Expensive RC Hudy Tungsten weight review vs cheap steel weights what to consider

Now before i go into the hoodie products, this is the hudi tape. It is quite expensive, its about eight dollars for five sheets uh, but the sheets are incredibly thin, so theyre not really going to affect the weight uh of the weights that you add uh. Before this tape. I used to use […]

Top 5 Best RC Cars Reviews of 2022

Number five, the hbx all terrain rc car – can drive anywhere with a max speed of 30 miles per hour. Thanks to its astounding high grip off road tires, we tried it on a variety of surfaces and it just zipped along the remote controls. Distance ranges on the higher end maxing out at […]

FMS FCX24 Power Wagon with 2-speed & portals! Unboxing & Review

A couple cool features about this rig that sets it apart from some of the other 124 scale rigs out there. It is touted as the first one to have a two speed transmission, so were definitely gon na check that out also has portal axles for portal axle fans. It raises your axles off […]

Amoril 1/14 scale Rc unboxing and review

It is a is this going to be an unboxing today, all right so see what we get nice little card, just a reminder for beginners for uh assembly. You dont need that nice wing for the back of the car seems to be a nice flexible plastic, not too rigid, thats, good battery and […]

Cheating in professional RC Car Racing2022

If were going to do any better. Weve got some competition. Radio gear youve got a ready. Motor hobby wing. Esc gets really angry Music, Music and paint the body we want to race this tomorrow evening. I dont want to paint it last minute: Music, car ready for racing. The clock is ticking Music […]


I Hai nah Guys totalin kita udah selesai Unboxing Sekarang kita, mau ngereview, spesifikasinya dan apa yang ada di dalamnya, sini dan spesifikasi orangnya mangojack, digital ke, sinyal, langsung, dan ini, er, c nya, satu deket lain, satu banding, sepuluh ini, menggerakkan, roda, belakang, dan piramid di belakang. Oh masih menjadi Musik trainee, ini, full […]

Review RC/Remote Control Mobil Tank

I want to share this guys. I just bought a full FC remote control. Teng, ok, teng, ok lets just review it. First look at the box. The four waists are very panton, plus huh, OK Iskandar the battery remote or your peripheral moments., Okay, its like this telephone routing., Well, its like this., Okay, […]

Making a really slow rc car really FAST2022

So in the box you get instruction battery, crappy, motor and crappy speed, controller wow, i say crappy our own stuff, but were going to run it as it is first see how good it is or bad it. This one can actually do around about 80 mile an hour, so push phone suspension, front […]

RC Car Hyper Go H16H Review KRC ខេ​ អ ស៊ី

I li m bng t, l, n bng th ti sao ngi ta li bun, bun, nhng bn, bun m li Miu i ao v. I hay l, th khi m n, ba m n vt online hay c. I ta rt ring rt xt xa, no hay TodayTV min mt ngi kia, sao khi […]

초스피드RC카! 가성비1위! 90km/h 무선조종자동차 wltoys 144010 리뷰

Today we prepared an RC car where you can enjoy the best speed at an affordable price.. Its model name is wltoys 144010.. Its average price is around 100.. You may find this expensive., But this is a car that you can enjoy the best speed at an affordable price. For reference. There is no […]

Toy review-Dual Remote Control Tank Gesture Sensing RC Tank Electric Drift Car Battle Tank 360 RC

Oh wait its on both sides yeah nice. So this is a hand tracking movement, tank um, see as you can see, and theres. Also a remote control so were gon na open this open. Okay, Music, oh okay! First, how do you wait? Asmr, get close up, get close up, ready, listen! Ah, so […]

Proboat Recoil2 26" Self-Rightning Brushless Deep-V RTR Rc Boat Review

This is the recoil 2. Okay, uh this thing looks sick. You guys it looks. Freaking sick, uh, 26 inch, brushless, ready to run deep v. Rc bow okay, its ready to go. You guys uh include the 3s 3200 milliamps spectrum battery s 120, usb charger 35 miles an hour out. The freaking box, […]