Turbo Racing C73 Worlds Smallest RC Car Review And Racing Track Test

Micro, rc vehicles, banggood were kind enough to send me these little vehicles for review. So i can see if the hype behind these vehicles is real or not. I must admit, im really excited to actually get them out of the box, testing them and giving you my thoughts and opinions on these little […]

Mini Maxx(?) Review

Is this hobby grade or not richie, but richie is going to put this car through the head on wall test in this video and well see just how tough this baby is well. First of all well handle a knock, oh fairly, brutal Applause, but it survived the richie head on wall test without […]

Best remote control car | RC car under 1000, 2000 on Amazon | best car review |

I recently bought this racing car by wire squats for my little car enthusiast. This is an excellent toy for kids aged 3 years and, above especially those with a need for speed. Let me share some more details about it. The car is battery operated and remote controlled Music. It also comes with a […]

The 70mph RC Car That Nobody Talks About – Unboxing & First Run

Oh matt, matt, formerly known as game rally, yeah welcome. Hello were going on a bit of a road trip, whats up guys, cjr here and once again, im joined by matt, the artist formerly known as gamer alley, and we are headed to our local rc shop flight craft in kitchener ontario. To pick […]

Subotech CoCo 1:24 RC Truck Unboxing & Outside Test Drive

I just believe i showed you yesterday its a little 124 fully uh proportional its a cool little car. I, like it a lot its really worth, trying to make it brushless, maybe in the future, but even without brushless, its still really good. You really cant go bad when a car is this small […]

Remote Control Cars, Holyton 1:12 Large Scale Dinosaur Monster RC Trucks, 4WD Liftable Chassis

We got another exciting video for yall, so this is an rc monster truck for ages, eight and older. This is the de 61 remote control monster, truck its a 112 scale, elevating cases our chassis, um, 2.4 g. Four wheel drive lets, get unboxing so guys every single video and every product i review. […]

RCcar JY88 Unboxing test and review(Great Car)

No tem nada, a ver com, o outro, no tambm, pelo, preo, j est vendo que eu te pedi muito mas, o carrinho t Qualquer coisa de espectacular nem por isto eu estou em, ct Evolution, t de Moraes, celulares e vamos, o coletivo bateria e eu falei, agora, Vamos comer gostar do rdio e […]

RC Mech “Robo Cannon” Review

So i can get back to some projects, but theres one thing: thats been taking up a lot of room in here lets check this thing out all right see what we got here, its pretty big and im, not a small guy thats, always a good sign was 99, nice, oh its got one […]

Unboxing Maybe RC Cars From My Friend's Gift

An open wounds, courtesy everybody come here gather round, welcome to the creeks are the best in town. What the hells wrong with me. I dont get along with anybody. Honestly ive been living in my own head, constantly thoughts. Jumbled round think i need a new lobotomy wait. All these thoughts are too negative. […]

Third time's a charm? LEGO Technic 42140 Transformation Vehicle building review

The first Control set of 2022, the 42140 App Controlled Transformation Vehicle LEGO, seems to like these simple tracked: RC vehicles. This is the 3rd incarnation in a few years.. The other two were still equipped with Power Functions and the infrared remote.. This is also the 3rd Control set with this price tag representing […]

REVIEW RCHACKERS 3S 2200mAh 11.1V 35C RC Lipo Battery with XT60 Plug [2 Packs] GREAT VALUE!

1 volt 35 c discharge rate rc lipo battery has xt 60 plugs on the ends of both batteries already soldered in place, and this is the Profile of the battery, you could see the length the width and the height pretty much an industry standard, the connectors on here industry standard, these output, connectors […]

Rochobby Type82e VW Beetle Scale RC Car – one of the best scale rc cars

It is the vehicle that the germans put forth to help their war effort and it became the beloved volkswagen beetle. So weve reviewed these two already: click click here for the jeeps willys 112 and over here for the Music kubelwagen, but today were going to cover this thing: theyre. 1. 12. This is […]