Chevy C10 R/C Drag Truck – Traxxas Drag Slash

Now, as you can imagine, this is a fully ready to run vehicle that comes assembled, including the electronics, the painted c10 body transmitter and more. There are a few items required like four double a batteries for the transmitter and a battery pack for the truck. Now, as many of you know, you cannot […]

Converting Brushed RC Car To 3S Brushless Part 1: It Failed

I’Ve got a car here that we’re going to put it into some of you may recognize this it’s been in the background of a few older videos. I’Ve had this car for a very long time waiting for something to do with it. I did originally have another car planned for this brushless system […]

Feiyue FY08 rc trophy truck unboxing review

Shipping came in a uh. Well like that, not really much packaging, but it’s not really important. What matters is the truck that came in pretty good. It was uh covered in the styrofoam packing and all that, other goodness um yeah. I got this on sale for like 100 bucks and uh said 112 […]

BMW X3 v Audi Q5 v Volvo XC60: UP-HILL DRAG RACE & which is best OFF-ROAD!

So the way this is going to work, we’re going to compete in six different challenges and we’ll be marking the cars depending on how well they perform in each challenge. The one that comes first in each challenge gets three points, the one that comes second two points and the one that comes last […]

iOS 14.7 RC Changes and Features – New MagSafe Battery Pack!

7 release candidate, so that basically means that as long as there are no show stoppers failing between now and next week, then the public version of ios 14.7 will be released. Then here’s a look at what’s new Music. So without a doubt, the biggest feature to come to 14.7 is support for apple’s […]

The MOST Scale RC Car you'll see this YEAR! FMS Suzuki Jimny – First Look

So far, so we have got this licensed suzuki chimney from fms the box. They do very well with their packaging and their presentation, and it only gets better as you open it. So let’s not waste any time. Let’S get this thing out of the box and let’s have a closer look at it: […]

9 ESSENTIAL Amazon Car Gadgets Everyone Should Own!

My entire apartment is just full of toys, and i bet you do too so i’m gon na show you nine of the most essential items you need to keep in your car to keep it running, to keep you running and to have a little bit of fun. What’S up guys, i’m, the squid. […]

Going Out With A Bang! // 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Review

, and this one is in the color grabber, yellow, Which, i think is absolutely gorgeous, because i love yellow cars to begin with and it’s in person, it’s kind of a lighter, yellow, not like zinc, yellow on the terminator cobras. I know a lot of people hated that color i actually kind of […]

Full review of the DeeRC D45 Kids RC Crawler

Just one more quick, look at the car there for you it’s, very basic i’ve. It is a kids toy. Um, friction shocks. I mean they’re softer than i thought they would be. If i’m being honest with you. Obviously spare i don’t know what that’s even spare for maybe, if you just carry in […]

I Got Hit By A Car

He’s got it. LAUGHS, Get me out of here. Yelling We’re Dude Perfect. Let’s drive some cars SINGING Anything.. We do do anything., We can do anything., Dude Perfect.. The rules of this battle are simple. In round 1 drift around the track and hit the zombies to decrease your time. Fastest time. Wins. In […]


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Bermain RC CAR MN86KS when it rains

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