Drift Oragon: 3Racing Sakura D5 MR RC Drift Kit – Build, Review, and Test Run | RCDriftVlog

We are going to unbox and build the newly released three racing sakura d5. Mr, but first i would like to apologize to everyone for being in active, and that is why, for this comeback, video we are going to build the sakura d5. Mr second, i would like to thank south rc hobbies. Thank […]

FMS Suzuki Jimny 1/12 [Unboxing y review en español] (CC available)

He visto muchos vdeos de esta camioneta realmente me gusta porque, en la vida, real siento que es una carne est muy asombrosa y me encanta el nico, problema es que pues no la puedo, tener ya que aqu en mxico pues fue una edicin, limitada y pues prcticamente. Se, acabaron como pan caliente el […]

Eachine E19 Drone Flight Video And Review – You Need To See This!

So what we do were going to do a quick ground test first, although this vehicle or drone should, i say, does have a ground vehicle mode im not expecting too much at the end of the day. This is a drone, and the ground function is basically a gimmick, but were going to try […]

THE BATMAN 2022 Turbo Boost Batmobile RC Remote Control Vehicle Review

Do this hey guys me ho super son. Thank you very much, its the brand new batmobile. This is the new batmobile by spin master, and this is from the new, the batman movie. I am so excited. This has a turbo speed action button as well, apparently its a usb based droid. So its […]

TBU Merch Review: Spin Master Batman All-Terrain RC Batmobile

net and today we are taking a look at the spin master batman, all terrain batmobile rc vehicle um. This was released in 2021, its a mouthful, but it is basically an all terrain. Rc batmobile, despite the fact that theres various different descriptions of what exactly it is. This is a very interesting one, […]

WPL B36 Military Truck Unboxing And Review

def, emas, ngabeti charging, Semua tuh komplit Innovation, di semua, tipe, kita, udah, tuh, jangan, lupa, baca, tuh, Tampomas II, No banget, dokter, ini model, deh, Tapi, blm, punya model, teras, Koni, sumiman, janiah, kalau, 1, 16, tengok, kurimoti, pun, dibagi, biasa, saja, tuh, Paddle, kurang, kalau, Nagrek, pastikan, cari, Imo, yang bersesuaian, Dengan aslinya […]

2021 in review (epic destrucition of xmaxx and arrma limitless)

End review recap so heres the thing i know its been a while since i posted, but the reason i havent posted any videos is, i will show you most of this stuff. Is still broken and guys its expensive to fix it when all of them are broken. I actually just went through this […]

best rc car for the money.

I figured ill give the rally a shot and see how it goes. Let me get this out of the box and well look at it all right lets. Take this box looks like this box controller standard, traxxas controller a little bit different, but for the price point, a good controller heres, the car […]

yoncher yc400 RC car my review ;)

Petit rat notamment dans la notice parce que la notice ne dispose pas de toutes les pices comment: elles sont, a cest quelquun, a fait le commentaire jai oubli son prnom et je pense que cest un peu embtant parce que justement on est toujours tent de quand on A peur davoir cass au justement […]

FS-GT5 FlySky REVIEW – Set for RC drift car – SWAKOFPV

In my opinion, it is an excellent remote control for RC. It can perfectly fit many vehicles. I personally tested it on BUGGY, CRAWLER, MONSTER TRUCK and DRIFT CAR. I was very satisfied with all the RC vehicles, in which I put it to the test for the possible adjustments it can offer us lets […]

My Lego technic rc truck | review

I want to say this thing is pretty awesome. It has great spring, as you can see, on the back and in the middle. It actually has one big spring, so it can turn the front wheels really turn. I think its really cool me and my dad actually put a light kit on it. […]

Battery Review – Black Rockoo RC Batteries

Today i got a package sent to me by a new company thats, just starting up making uh rc batteries, and they sent me a couple and you want me to take a look at them test them and let them know what i think. So i wanted to share first impressions here with you […]