Now this is it a normal environment for an auto car test, in fact it’s downright unusual, but every now and then we step out of the box. So just what do we have you, this caterpillars triple7 and it can move 100 tons of rock what’s. It like to drive stick around Music, the truck of Kabul drive caterpillars assembled in India. Triple 7e is a real monster, an apartment block on wheels. This just has to be the single most an aerodynamic shape on a vehicle ever and then what hits you is the size. It literally fills up my field of vision, but of course, as you can see, there’s a cliff sized radiator and behind it all sorts of heat exchangers. Now the engine is a 32 litre v12. It puts out approximately 1000 horsepower, but it’s, not the hospice it’s. The talk 4700 Nm and, of course, that’s needed to haul a hundred tons of rocks. Of course you have these massive massive tyres from MRF and between the winds and eleven hundred meter tank Music. The massive pillar, sized suspension strut, uses a combination of nitrogen and oil to take the Lord and Oh, incidentally, each tire weighs one and a half tonnes. Imagine having to change a flat as a triple 7. He passes us. We hear the massive 32 litre diesel a blend of the hull from the turbocharger growl from the exhaust and whine from that smooth 12 cylinder it’s, a unique blend of NASCAR American v8 meets aircraft turbine.

It sounds just great Applause, then reality strikes me: how in hell, am I gon na manage to drive this monster? Will I be able to handle the massive six point, two meter width, especially with the steering on the wrong side? What if I brake too hard and get all the way to tip forward this actually is terrifying and then there’s a physical act of getting behind the wheel, it’s severely disorienting. You need to climb up a ladder and then walk around and then get into the cab. So, finally, in the cabin of the triple 7 – and to be honest, it does feel like a triple serving a Boeing, because I’m sat at probably the same height as you would be in the cockpit of that huge aircraft. Luckily, the cat isn’t complicated to try far from it. There are two foot brakes: the second emergency brake where you normally have a clutch, but that apart, the process of driving is pretty straightforward. Dealing with the Titanic forces involved – and I don’t say that, but even an iota of exaggeration is another matter completely. Understandably, my leg is trembling as I get off the brake so onto the throttle, and finally, it feels like I’m driving a three floor high building. It really is it’s an indescribable sort of feeling, because I don’t know where to start turning and I’m, pretty sure that I don’t want to go into that lake out there. So I assume this is a sort of good turning radius gentle on the throttle I’m off.

It now and the triple seven is just rolling down and incredibly the turning radius. It can almost turn within its own length, so this is pretty unreal for a vehicle of this size. Now I see another one coming down the mine so I’m going to wait here for a bit till he passes because I’m a bit too nervous to ride right alongside him, like you, would on a highway, so it’s going to be back on the brakes to stop The monster Music, then I set off up a slope and onto the main thoroughfare or in this case cart Road Music. As we drive by the guardhouse seven feet below us, I can honestly tell you I’ve, never driven anything that’s. This terrifying I’ve driven a locomotive, I’ve driven other large stuff tanks, but this thing is just on another level literally driving. This thing is also all about managing the forces around, but this is heavier than a main battle tank and what’s crazy. Is that all the weight is held up high, I don’t even want to think about body roll. So currently we going up this steep incline of this guard. The engine is doing around 1600 rpm. We are in seventh gear and the automatic gearbox will decide when to shift up right now, it’s, just the sound of the turbos whistling that massive amount of air going through this 32 litre v12 that’s. Incredible that four thousand seven hundred and fifty seven mutant litres of dog feels just unstoppable forget, merely towing half a dozen everyday trucks, I’m sure a pair of triple seventies could drag the Gateway of India off its moorings and deposit it halfway across town and every time I tap that accelerator.

I can feel the Himalayan talk, simply vaporizing the weight of the truck. Finally, after a few minutes, I get to grips with the width of the thing he just passed. Another truck on the right. It just feels unreal because this is like three vehicles wide, not two, three, of course, when you have tires of this size, the just steam rolls everything there. We go. You’Ve shifted up a gear and what’s helping me drive. Is this multitude of mirrors I’m? Looking at these four of them, five of them, this one showing me what’s behind one right in front, then I come to the end of the wide and slushy path it’s time to take a? U turn what now, as I shift from reverse to neutral, to drive and then second for better traction watch how the cab moves as a transmission shifts and locks into gear watch this Music see that all right here we go in second, no one’s on our side. I’M turning it around, I can hear the hydraulic power steering hissing, no electric Styria. You need that support and I’m gently, putting it back on to the path. As I begin to go quicker. I understand why it’s important to be in the right gear. The reason I’m, not in the annan second, is for better traction. I’M told that if you put it in the at times or some slushy mucky surface, it tends to slide it and then controlling this 80 ton monster in a slide will be.

I propose you quite a nightmare now to make it easier and more comfortable. I have air conditioning, I have a blower control. I have temperature control, of course, hazards headlights at screen, which, to be honest, is pretty incredible and quite a surprise on the way back down the mine since I’m, going a bit quicker. Now I get a strange request, mind the wires says the guy sitting next to me what why, as I asked looking up and then I see them below me now, the other thing we need to be really careful of your. Are these electric wires? I imagine imagine having to avoid an electric wire with a land based. We can normally when you’re in an aircraft when you’re flying you’ve got to be extremely careful. You don’t tangle with them, but this thing is so high up. We’Ve got to be careful not to hit that so he’s staying well away from it when there’s. No one else on this path: Music, soon, I’m, so addicted to this feeling of moving mountains. I keep going, but my drive soon is over. The mine manager is up in arms strangely, after a bit of real time. The triple 7e is nowhere near as intimidating as it initially was, and for that it’s all the more impressive partly made in India and yours for three and a half or four crores. Should you happen to want one? It even has a top speed of 65 kilometers an hour.

Think that so imagine your apartment block doing that speed.