Internationaler RC Bike Grand Prix in Leipzig 2021 – Bike Weltmeisterschaft – Motorrad

Das seht ihr hier ganz gut ihr action, aufnahmen bilder von fahrern die modelle hier wird sogar vor ort geltet ihr sprung action. Alles was das, herz begehrt, weiterhin, gibt, es einige chassis, vorstellungen von fahrern und ihren, fahrzeugen hier schnheits wettkampf wettbewerb auch ganz, cool waren, saale, auf der id ganzen bikes, nacheinander und […]

THIS little RC Jet is a BLAST! – XK A290 F16 Fighter Jet – REVIEW & GIVEAWAY!

This is a little 1s jet that has a pusher prop on the very back. It has elevons in the back and no ailerons on here, but it does have two different fly modes on here has beginner stability mode, so you can fly super fast and have some stability at the same time, which […]

This BRUSHLESS Mini Crawler Will Blow Your Mind! Furitek Komodo Outrunner

If you follow the channel, you’ll know that i really do like my mini crawlers it’s, a 124 scale, actual scx 24 and on today’s video we’ve got something special for this. We’Ve got a little upgrade for it and i think a lot of you are going to be interested to see how it […]

The $70/£50 RC JET Boat and it's AWESOME!! Good for a beginner?

Now we recently had a look at the ftx vortex. That was a really cheap rc boat. That turned out to be a lot of fun. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at something a little bit different. This is the flytec v double zero eight, and this is a jet boat, and […]

GT POWER Bluetooth Light & Sound Simulator System for RC Cars & Trucks

Today, i’ve got another product from gt power um about three weeks to a month ago, i reviewed one of their sound systems for your rc cars and uh. This one is a little bit similar, but different, being the fact that this one runs off bluetooth via an app for the different uh sound […]

My Top 10 RC Car Deals, you only have 24hrs! Deal or Scam?

You will still get one probably today, actually after this one or maybe tomorrow. Now i shared a couple of days ago, i shared a spreadsheet with a load of deals from banggood on there, and you guys pointed out as well as i found out as well, that out of the 60 deals on […]

We Beat KEVIN TALBOT !!!!! RC Car High Jump Competition

This in a previous video we’ve jumped as high as we’ve ever jumped before 52 feet and i’ll. Stick that in the video up here, kev was obviously there. Kev saw it and kevin was like omg, so he had a call this week from kev and he said: hi jump competition i’m, going to […]

TRX-4 Sport Kit Build: Is It Still Good? RC Crawler Review

The transmission went together very smoothly. I didn’t have any doubt about where everything went. The bearings are all really high quality, they’re um rubber, sealed ball bearings, which is excellent. A lot of these tx4 sports are going to see water, so having uh steel, bearings out of the box is a real advantage. […]

The CHEAP Rock Crawler Nobody Told Me About! This FTX Mauler is awesome!

So i thought we might as well get a crawler on the channel because it doesn’t matter what the weather’s like. You can still run these what’s up guys welcome to the channel. We have got the ftx mauler, a one tenth scale trail truck crawler bouncer. Whatever you want to call it, i don’t […]

THRILLSEEKING STUNT RC Plane!!! – E-Flite Ultrix 600mm EASY TO FLY! – TheRcSaylors

Oh there, it is there. It is look at that, got it safe. On save me, please there! Yes, i think i figured it out. Okay, poor pilot, oh yeah, he’s, blowing chunks right now. Oh my gosh off into the sunset it’s beautiful. This is so cool, so fun, oh, so cool, so cool, […]

RC Car Sparks Smoke Drifting Burnouts + CRASH!

So this truck’s got loads and loads of power. We got a handbrake or an e brake for some epic handbrake turns we’ve got a brand new body, shell for it, and some of these skins for the chassis 3d skins we’ve got a few different cool designs. I’Ve got my own personal ones, that’s […]

Traxxas 1/16 Rally VXL Gets a Fresh Paint Job!! | CustomRCMods

I’Ve got yet another new rc car acquisition that we’re adding to the collection here on the channel. This one is another used,, classifieds, uh sale that i did – and i got this one for 120 bucks, which is really good for a traxxas 116 scale rally vxl, but the real kicker to […]