It is your boy pj here pj boosted, uh, im, paul im here with chase, and today we got a little unboxing. Video were gon na, be doing uh and this ones a little special. For me, at least because it kind of brings back some good childhood memories. Um. I have not yeah. We […]

Axial SCX24 – Furitek Scythe CF and Stinger review – C&C RC Adventures

This is a completely stock. Scx 24 jeep um. You can see its just completely stuck no aftermarket parts whatsoever and they actually run pretty good out of the box just stock, but you know you can always make them better and and unlike a lot of people, i dont like to leave things alone. […]

RC Racing Rally Car😝😝 | 1:16 scale | RC Cross Country car testing and unboxing

I really wan na make you mine, hope something about you, Music, you yeah Music city, dancing, Music and as the ocean is surrounding me, baby im sure we lost track of time. Something about you gives me hope something about you, yeah Music is goes down Music. I dont really care. Music is Music […]

Hosim 1:10 RC RTR Remote Control Car X-07 Review

This time we have the wholesome x07 brand new rc car from wholesome it just came up on their website a few weeks ago and ive been fortunate enough to be able to get my hands on one and, as far as i know, this is going to be The first independent review of the […]

Traxxas hoss upgraded 5s review (Hulk) #castlecreations #hotracing #mamba #rc #rctruck #traxxas

I see Music still got bricks, Music, worldventures710 Music. I told you – i was gon na come a little bit different this time, Music, you my guys for the shout outs. The likes you know supports to share. I appreciate yall Music. I just want to get into this build with yall. You know […]

SLYMEBALLZ REVIEW and TEST! #scx24 #slymeballz #rccrawler

If you are into the sdx 24 scene, im sure youve seen these guys around theyre the flupper slime balls. These specific ones are actually the sv3 tks theyre for the trail kings here by little guy racing. If you follow my page, you know i love them, got them on the ultra. There got […]

Review – Team Magic E5HX Plus+ 4S – 1/10 Racing Monster

Ich vollgas durchgezogen habe mit den reifen irgendwann war es ein richter, wieder drin war, software wie die bar gefahren und es war, eigentlich super ich konnte das fahrzeug gar, nicht, richtig, ausfahren, vom top speed, her also wirklich brachiale power, drin verbaut ist ja, ein 3500 kv motor Von der leistung absolut top schnellste […]

Great value for money in remote control cars! 75km/h Alsica WLTOYS 124017 Review

Apologies for that uh. In the last video we took out the wl toys 124017 and i approved for anyone that wasnt too sure that i am still a noob and i cant drive cars very well. So in this video i thought wed bring it out wed turn the little power switch down a […]

The Only RC Car Kit You Need | Team Associated B6 Builders Support Kit

Now this is something that i was very fortunate enough to be able to work on alongside team associated and kurt winger, as well as with my buddy brad shearer, in order to develop a kit for anyone looking to complete a drag conversion or a dirt oval conversion That is associated b6 based. So […]

Losi Hammer Rey Review – The R/C U4 Racer

So today lets check out this off road beast see how fast it is and then just bash. The all new low c hammer ray for king of the hammer style, desert racing. The new hammer ray is officially licensed and modeled after the one and only trophy jeep, which is a real u4 race […]

A 14 year old reviews the birthday present of a 50 year old. Will they like a children's toy?

I got the power craze 2.0. I know nothing about this. Mini rc car should be fun, so were going to unbox it and see what we got here. So the power craze 2.0 goes 17 miles, an hour which i dont believe: 2.4 g rear wheel drive ready to run performance, shocks, 4×4 suspension, […]

Rc World : Rastar Porshe 911 GT3 RS 1:24 Scale Review

I came to the game and i changed it to play how i like rearranged it to my own domain yeah. I got what it takes made. Lots of mistakes taking shots, skipping breaks, feeling lost feeling great popping off singing straight. Never stop, never changed. All the squad here to play and ive got […]