice medium and when we talk about the best remote control fire truck those models come with impressive design. Powerful motors and dont fail to give you a […]

1/76 scale RC car review II Malaysia II

Semua sekali ini, lebih company, so inilah dp, nya, spesifikasi, dia, Abadi, bukan, dekat, sini, dimulai, ada, byla, dia, boleh, main selama, peminat charging, yasbi Takeshi, batre, cuma, menggunakan, A75, milem, Lippo J.Lo, so simulation taye, pun, Ade, semua, Hai, dan tangguh, Hai, cowok, Alquran, petikan, Negeri, Ini, dia, Punya kaitan nih pak, simple pakai […]

My Pit Space Soldering Station Review

Today i will be doing my first rc2 review ill, be talking about my pit space second generation soldering station. If you like, the video please subscribe like and share lets start whats new about the second generation mypit space soldering station. I will start with a quick comparison between the old one and the […]

Custom 73 Bronco with Trailer build – best crawler build project

This is an odd scale about 1 11th. So the proportions had to be right here. It is during the measuring phase. You never know what youre gon na get, so you got ta test fit a brass welded chassis was made specifically for this to be rigid and supportive, and here it is on […]


The rc trim package stands for rock crawling and cannon delivers spectacular value in the 72 inch wide vehicle with premium suspension. Full underbody protection, cockpit enclosure, tall bead, lock, tires and racing seats equipped with four point harnesses. The 72 is also the most expensive two seat side by side canon sells while the […]

arrma rc batery adapter ic5 to ic3

I mean another rc uh video right here uh. This is a new rc that one of my family members got uh for christmas, uh, really nice uh, car, um and uh. What is this uh car? This is the arma typhoon 6s arma typhoon 6s 6s. What does uh six sales? No, no. I […]

Yamaha viper sr rc review and test

But this is the yamaha viper sr, snowmobile rc, just uh doing a test right now and um. Yes, im gon na flip around the camera and were just gon na do a little track from right there. So here you get the power and then well go outside and test. It lets snap okay. […]