STP Stocker #43 Richard Petty RC Car (Tyco)

This is richard: pettys number 43 stock car. Of course, richard penny is one of those drivers. I used to love watching growing up in the 70s. He was a pretty awesome. Dude drove some of the coolest looking nascar vehicles. My favorite car that he drove was that 1970 dodge super bird with the […]

Best RC Bait Boat Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Models Reviewed

So what are the price performance and particular use for more information on the products? Do i have to include the links in the description box below which is updated for the best prices, like the video do comment and dont forget to subscribe now, lets get started. Number 1. force 1 velocity, rc boat, […]

Jakks Pacific Mario Kart Mini RC Racer Unboxing & Review!

I am so sorry i wasnt able to post this weekend. I feel so bad for you guys today. I just wanted to say thank you for your support, so um today were going to be reviewing this mario kart rc, so um as you can see, they have mario with trimming. We actually have […]

Review of some budget servos for 1/16 to 1/8 RC cars, buggies or truggies

This is a surpass hobby, digital server, three five kilos, um all plastic, so like a two wheel, drive buggy, i suppose, and were gon na plug its metal geared 15 kilo brother in uh. This one is maximum of 23 uh, with the stall talk, but obviously were looking at 15. Normal range should […]


This is for mr c and i want to see this at school um. We are going to have all this plugged in which i already have in my receiver box um. I did have it mounted, but thats the sticky part to mount it with, but i might just end up im not sure […]


. If youre new to the channel, please consider subscribing to subscribe stuff. Just like this now ive reviewed this car before there are two variants, and today theres this combo pack, where you get two of these turbo racing cars and this kind of roll out mat where you can race them on its […]

Redcat Blackout SC – 1/10 Scale Short Course Truck Review

We took a week off last week, but this week, if you remember, we did unbox the redcat racing blackout sc. This is redcats short course truck. If you want to see whats under the hood and some of the particulars about the motor and everything guys ill leave a link in the description to […]


Today, the drc, 9000 e were going to unbox it go over initial setup were going to launch it off. Our ramp were going to hit the skateboard park. If you feel youd like to buy this car, please check out the link in the description below, as well as the promotional code enjoy upside […]

RC WLTOYS 124016 V2 Brushless || Unboxing & Review Ternyata Kenceng Banget !!

doc bonnya, sama link, nya, itu sudah, natal, Yaa tunggu, oh ya, ada, gambar, orangnya, juga, nih, Musik, Hai, Oke, kita, cara, Memasang baterai dulu ya, ada Hai, semua, yo, yo, tes Ini, udah, saya, pesenin Pattaya, the media pakai baterai empat buah, Hai, baterai, AA, Ya, saya, pakai, alkaline sama, sih, kayak, weltes, pada, […]

It's A RC Mario! Carrera RC Super Mario Kart RC Car

I mean here is my team associated rc 10b 6.1, and this will actually be soon getting upgraded with a b 6.4 thats right. Theres been three revisions since this car wicked fast easy to drive. Even i can win races with this car, but sometimes i want something that is more laid back, more […]

Rlaarlo 1/14 4wd buggy review part 2

I cant say enough good things about their customer service. Theyve been very great to work with and uh very apologetic about the issues that we were having with the first one that was sent to us – and this was here within uh within two days – uh as a replacement so and thats […]

Kyosho Mini-Z RC Collection. 1/32 scale Countach, Porsche 934

Ive got two radio controlled cars as in chassis with fitted bodies, auto scale bodies and then ive got a third auto scale body thats. The walter wolf contact. Lp 400 is s thats, another lp 500s, which is a one off car, thats, very well known and a porsche 934. I would say you […]