Big Car | RC Toy car review

I can show you the really big car todays video im showing the big cars whats. Your big car talking show Applause, Music, red box Music im, making a parking lot, how amazing Applause Music! You have this big car. You know Music me go buy your new car me, my father and my me […]

The Nicest 1/10 RC Rally Car I've Seen [FULL STOP!] – LC Racing PTG-2HK

This is an unscheduled video im not going to get to actually build and run this um for probably another weeks. Ive got so much more stuff to do, but i needed to just get it out of the box and give you a quick overview and just look at it, because it is probably […]

ARRMA KRATON (EXB)/ OUTCAST 8S // Das große Review

Ich euch sagen der ruf von ama und die, namen creighton und outkast die bringen auch groe erwartungen mit sich wir haben jetzt mittlerweile die ein oder andere ausfahrt gemacht und ich denke es ist zeit ein fazit zu ziehen, ein review, eigentlich ganz korrekt kalli, sondern, noch mal. So ein review machen von den […]

FMS Toyota FJ Cruiser Rock Crawler 1/18 scale – super realistic

Youll see my hands occasionally im using a insta360 go to camera, and i am gon na show you this nice new machine from fms its their new fj cruiser 1 18. Music. So so we are going to talk about it. Details pros cons, running video. I hired a new videographer to uh, get […]

FMS 1/18 FJ Cruiser Crawler Full Review – Definitely the BEST Mini RC Crawler Ever!

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DEERC DE43 RC Car Review – Is It Worth It Or Not?

I hope you are too were going to be doing a quick little review and of the deer rc de 43, but guys before we get started on that um, like i said, uh john, never responded guys to the drc de 36 w giveaway, so we are going To do a redraw for that […]

Element RC Toyota Tacoma RC Truck Chassis Details – scale truck build Part 2 of 2

I think that was my best one, because im a little bit buzzed all right, bodys off magnet mount and it looks like quite a piece of work. What what did you do? Yeah? What did i do? I took off all the stock electronics and replaced them with their electronics, so we got a […]

Raceable Basher RC Car! Arrma TLR Tuned Typhon 1/8-Scale Race Roller Buggy Review | RC Driver

On too you mean the tlr tune. Typhon this thing looks dialed. I know its going to be a killer patcher. I cant wait to send it dude its tlr tuned. It should hit the track no bro. I got this for a performance, basher theres, no way im sending this thing im just going […]

How FAST Is This NEW Budget Brushless RC Car from FTX? New Zorro.

You can see how fast it is on 2s and then were going to see how fast it is on 3s, if youre not seeing the on bunk, if youve not seen the unboxing and the review of this, i highly recommend watching that, but watch it after this Video see how fast it goes […]

Massive Load of RC Car Electronics Tools and Parts | RC Car Storage Unit Finds

Today we are going through stuff that came out of the rc storage unit, so its not its in my rc storage unit. I bought a guy out. I bought a big rc car lot ill, put a link in the eye above to where i bought it, but were going through stuff today and […]

Element RC Knightrunner Toyota Tacoma RC Truck – ultimate scale truck build Part 1 of 2

We have the fully modded version by neil on instagram at rc underscore. I am nmd nmd, okay, so first one was unboxing. Second one. We ran it on the trail and this third one. We let neils imagination go wild and he went at it exterior and if interior dont wan na change aint […]

CHEAP RC Car UNDER $70 – WLtoys 184011

Their speed claims well be testing that out, but first lets see what comes inside. The box in the box comes the instruction manual which you should read: a lithium ion battery and charger, a small screwdriver, your radio and, of course, the exciting superpower rc for a quick size comparison here. It is next […]