This would be kit number 58061 and their lineup pretty special car. I always like these. They got that f1 inspired, look also its kind of got the starship design to me. It was starting to leave the real buggies in the past a bit and move straight into the future love it uh still […]

How to: replace rc car motor(traxxas)

This video will apply to pretty much every rc car ever made, but in this video ill be specifically explaining how to install it in a traxxas rc car thing to know is if your motor is actually bad and a good way to know if your motor is Bad is if it has a […]

🌟Top 5 Best RC Car under $200 Reviews in 2022

Our evaluating process includes extensive testing features and prices. So if you pick the items featured in this video, you can be well assured that youre buying the best product possible. We update this listing regularly in the description below to make this list reliable at a later date. So if youre in a hurry, […]


This is actually a brand new body. Ive had this thing for about a month now um, i havent actually took this out with this body, yet i totally reinforced it um. I took some plastic out of like a little tool box there and put them where the shock towers are a few layers […]

RIAARIO 118 4×4 RC Monster Truck Review – 36 KMH High Speed!

Insiders today were going to introduce to introduce you guys to riario rc uh. They sent us this cool 118 scale. Basher um looks to be really cool, guys were just going to take it out of the box real quick here and then were going to get right to the review. This is what […]

RC Car 4WD Waterproof 46 km/h buyed from Aliexpress drive test

He conseguido en aliexpress como pueden ver tiene bastante caractersticas profesionales se puede decir porque tiene, doble, suspensin, es formula drive y medianas que son todoterreno y tiene tambin controladores de 60 amperios ac de manual podemos ver ubicaciones de espaciamiento que terremoto despus es algo muy importante que Me parece que se puede ver […]

OMP HOBBY SUPER DECATHLON review by Fat Guy Flies Rc

Guy flies, rc were out here at the avon park. Air models, association in beautiful avon park florida were going to take up the omp hobby decathlon super decathlon and uh lets see right either on left, aileron up elevator down, elevator right right or left rudder im running her high rate and low rates, […]

Best 1/14 4WD Buggy Review – Rlaarlo XDKJ-006

A new series on the channel were gon na, be calling this free car fridays or freaky fridays. Something like that, but uh yeah its a new series. If youve been following this channel for a while, you may have noticed we typically review pretty high end rc cars id say: probably the average price […]

My dream car 😍 🚗 | Just minute | Romote Control RC car review RS.261/-only #justminute #romotecar

Music is Applause. Oh my god, my Music energy battery Music, foreign foreign, uh Music, be Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2HlV6CFxEk


En spcificits techniques donc on voit queffectivement cest, lui, 1 76e que la radiocommande cdu 2.4 giga hertz que la voiture est quipe dune batterie li ion qui est dj inclus dans la voiture alors on va dj dball la voiture et la radiocommande, alors quest ce qui, inclut Cette premire bote donc il ya […]

Hpi baja 5 b SS review

Now this is just a quick review on how it is to build, but its the ss. Its the kit with the 26 6 cc engine on it now ive had it four years. Um the kit to build was absolutely first class. It was so much fun very easy to build because everything everythings […]

This One Is Special! FMS FCX24 Power Wagon Crawler RC Car & Giveaway | RC Driver

However, they went smaller, see the cars behind me, theyre 24 scale crawlers, which actually look really good, but we were hoping for 10th scale and you need to see these things all right check these out. These are the new power wagons from fms its on the fcx 24 chassis, and they look really […]