Which body’s should I use and a review for the injora 275mm

This is the traxxas guy, and i want to do a little bit of a thing where you guys look at bodies that i have im gon na put them on the truck, and i want you guys to pick which one so starting first, i have my old Stampede body and the ill tell […]

Power Craze Dune 24 rc car

. I got from walmart for 30 bucks, its uh, pretty tiny, probably about six inches long heres, a remote um, its got the steering right there, its to adjust and its got low and high speed so thats. Why i got this its very fun for being so tiny? I guess well, uh check […]

Climbing SUV | 1:18 Scale | Car Unboxing And Review #rccar #carsforkids

Music is Music Applause. Music Applause, Music is Music Applause. Music. Follow me follow me. Follow me: Music. Oh Music, me, Music, foreign, me, Music, okay, Music! Let you go Music: oh Music, fighting and ill. Never let you go. Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QHPf2xbEC4

Awesome 🥳🎉🥰😍 RC Bus City Bus | Unboxing and Testing , Review

No, i Music, but it still hurts. I didnt realize, and the music was so loud, Music girl. You should wear Music by myself, Music cause. I need you on the dance floor, 4am and we go home. I guess its history now and i shouldnt care, but it still hurts. I didnt realize it […]

Is This Cheap Stunt rc car Worth the Money??

It says on the box plus more so lets get right into it. So what this thing is supposed to do is do some wheelies, 360 spins and quick turns. I mean it says 360 spinning car, so i hope its gon na do that now. It also says we got some led lights and […]

unboxing the double stunt rc car

It comes with one car, remote controls, user manual, screwdriver, usb cable battery and rechargeable battery for the car. So then theyre not normal batteries, its just for the control they are so um. I already took it out just so. I dont waste your time, so i can just get the batteries and stuff […]

4 Top Best remote control car | চারটি সেরা রিমোট কন্ট্রোল গাড়ি #mohimjr

What we do here is go back back back Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlelDI6rmLs

RcFunKid Remote Control RC Stunt Car from Amazon

If you like, videos like this, so today were going to look at this rc fun kid 128 scale, four wheel drive stunt car here. What were going to do is were going to unbox this and then were going to take it outside and run it. So lets go ahead and get started now. […]

These R.C. Cars CAN'T BE BEAT!!!! UDI 1603 Lancer Delta.

Look at what you see just guys. The reason im so excited about this one is this body this. This little uh rally looks like a lancer sort of body. I mean, i think, its so cool. They make a couple different. You know options of these. Like the last like two days ago, i […]

Top 10 Best Rc Cars for Kid On Amazon

Also weve included options for every type of customer, so lets get started Music. At the first position of our list. We have j pod high speed, remote control car. You are looking for a kids rc car that appeals to the tween in your life. The j pod high speed car might be the […]

RC Offroad Car Vs 4*4 Car 😘😘| Amazing Speed | Rock Defender Climber | Unboxing and Review

I messed up on the bedroom door. What the hell do we do this? For i push you out. You come back that attraction. I cant fight that keep telling myself Music. We got Music Music. Tell me the things that i wan na hear i just wan na stay right here: Music, Music. We […]

#1 SCX24 C10 BUILD: Test & Upgrade Review

Well, i hope you guys enjoyed the first part of the video. So now were gon na get down to the breakdown of exactly what i have put into this little um. Scx. 10. Scx. 24. Excuse me uh, c10. Now, of course you know you see we got the midwid approved sticker on it […]